Places to Visit in Afghanistan


This place is also known as Gardens of Babur or Bagh-i-Babur. This garden is surrounded by walls but it is a very spread out place with Moghul style gardens, lot of foliage around with gushing streams of flowing water. The tomb of Babur is simple like the Emperor himself and has a mosque nearby. This is a place of historical importance. When you have looked around you can relax on a mat under a shady tree and enjoy the beauty of the gardens or the view of Kabul city from top.

Hazrat Shaikh Abu Ismaïl Abdullah al-Herawi al-Ansari was a Sufi saint the saint of Heart. He wrote many books on Islamic philosophy in Persian and Arabic. A masterpiece of Persian literature and a book written by him is ‘MunajatNamah’ literally meaning dialogues with God.  The shrine has beautiful mosaic tile work. It is a well-known and popular Sufi pilgrimage place.

The Minaret of Jams is a UNESCO world Heritage site. The sixty five meters high minaret has beautiful patterns engraved on it. It stands as a solitaire and silent testimony of Afghanistan’s glorious past, in middle of no were, besides a gentle stream of clear water and highlands in backdrop.

This place is also known as The National Museum of Afghanistan or The Afghan National Museum. This museum is located in two storied complex which has a large garden adjacent to it. The rich collection of this museum includes ivory artifacts of Kushan era and of Buddhist and early Islamic period. Also in collection and display are inscriptions, sculpture, metal works, fragments and pieces of architecture and coins. Afghanistan was once hub of trade ancients ivories from India, mirrors from China, and glassware from the Roman Empire of that golden era are on display. A large collection of Buddhist sculpture recovered from various sites and Islamic art found at Ghazni are also on display.

This two storied mosque is unique and beautiful.It stands by the Kabul River. In the square which is in front of the mosque, people feed the pigeons that swoop down from the ledges on the mosque and other nearby buildings. Take a walk along the row of shops by the river side can be quite entertaining, a chance to see how Kabul is changing.

This green tiled mosque is said to be the inspiration behind the idea to build the TajMahal. It has a big open yard for prayers and a garden with trees. The architecture of the mosque is specimen of typical Timurid style.

The vast natural reservoir is the source of water to Kabul City. Clean and clear waters of the lake, mountains in backdrop and greenery all around all make the place very scenic. You can hire a personal smaller boat or enjoy the boat ride on a bigger diesel engine boat with the localities. Paddle boats are also available on hire. There are many cafés, Sis-ah joints and food vendors across the road leading to the lake. Afghani ice cream called Sheer-e-Yakh, kebabs, green tea and other delicacies are must try here. A seat on the first floor of the cafés will give you a breathtaking view of the lake and surroundings. You have an option of spending a night and have sunrise view of the lake in one of the many decent hotels near the lake.

Afghanistan is an adventurous country; a little away from Bamiyan Valley to the Minaret of Jam to Heart is like going back in time. This route itself gives you a lot of thrill and adventurous and should be dine with the guidance of travel agencies.

The Orga lake in Afghanistan has clear water and green mountains which is very beautiful and even an hours boating in this serene lake offers a lot of relaxation and calm to the visitors.

Le Jardin: (QalaFatullah, Kabul) French Cuisine.

Sufi: (Tiamani, Kabul) Afghani Cuisine.

Caravan Restaurant: (Kabul) Afghani Cuisine.

The Grill: (Wasir Akbar Khan, Kabul) Lebanese Cuisine.

Namaste: (Wasir Akbar Khan, Kabul) Indian Cuisine.

Mai Thai: (Kabul) Thai Cuisine.

La Cantina II: (Share Naw Kochi Sahat, Kabul) Mexican Cuisine.

Ice Land: (Park Street, Kabul) Café.

QormaSabzi: Lamb cooked with sautéed spinach.

MantuandAshak: These are the variety of pasta like dumplings.

Afghan kebab and Chapli kebabs are popular among locals and served in food joints. 

Baklava, Afghan Cake,Gosh Feel,Fernea, Kulcha and Narenge Palau are some of the common Desserts and Snacks

Kabul does not have a very exciting nightlife but some of the private hotels do offer drinks and folk music otherwise Afghanistan does not have any open bars, pubs or clubs to boast about.

Is a good shopping place to buy a variety of textiles and other wares.

This is also a flea or street market where good bargains can be made for some awesome souvenirs to carry back home.

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