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How To Reach Bhutan

Travel Options

By Air

Bhutan is conveniently connected by air with India. With Paro as its primary international airport, Bhutan allows seamless flight connectivity for tourists from across India. There are direct and frequent flights from Kolkata, New Delhi, Guwahati andBagdora. From other regions of India like Bengaluru, Chennai and Kochi, there are flights that stop at one of these places and then proceed to Paro. The former places offer nonstop connectivity and are perhaps the easiest way to reach Bhutan. There are just two flights from Bagdogra and Guwahati to Paro and just one flight per day from New Delhi. So if you are planning to take a flight, ensure your schedule considers the flights’ schedules. Frequent Flight Names: Druk Air Biggest Airport: Paro International Airport

By Rail

There are no direct trains from India to Bhutan and tourists have to reach any of the last few railway stations in cities like New Jalpaiguri, Bagdoraand Siliguri and then take a bus or taxi to Phuensholing. Approximate Duration: The duration to reach New Jalpaiguri, Siliguri or Bagdogra depends on the distance from where you start your journey. Trains from New Delhi will take you to these places within approximately 24 hours and from Mumbai within 48 hours after consecutive trains. The further you go, the more the time it takes to reach the railway stations. Approximate Price per Person: The price depends on the class of compartment you intend to book for traveling. A ticket for sleep class journey will cost you approximately Rs. 1,000 and can go all the way up to Rs. 4,000 for 1St class air-conditioned coaches. For tatkal tickets, additional charges apply.

By Sea

You cannot reach Bhutan by sea as it is completely landlocked.

By Road

Bhutan is also one of the best destination to go on a road trip and is one of the best ways to reach Bhutan. If you intend to visit Bhutan by road on personal car, you have to first get a permit or an entry authorization. The Immigration Office of the Royal Government of Bhutan issues the permit and is located in the Indo-border city of Phuensholing, on the other side of Jaigaon in West Bengal. With that said, the entry permit is applicable for tourism only in Paro and Thimphu. If you want to visit the other interior places and towns, you need another special permit which you can get from the same immigration office. From the Royal Bhutan Consulate Office in Kolkata, you can even obtain a visa for easy entry. Once you have the permit, you can gain access to Bhutan from three touchpoints – Gelephu, Phuensholing-Jaigaon border and SamdrupJonghkar. The second route is the most favorite for tourists as it is easier for them to get permits. Approximate Duration It takes approximately 24 hours from Kolkata to reach Phuensholing and another 6 hours to reach Thimphu. Approximate Price per Person There are buses from Kolkata that take you to Phuensholing at a price of approximately Rs. 800 and from Phuensholing to Thimphu at a price of approximately Rs. 200. Taxis and cabs can take you from Bagdora, New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri stations at approximately Rs. 3,000.

Transportation in bhutan

Commutation within Bhutan

As far as traveling within Bhutan is concerned, there are three options and an additional fourth option – domestic flights, taxis, and private cabs, buses and on foot. Domestic flights are available from and To Paro, Gelephu, Yongphullaand Bathpalathang. Depending on where you intend to go and what you want to see, you can check for domestic flight schedule on Druk Air official website. But remember that due to weather conditions, these flights can get delayed or canceled without prior notice. One of the most viable commute options in Bhutan is taxi service. You can easily hire cabs and taxis from and To Jakar, Thimphu, Paro andPheunsholing. The taxis are not open for negotiations and the drivers run on fixed prices. A local trip can cost you approximately Rs. 70 to Rs. 100 and a full day rental can cost you approximately Rs. 1,500. Government run buses are available but often pass off as the last mode of transportation for tourists because of their schedules and commute quality. The buses rattle too much and leave you exhausted when you reach your destination. When you are in your place, the best way to get around is on foot, walking and exploring the place by short hikes and walks. Being a carbon-negative country, it is best to go on foot, breathing air that is as pure as it can get.
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