Places to visit in Mysore

When you travel to Mysore, you will love to visit popular sightseeing tourist destination in Mysore and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Mysore, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Mysore to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Mysore things to do can include exploring Mysore attractions and visiting the Mysore points of interest

This monument is situated at the summit of the Chamundi Hills and is one of the most popular Hindu gods. This god was born to parents, Rambha and Princess Mahishi, who had been put under a curse and could change into a water buffalo. Mahishi had passed down that transformation power to her son, Mahishsura

This is also known as the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens and it is situated near the palace. This zoo is one of the most popular and oldest in the country and is home to around 168 different species of animals.

This Catholic church was built in 1926 in honor of St. Philomena of the Mysore Diocese. Saint Philomena was a Roman Catholic martyr as a Greek Princess and the remains of the young girl were located in the Saint Priscilla Catacombs in 1802

This museum is home to crafts and folk art from all over the state and is one of the most popular places to visit in Mysore. There are over 6,500 different exhibits in the museum, including Yakshagana costumes, a crown from Hanuman and much much more.

This park is located 3 kilometres away from the train station and is one of the favourite places to hang out for parents and their kids. The park is small, but includes a miniature sized zoo along with ducks and hens that roam the park.

This garden took around 5 years to fully build and is one of the biggest sightseeing tourist attractions in Mysore, with almost 2 million visitors each year. The garden is full of art pieces and there is a huge fountain here that lights up at night.


This temple is located around 13 kilometres away from the city and was dedicated to Shakti, one of the gods that was worshiped by the Maharaja's of Mysore. The original shrine is still intact, which was built during the 12th century and the tower built in the 17th.

This park is also called Rajiv Gandhi National Park and is full of waterfalls, valleys, hills, streams and lush forests. Here you can see a huge variety of animals, including dhole, wild dogs, leopards, tigers, mongoose, flying squirrels and much more. There are also more than 270 different species of birds that call this park home.

This is a research institute that also functions as a library and they have an extensive collection of rare manuscripts in many languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Sanskrit and even English. They currently have more than 33,000 different manuscripts written on palm leaves.

This palace makes up the centre of the city and once housed the royal family of Mysore. The palace last housed the royal family sometime in 1950 and there is a huge variety of gardens, courtyards, and buildings that are included in the palace.

One of the best ways to enjoy nature in this city is to go out and hike in the many different parks. However, you can also explore nature in some of the many parks in the city, which are perfect for a bit of light reading and relaxation.

Here you can go around and visit the many different parks and wildlife refuges, which means there will be safaris. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to book an elephant ride and see some of the parks from the back of an elephant.

There are a few spas in the area, including Kumuda Spa and Massage where you can get a range of different treatments such as massages and facials. Also, another good activity for relaxing is to take a book and go and sit in one of the the many parks and just read and relax.

This restaurant has live music, Indian of course and good food. They serve a range of dishes, including Continental, Indian and even Chinese. You can sit outside under the stars and enjoy your meal and live music.


This restaurant serves only the best vegetarian food in the city, which is typically served on a banana leaf. Here you can get a huge range of dishes, including dosa and even Indochinese food, which is a combination of Indian and Chinese food.

If you want to try a traditional South Indian meal in the traditional way of eating, which means on a banana leaf, then you need to come here. You will only find this restaurant to be open during the afternoons, but the meal will be worth it.


One of the most popular dishes in this city is their Mysore Pak, which is sweet item. The dish is made from gram flour that is mixed with ghee, sugar or jaggery and cooked. After it is cooked it is then cut into pieces and eaten. Also, some other traditional dishes are bisibele baath, raagi mudde, idli and sambar and much more.

This is one of the best places to visit in Mysore if you are looking for somewhere to dance. There is a variety of music that the DJ plays here, including pop and rock. You can also get a wide range of different drinks and cocktails here.

There is a huge variety of different pubs in the city and all of them are a good place to sit down and have a drink. Some of the top ones include Pelican Pub, Lobo's, Opium Pub, Purple Haze and Keg Pub.

There aren't any flea markets in this city, but there are plenty of street markets that line the city. These small stores in the markets have a huge variety of different goods, which can be purchased for cheap. However, you might want to bargain with the vendors or they might overcharge you.


This is the most popular mall in the city and it is where most of the department stores can be found. Some of the top stores in the mall include Shopper's Stop, Puma, Nike, Woodlands, and many more local shops.

This street market can be found on Sayaji Road and is one of the most popular places to visit in Mysore. Here you can find a huge variety of local goods, including caskets and figurines made of Sandalwood, incense and many different types of toys and clothes.

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