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Best Time To Visit Austria 

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Best time to visit Austria

Austria is one of the most idyllic places in Europe and the world. Every traveler who dreams of a European holiday has Austria in his or her itinerary and this has been immensely due to the prevailing climatic conditions in the country. Thanks to its topography, Austria witnesses diverse climatic conditions, which are very evident for tourists and visitors as well. The differences in the temperatures during summer, winter, spring and autumn make Austria one of the most picture-perfect destinations in the world. So if you are planning to visit Austria, you need to remember that the perfect season to visit Austria depends on what you want to do here. Tourism in Austria is different in each season, where there are different beautiful things to look forward to in each season.

So if you want to experience the cultural and architectural heritage of Austria and soak in the sunshine of the country over a laidback atmosphere, the best time to visit during the summer or the spring. If adventure is your norm and you intend to try your hands on skiing and experience the Christmas festivities the European way, months after fall and winters are the best seasons to visit Austria. To help you understand and decide better, check out an overview of all the prevailing seasons in Austria.



If you imagined strolling around the avenues and boulevards of Austria, walking past the grand museums, churches and concert halls and the house of the Sound of Music, you’ve pictured Austria in summer. Here, the summer season starts in June and extends till August. 

Temperature: Though summer, the temperatures here tend to be in the range of approximately 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Weather: Clear skies, sunshine and crisp evenings mark the weather in Austria during the summers. The meadows are lovely and the Alps are beautifully visible thanks to the summer skies.

Significance: This is the best season to be in Austria because of the sense of enchantment that fills the air of Austria. The lakes are magnificently beautiful, the chapels look lovely under the blue skies and the entire place appears to come alive due to the multitude of festivals like the Vienna Festival, Salzburg Festival and the Rainbow Parade. 

Why you should visit now: If you are looking for more places to cover in Austria and expecting a longer daytime to spend in Europe and especially Austria, summer is the season you should be around. The weather is perfect for hikes and cycling and the views throughout the country is simply spellbinding. 

Know before you go: Being sunkissed during the summers, Austria becomes home to flocks of tourists from around the world. This is the peak season here and you have to plan well in advance to book your accommodation and flight tickets as prices not just tend to go up but get booked too soon as well. 

Tips: Carry light and pack a camera, a hat, sunglasses, shorts, t-shirts and shoes. Carry a suit for events and parties and carry adequate water. A sunscreen would help in the daytime.



Winter season begins in November and goes on till March.

Temperature: Winters tend to be cold and the average temperatures range between approximately -1 and -5 degrees Celsius.

Weather: Winter is very chilly in Austria, thanks to its proximity to the majority of the Alps. This is the time fogs are frequent and intense, snowfall is prevalent and visibility drops are recurring. 

Significance: This time is particularly good for all you adventure enthusiasts out there as this is the skiing season in Austria. Austrian tourism majorly revolves around skiing and snow-based activities around this time and people from around the world enter Austria to get an experience in skiing. Being the time of Christmas, the festivities here at this time are simply contagious and rewarding for tourists. Illuminated avenues, snow-filled streets, buzzing shopping districts and ever enthusiastic people make winter in Austria all the more special. 

Why you should visit now: This is the low season in the country and perhaps the best time to visit Austria. The prices are very, very low and the crowds are too. You can strike amazing deals at hotels, restaurants and ski resorts at this time. You should also visit Austria during winter to experience how Christmas is celebrated in all grandeur.

Know before your visit: Though the prices are low, most villages, towns and attractions can be closed due to snowfall. It is best to check your place of accommodation and the places you intend to visit for openings and hours before leaving. 

Tips: Carry heavy winter garments and sunglasses. Adequate water is mandatory and carries thermals, pullovers, jackets and mufflers. Snow boots will be an added advantage. Dress in layers to avoid the seeping in of frost. 



Spring in Austria begins n April and extends till May.

Temperature: The average temperature in Austria during spring varies between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. 

Weather: The weather is mostly clear with a good amount of sunshine. However, it can become unpredictable and pave the way for rainfall during this time. It is the transition time from winter to summer. 

Significance: One of the best places to visit in Austria during spring is Hofburg, which speaks of cultural and architectural heritage. Home to some of the monuments from the 15th century, the climate around this time is perfect for a visit to this place. 

Why you should visit now: This is perhaps the best time to go on hikes in Austria. Thanks to the transition, the heat is not scorching and is rather cold when you get to higher altitudes. You won’t feel fatigue and it is pleasant all along. The lakes and their surrounding areas are also perfect for picnics and it is the time for wine tours in Austria, where harvesting of grapes is an event there. 

Know before your visit: Austria awaits the incoming of tourists from this time. So the place is comparatively less crowded. This means you have a lot of options in accommodation to choose from for discounts and deals. Also, this is also the time of moderate rainfall in Austria. Rains are frequent during day times in the month of April but mostly are not disruptive in nature. 

Tips: Carry umbrellas or raincoats and light winter garments. Pack jeans, sunglasses, hats, camera, and proper shoes. Party wears are mandatory for occasions, events and parties.



Fall in Austria starts from September and lasts until October.

Temperature: The average temperature in Austria around fall ranges between 10 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius.

Weather: The skies are clear and the weather is pleasant for tourism.

Significance: This is the season for all adventure seekers as the perfect weather conditions make it easy for you to go on treks, cycling tours, walks and boating as well. The Vienna Fashion Week happens during this time and the entire place looks gorgeous during fall. 

Why you should visit now: Hands down, fall is the best season to visit Austria. All the stunning wallpapers on Austria that you see with varying colors of brown and green in foliage, landscapes and skies are all part of the Austrian autumn. This is the time green sceneries are replaced by hues of gold, red and brown and the entire place becomes another destination altogether. Everything in Austria appears dreamy, magical and too perfect to be real. 

Know before your visit: This is the perfect time for a European holiday. After the peak season, where most tourists have left, it is the time to witness the everyday lives of the locals. Just relax and have a great time.

Tips: Carry moderate clothing with thermals and light winter jackets. Sunglasses and hats are mandatory. You might want to get in shape if you want to personally explore the avenues and streets of Austria on a cycle. Getting on to a fitness regime would help for treks and hikes. Now its time to go for a Visa. Apply for a Austria Visa now!

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