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Best Time To Visit Asia


Best Time to Visit Asia

Asia is the biggest continent in the world consisting of 48 breath-taking countries which attract thousands of tourists every year. Best time to visit Asia would vary according to the different parts of the continent. Temperatures keep fluctuating from 20 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius according to the month and season.If you are in Bali and are a beach lover, then the best time to visit Bali is from April-May and June-September. During New year’s, and other significant holidays, crowds swarm all over the city and it gets hugely flocked. The tropical monsoon region is comparatively dry and sunny for most of the day during this time. Therefore, it is an excellent time for a good vacation.

Best time to visit Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet would be from October-November. As the winters start and the mountains make a beautiful picture filling it with several colors. Dubai and Singapore are hot spots for shopping, especially in December. Dubai and Singapore are filled with tourists from around the globe celebrating New Year’s.A paradise for sun-bathers, Maldives has the best weather from Mid-November to early April.The country has got 1,190 islands attracting tourists from every part of the world. In other months the country goes through sporadic rains. The crystal-clear water disappears and is also not a good time for water activity. If you are spiritual then, best time to visit Asia is during April.The New Year Water Festival, Thingyan takes place in Burma in April where your sins are washed away through pure water in a silver bowl. The festival is allowed for all except for monks and pregnant ladies. The weather can be quite hot and can reach up to 40-degree Celsius.

If you wish to visit Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam, the best time would be from October to March. The rainfall decreases and the temperatures reach a moderate level making the atmosphere less humid and hot.Best time to visit Turkey would be November as tourists flocking around the country decrease in number and the temperatures are still pleasant to survive. December onwards the country faces harsh winters making the weather conditions fall up to 6-degree Celsius.Southeast Asia is mostly rainy throughout the year. Changing weathers or seasons would relate to rainfall moderations more than temperature differences in Asia. So, to figure out the best time to visit Asia, you need to figure out what country you are visiting and plan your travels accordingly in advance.

Travel Season



December to March

10 – 30 degree Celsius

Monsoon / Winter

April to July

18 – 32 degree Celsius 


August to November

10 – 30 degree Celsius

Autum / Winter


Asia from December to Early March 

: -10-degree Celsius to 30-degree Celsius 

: December is one of the wettest months for countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. These are tropical monsoon regions where rainfall starts from 63mm to 866mm. The rain gets better in March and these countries are more refreshing than most of the months making the nearby islands even more enjoyable. East Asia - China, Japan and Korea experience cold winds and to relish the weather you would probably have to visit the southern regions of the country. Sri Lanka, Vietnam & Cambodia have excellent weather conditions keeping it pleasant in the day and chilly in the night. It is the right time to trek and hike. Most of Thailand has bright skies and sunny days but choose your island carefully as some are still sporadic and unpredictable. Verkhoyansk, Russia, northern parts of India, Tibet and Nepal are covered with snowmaking the temperature that drops below 0 degree as winter strikes. Asia during winter can be challenging and hence one should prepare accordingly. The Maldives has clear waters during these times. Water activities are in full swing, but crowds also come in large numbers as this is the peak season for tourism. 

: Thailand’s Full Moon party, Japanese New Year (Shogatsu Festival), Count Down for the New Year at Marina Bay, Singapore and Christmas in Goa, India & Philippines are few of the festivals to look forward to. Vietnamese and Chinese New Year are big celebrations in their respective countries, and you could witness a large part of culture and tradition. Soak into the colourful festival of Holi in India. 

Why you should visit now
: The weather in most of the countries during this time is lovely. Christmas and New Year’s vibes are all over and the cities are drench in celebrations. One can feel the enthusiasm of festivals all around right from carnivals to fireworks in the air. Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia have cityscapes well-lit and it is nothing but a symphony of lights.

Know before you visit
: Islands around Southeast Asia can be erratic when it comes to weather conditions. Some days can be sunny and in no time, they could convert into thunderstorms, especially in December. Asia in December is also one of the best places to be in depending on the country you are travelling.

During Jan-Feb, the weather conditions prevail humid and less rainy. March marks the end of the monsoon, but Asia is mostly a tropical monsoon region so you could experience mild showers all throughout the year.

:  Carry a warm pair of clothing, nothing on the high-end but something like a jacket which keeps you away from the cold. If you are planning to island-hop, you must take along wind sheeters, umbrellas and appropriate shoes. If you are visiting the extreme cold regions, then multi-layer thermal clothing is advisable. 


