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Places to visit in Cape Verde


Attractions in cape verde


One of the few attraction of Mindelo, it is a version of the real BelemTower in Lisbon. The top floor of the tower has a great view and the exposed sides face strong winds.


Ruins of the first cathedral built in West Africa. This huge building dominates CidadeVelha and affords a very lovely view of the beach below.


Being made up islands there are a lot many beaches to where the younger members can spend hours playing in the sand and sea. One unique beach which though is a little far and risky is the SharkBay.

The best time to visit SharkBay is in the months of May and June when one can spot lemon sharks and other species swimming in the shallow waters. It is advisable to have suitable footwear as the sea bed can be slippery with sea urchins and one is required to wade into the water for a better view of the sea life.


A small little in Santiago, not only has beautiful surroundings but also the way to it via banana road is reminiscent of old times.


Built in the late 1400s and this church is significant as the oldest colonial church in the world. Holding a lot of historical value this church is located in the old city of Praia.


Is a colonial mansion whose two floors have been dedicated to exhibiting old photographs, traditional music instruments, sewing machines and sundry items. One can go around the souvenir shop and see the funco- a traditional circular abode made of volcanic rock.


Has long served the purpose of art gallery and café in addition to the other roles that it plays. A trip down to Dja'rFogo is worthwhile for many reasons. While exposure to local art, history and culture, is the most obvious reason, It's also the best place to taste artesanalFogo coffee along with tradition corn based dishes on the owners estate (provided the owner is on Fogo).


Still an active volcano, the conical, cinder clad Mt.Fogo is Cape Verde’s highest peak. Rising on an ancient crater Chã das Caldeiras, it has coffee and wine grapes being grown on its black slopes.


A beautiful city 10km outside Praia, it was the original settlement in Cape Verde and also the first capital before it was move to Praia. The city still holds a resemblance to its past.


During September shows and theatre take to the streets of Mindelo in the form of Mindelact Fastival.


Pico do Fogo, Cabo Verde Safari and Santa Isabel are some of the popular landmarks here.

Activities in cape verde

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There are plenty of activities to keep one engaged during their stay in Cape Verde and while, trekking, Cannoning (in Santo Antao), Jetskiing and other water sports take place year around, following activities are also available but are more seasonal in nature:

Game fishing best time for game fishing is from April to October and is found throughout Cape Verde . Watching Whales and sea turtles is best mostly done from Sal &Boa Vista, and can be done from March to October.

Food in cape verde


Fresh seafood is one of the high points of Cape Verde. Tuna and Wahoo are their most common fishes, dishes made from these are readily available. Other popular dishes are:

Lagostada – a dish made from lobster

Tostamista – a common toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

European food is also common on all the islands. Italian is especially popular on Sal. Vegetarians can ask for omelettes or salads.


Cafe Criolo in Santa Maria is the perfect joint to enjoy local homemade cuisines. A low key eatery it serves dishes such as fish stew, tuna steaks and cachupa, which is made by mixing beans and corn with fish or meat.

La Bodeguita de Mindelo- A bodega, which means a wine bar, decorated in a Caribbean fare theme their most common order is the Bruschetta with Pella Rob (a ginger, grogue and orange juice fusion.

Night Life in cape verde


Jazzy Bird (Mindelo)- locally known as Vou, this jazz themed basement bar mostly attracts older crowd. It Friday nights are particularly popular as local musicians play jazz late into the night.


A boat shaped shack by the fishing boats on Praia de Diante, it has amazing happy hours. The menu has a total of 46 cocktails and Italian coffee is also available.

Shopping in cape verde


Milnerton Flea Market is a popular flea market here.The Fish Market and Mercado Municipal Located in Mindelo, Cape Verde.


Do Sal in Santa Maria is the place to go when shopping for local craft and jewellery. Though, a modest little village, one can get the trendiest jewellery along with African masks, wood carvings, bongos and paintings.

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