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Places to visit in Algeria

When you travel to Algeria, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Algeria, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Algeria to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Algeria things to do can include exploring Algeria attractions and visiting the places of interest.

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The Mosque & Tomb of Sidi Boumediene is an important site of pilgrimage for the followers of Abu Madyan. This complex located in Tlemcen is one of the most beautiful locations. The tomb is a simple monument but the mosque is a grand affair. The site also offers a great view of the plains, which attracts tourists in a large number.

The Mausoleum of Medracen is a vast and cone shaped building which is round in the bottom but conical as it goes upwards. This huge structure is around 18.5 m high and built of cut stones and believed to be a mausoleum built as a burial site for royalties. However, it remains mystery who built it and for whom.

The Maqam Echahid is another iconic building of Algiers. This three standing palm leaf shaped concrete structure commemorates the martyrs of the Algerian war of independence. Open for public in 1982 this building marked the 20th anniversary of Algerian independence.

Situated in Algiers, the Ketchaoua Mosque is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was first built in the 17th century. However, it was converted into Cathedral of St. Phillip under the French rule. In 1845 it was again converted back to a mosque.


Algeria predominantly is an Islamic nation with more than 90% of its population abiding by the principles of Islam. There are also a considerable number of people who are Christian by faith. Apart from this people observing Jew is also found in a few parts of this beautiful country. The city of Constantine like many other cities of Algeria, has many mosques. Among these Grand Mosque is the oldest and is also acclaimed as one of the biggest mosques in the world. It was first built in the 13th century. The Mosque of Emir Abdelkader is one of the largest mosques of the world. It was built as a part of one of the most ambitious projects of Algeria.


The Museum of Cherchell is one of the biggest treasure-house of this country. It showcases some of the greatest artifacts of Algerian history. Most notable are the busts of the royal family and a rare portrait of Cleopatra. Cleopatra was also mother in law of the ruler Juba. There are some of the finest sculptures at the display like a statue of Apollo and a vast collection of mosaics. The museum remains open from Sunday to Friday.


The Archaeological Museum of Setif is the ancient remains of the town. This site holds various objects of interests which date back to its roman history.


The Hoggar National Park is one of the national parks of the country located in the region of Hoggar Mountains. Although an extension of Sahara Desert, its environment is not as extreme as in other parts of the desert. As a result it supports varied species of flora and fauna. The Setif Zoo is another tourist location comprising open spaces and cafes. The El Kala Biodiversity Park located in the north western region of Algeria is also marked under the list of parks by UNESCO.


It is a neighbourhood of lanes and streets in the middle of Algiers. There are numerous tourist locations like palaces and mosque which can be explored.


This historic site located in the northern region of Algeria. This historic site is filled with remains of ancient monuments and artwork which depicts its erstwhile society and its glory. This site can be easily covered in a day’s time.


Bay’s Palace is a massive structure built in 1300’s first. This forms a part of the complex of Chateau Neuf which is a 14th century fort. Once a royal residence, now it is much in a dilapidated situation. Otherwise, the location offers a great view above the town and sea.


It is the largest country of Africa which is significantly covered by the portion of the Sahara Desert. The rest of the topography of the country is plains often breaking into hills near the coastline. Since the coastal plains receive ample rainfall, these are very fertile region. Due to its varied nature of geographical topography, different species of flora and fauna can be found in Algeria. The Hoggar Mountains in the southern Algeria is a highland area which forms a part of the Sahara Desert. Its highest peak is Mt. Tahat which rises almost 2908m above the sea level.


The majority of the population of Algeria is Berbers in origin however; they follow Arab style tradition and lifestyle. Since Arabic is the official language, this is widely spoken in this country. Since, it was an erstwhile colony of France; French is also widely spoken and understood in this country. Most of the signs and boards support both the language of Arabic as well as French. Various landmarks of this country portray the rich culture.


the ruins of this 11th century fort is one of the major heritage location of Algeria. It has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was built as a fortified Muslim city comprising residential complexes and mosque. The remains of the emir’s palace also known as Dar al-Bahr or the Lake Palace is one of the attraction of this site.


Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was a Roman colony which was of great importance due to its location. It was an important trading post as it had access to the sea.


The Notre Dame d’Afrique is a famous building in Algiers. It is a Catholic Basilica which still holds mass everyday. Its Byzantine architecture has been beautifully restored in the recent years. From this location one can steal beautiful views of sea as well as of the city.

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The northern Algeria offers numerous sites for the adventure loving travellers. For instance, the archaeological remains of Tipaza are great point to venture out and know about the past of this ancient port city.

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The coastline over looking the Mediterranean Sea is a great place for relaxation. The small hilly area around it offers great view of the sea. The Catholic Basilica is also a great tourist attraction who likes to absorb the serenity of the place.

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The cities have a number of restaurants which serve both local Algerian cuisine as well as French food. The Restaurant Palmier of Ghardaia is one of the most popular places of the city. It has a bright interiors decorated with local art and crafts. It also serves alcoholic beverages. The Brasserie des Facultes of Algier city is another popular dining location for the well to do families of Algerian society as well as the expat community. Its high level of service and selection of wines is the main reason behind its popularity.


Algerian food is dominated by cereals as these can be found in abundance. They make variety of breads which form an important part of their meals. Apart from this various kinds of vegetables and fruits are also included in their diet. The food varies according to the region of this country, so each province has its own set of dishes. A couscous based salad is very popular. Algerian cakes are very popular in the international market.

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Club 54 of Algier is quite popular among students as a fast food joint. This place serves lunch and dinner of varieties like pizzas, grills, soups and varieties of salads. Café Tontonville is also famous for serving coffee and breakfast on terrace in Algiers.


The Alger Bar in the city of Algiers is a good place to go for a drink. There are other several places in the city which offer choice of drinks.

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The cities of Algeria have many market places where the local producers as well as tradesmen sell their products. They put on offer whatever they grow or make. These markets are generally a place of cultural amalgam where one can find all kinds of people.


If not found everywhere, the urban cities like Algiers and Constantine have few departmental stores where one can find variety of goods.

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