Asia from April to July 

: 18-Degree Celsius to 32-Degree Celsius. 

:  Spring hits in April and it is the most exciting time to be traveling in Asia. Taiwan and South Korea welcome visitors with blooming flowers. While Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet become hot spots for trekking and hiking. Asia during spring records average temperatures from 18-degree Celsius to 32-degree Celsius from country to country. Winter is far well gone and summer comforts the beach lovers in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Borneo has fewer rainfalls as April-May is the transitional month for weather. Vietnam marks the end of tourist season, so the travelers come in smaller numbers and the country goes through dry summer days. Weather in April is also fantastic for travelling in Asia. 

: The Sakura Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo, Treks opening up for beginners and experts in Nepal & Bhutan, Songkran - the Buddhist New Year celebrated with splashing water on each other moreover resembling into a cleansing ritual are few of the festivals to visit. Boun Bang Fai Festival celebrated in Laos where cultural celebrations take you on a three-day ride and the third day marks in a healthy homemade rockets flying competition. 

Why you should visit now
: This is without any doubt the best season to visit Asia. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo is visited by thousands of people from all around the world and if you have a chance to visit, you must not lose it. As monsoon changes its route, sunny and dry days welcome the cities. This is also an opportunity for thrill-seekers as the ever-tall Mount Everest, and basecamp routes are open. Beach lovers can finally enjoy sun-bathing. 

Know before you visit
: April to July is undoubtedly the best time to visit Asia as most commercial countries are experiencing great weather. The tropical rainfalls have departed, and sunny days make vacations better for tourists.  The weather of Asia in July might still note rainfall in big numbers at certain islands. 

: Carry clothes made of cotton and comfortable ones as the sun heat could be scorching. Also, carry a pair of rainy clothes as the weather could get sporadic. 


Asia during August to November 

: 10-degree Celsius to 30-degree Celsius.

Overall, the picture looks unpredictable when it comes to weather in August of Asia. Malaysia has good water days making it the best season for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. 

Asia in rainy season can fiddle with vacations. So, it is important to be aware of the weather conditions before travelling.

There are extreme possibilities of temperatures soaring high in the capital city of Japan - Tokyo. You could enjoy visiting Japanese Alps where weather conditions are comparatively better. Taipei becomes tropical as the mercury rises in the southern part of the country. India is drenched in water as it is peak monsoon time in the country.

August is not the best month to visit Asia; however towards the end of September, winds change and autumn arrives in Tibet, making the mountains look scenic and breath-taking. Sapa Mountains experience better conditions in Vietnam than the other parts of the country, while the Philippines has typhoon risks. During this time, one could visit the eastern islands of the country to avoid erratic conditions. Out of these four months, October is the ideal month and has to be one of the best times to visit Asia. The colorful views all around the continent make it a busy month for tourism. Temperatures decline to bring the chill in winds flowing.

: Jakarta’s Independence Day, Thailand Queen’s birthday, Independence Day in India, Ganesh Chaturthi in India, Bun Pha That luang in Laos; 7 days of celebration winding-up on full moon night, Pchum Ben paying respects to dead often takes place in September through temple offerings.

Why you should visit now: Towards October and November countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet light up with picturesque mountain landscapes. This looks nothing but right out of a painting, making October and November a great time to visit. The weather in Autumn of Asia is usually pleasing than other seasons.

If you are visiting Hong Kong, you have entered the golden week’s zone. The temperatures go down, decreasing the erratic monsoons making tourists and locals hit the beaches. The Indonesian Independence Day is one to witness as the whole country dives into the celebration, creating a carnival all across. If you are spiritual, then Bun Pha That Luang and Pchum Ben are festivals you will enjoy. The weather is ideal in November for Laos as it marks the end of wet spell in the country.

Know before you visit
: Make sure you book places in the cities celebrating festivals before time as booking late could turn out to be a more costly affair. Mercury drop could make some countries even more pleasant than they are.

: Carry umbrellas with you during your travels. Appropriate footwear considering the country you are visiting should be carried. Always check for weather conditions beforehand. Due to sporadic conditions in Southeastern region, there are always increased chances of thunderstorms and typhoons.

Asia being a blend of many countries and cultures, becomes a place to visit at least once in life. With splendid views, it also is a cheap destination to travel. Make sure to carry multi-currency prepaid card, as they are accepted everywhere readily. Make sure you plan your Asia tour packages before two months to save money on flights.

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