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Best Time To Visit Bali.

NOV- MAR 25-27oC
APR- OCT 27-30oC

Best Season To Visit Bali

Situated at eight degrees south of the Equator, Bali enjoys a tropical climate. Although most parts of Bali are warm and comfortable throughout the year, it has two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season.


Travel Months Temperature Season
JULY - AUGUST 31°C Summer
OCTOBER - MARCH 27°C Monsoon

Predictably, the number of visitors increase as the sunny days increase because of the popular island activities like sunbathing, trekking and motorbiking which cannot be enjoyed during the monsoons. The tropical climate of Bali urges you to have three showers a day when you wander too far away from the breezy coast, owing to the humidity. The humidity levels touch as high as 85 percent. One exception to these spurts of humidity is the Kintamani region to the north of Ubud that is in the interior part of the island. However, even the dry season doesn't guarantee you sun all the days. When you go out on a sunny day, keep yourselves prepared for a sudden storm any time of the day. That's how Bali is! 

The best time to visit Bali is usually during June, July, and August when the weather is at its driest best, and you can explore all the watersports and activities. However, one of the significant backdraw of this season is that it is the most crowded season of the year. Your choice of time to visit Bali depends upon your travel goals.


Dry Season

It is the best season to visit Bali. With amazing sunny mornings followed by breezy evenings, Bali is one surreal beauty during the dry season. However, owing to a large group of people coming over during this period, it is regarded as the most preferred time to visit Bali. There will be people in every nook and corner of the area making the traffic tight and the beaches more crowded than usual. If you don't mind visiting crowded places, then this is the best season for you to visit Bali. If you want to risk a few showers here and there and trade it for your sunbathing, you might want to visit Bali during April, May, and September. There will be sunny days interspersed with light showers that will surely make your experience worth every penny. The beaches look beautiful when lined with cloudy skies. The weather is cooler and breezier in the evenings.


Monsoon Season

The rains are not a welcome event if you want to sunbathe or indulge in watersports. November to March are the wettest months of Bali; with December, January and February getting more torrential rains. Rains lead to high humidity levels, making it quite uncomfortable a season. With an increased flow of waters in rivers and drains, there is more garbage and runoff on the shoreline. The mosquitoes thrive in such climes making the tourists susceptible to fevers such as dengue and malaria. There is very low visibility at the dive and snorkel sites because of sediments being washed off into the sea, and the rough seas make your boat trips hazardous. However, it is an excellent time to explore the interior parts of the island, which is replete with lush greens. During monsoon, there are lesser tourists. Popular hotspots like Ubud and Seminyak are lesser thronged so you can visit these attractions at peace. There will be better deals on the hotel accommodations because of less crowd. You can get costlier rooms at a lower price because of the lull-season. You can enjoy interesting interactions with locals who are usually free during this period. However, there are a lot more cons than pros, of this season. Hence it is advisable to avoid a trip to Bali during the monsoons. Many tourists come here during the off-season to get a glimpse of the other side of this city and indulge in the local culture, and day-to-day life. Though December has horrid weather conditions, tourists tend to come here to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays by the sea.


Best season for Surfing

Surfing is the heart of Bali. If you are heading to Bali for a fantastic surfing experience, then the dry season is the best for you. During the dry season, there are perfect waves on the shoreline, with gleaming sunlight, offering you a lifetime experience. From April to October, surfing is at its best on the west coast of the island, and it is 'dangerously' busy. There are tourists from all over the world, and you might not have enough space and time to have fun with your surfing board. However, from November to March, the east coast offers perfect conditions for surfing. There is also less crowd during this season making it secluded and amazing to visit. Bali's surfing is fantastic throughout the year, and you need not think twice before surfing.


Best season for Festivals

The festivals are one of the best reasons to visit Bali. There are vibrant events held every year on various occasions, which are worth the visit. The festival conducted on New Year's Eve is the biggest one, and if you want to enjoy it then, needless to mention, December is the perfect time for you to land in Bali. There are massive fireworks that light up Bali followed by music, dance, delicious food and festive spirit shared by the locals. One of the most astonishing festivals of Bali is the Negara Bull Race held between July to October when the bulls are beautifully decorated, and chariots compete against each other in a heated race. So if you want to come over for this festival, then July-October is the best time to land in Bali.


Best Season for Spas

If you are heading to Bali for this royal treatment, then the wet season is the best. Owing to the beautiful weather with mild drizzle, you can indulge yourself in this ethereal pleasure. Bali is a hub for the best spas in the world, ranking next to only Thailand. You can treat yourself with the traditional or the luxury spas in the area for very reasonable prices. Make the best of these luxury spas when there, because it relaxes you like nothing else, at prices which are easy on your pocket. While the Balinese style treatments are the most popular ones, you can also go for Swedish and fish massage. Enjoy your special time, alone or as a couple at the best spas in Bali during November to March.

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