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Things to do in Germany

If Germany is in your mind now, you might want to explore Thomas Cook for a Germany Visa Application.There is so much you can do on your holiday to Germany. gorge on some traditional cuisine, and Beer, Sightseeing, sports, Walk /Bike through Black Forest amidst fresh mountain pine, crystal clear streams,breathe in the fresh air take in the natural beauty. Visit museums of history and literature, art and culture, all have a story of their own to tell. Germany has many historical landmarks, heritage monuments which are a must to visit. Taste some crisp white Wine Riesling at the Rhine Valley. Experience the most splendid train journeys of Europe, the black forest route between Offenburg and Konstanz. Indulge in some exciting and unique shopping on the famous shopping streets of each city. You can go to the countless bars and nightclubs, musical concerts, events and operas. If you are an animal lover Germany has the world’s largest zoological park and amusement park.

Attractions in germany


It is a must visit for any tourist, .The wall no longer stands however there are still some sections standing .There is the Berlin Memorial.


Location: Berlin

Known for: It was built in 1961 and represents the Cold War after WWII.70 people died trying to escape the East 

How to reach: Train, Underground, Bus

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

Type: Historic Site


Location: Berlin

Known for: A former landmark of the divided city of Berlin and Germany during the Cold War having 200 years of history behind it ,it  now stands as a symbol of peace and unity.

How to reach: Train, Underground, Bus

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

Type: Landmark


Another World famous attraction listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. it has many of Berlin’s oldest and important museums .There are 5 museums the Old Museum New Museum ,National Gallery ,Bode Museum, Pergamon. You need more than a day to cover it all.


Location: Spree Island,Berlin 

Known for: Exhibiting the royal treasures and antiques 

How to reach: Train, Bus, Tram

Approximate Cost: Combi Ticket 18.00 Euro app

Operating hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 am to 6:00 pm, on Thursday 10.00 am: 8.00 pm 

Type: Museum


It is one of the most visited attractions in Berlin .It is a central square and traffic junction, named after Alexander the Great.


Location: Mitte district, Berlin

Known for: Social, political urban and architectural history

How to reach: Train, Underground, Bus

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating hours: 09.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Type: Historic Site 


Location: Frankfurt 

Known for: Birthplace of World renowned poet Goethe. The museum is known for it is collection of paintings, graphics of 18th and 19th century

How to reach: Bus/Rail/Cycle

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating hours: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Type: Museum 


One of the oldest Zoological Gardens in the World, house for more than 4,500 animals in natural surroundings.


Location: Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1, Frankfurt

Known for: For the variety and species of animals.The Exordium, a part of the Zoo has a huge variety of fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects .Feeding the piranhas is an experience by itself.

How to reach: Bus /Rail/Cycle 

Cost: 750 INR for Adults and 375 INR for kids

Operating hours: 9am to 7pm (Sumer time) - 9am to 5pm (Winter time)

Type: Animal sanctuary


Location: Opernplatz 1, 60313,Frankfurt

Known for: Classical,Opera Concert 

How to reach: Bus/Rail/Cycle

Cost: NA

Operating hours: 9:30 am:  6:00 pm

Type: Cultural Centre


Location: NeueMainzerStr.Frankfurt

Known for: It is a glass skyscraper and is the 4th tallest building in Germanyhaving 56 storeys it has an observation deck from where you get a panoramic view of the city and the river 

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating hours: 10am to 6:00 pm Monday –Sunday 

Any precautions / must carry items: Just carry your camera.

Type: Monument 


World across German Markets are known for their Christmas festivities. The Christmas Markets of Nuremburg are undoubtedly the best, selling traditional German handicrafts, wine, cookies and much more.


Location: Bavarian city of Nuremberg

Known for: It is Christmas Marketselling traditional German Handicrafts

How to reach: Bus/Rail/Cycle

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating hours: 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Any precautions / must carry items: Carry your camera

Type: Market


One of the largest Monuments in Germany also called the Monument of the Battle of the Nations was constructed in 1913 to remember the Battle of Leipzig during the Napolean wars.


Location: Leipzig, Saxony 

Known for: It is history and exhibit is in the museum which give you an inside of the Napolean wars in the 19th century

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Type: Monument


Half a Million or more tourists come every year to see this beauty of nature which happens to be Germany’s highest Waterfall. The sight of which leaves you awestruck. This waterfall is on the Black Forest railway line and has a drop of 163 metres over 7 cascades.


Location: Schönwälder Str. 2, 78098 Triberg, 

Known for: Highest Waterfall of Germany 

How to reach:  Bus, Train

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating Hours: 09:00 am:  12:00 pm as well as 04:00 pm:  07:00 pm

Type: Waterfall


The summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, surrounded by beautiful Lush Park. Unique architecture of this 18th century palace leaves you totally dumfounded.


Location: Potsdam, nearBerlin

Known for: Summer Palace of Frederick, King of Prussia 

How to reach: Bus, Train and Tram

Cost: NA

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 5.00 PM, closed on Monday 

Type: Palace


One of the manyhistoric buildings of Berlin belonging to the 19thcentury, renovated in 1990 after being damaged in World War 11, attracts thousands of visitors every year .It was the first official Parliament, house of the government of Germany after the Cold War. You can get a delightful view of the city from the top of it is iconic glass dome specially at night.


Location: Berlin

Known for: Historical Landmark 

How to reach: Bus, Train and Tram

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating Hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Type: Notable Building 


Rudesheim am Rhein is the village to be if you are a wine lover. You can visit the Wine museum at the Bromserburg Castle or go hiking on it is mountains. The Abbey of St Hildegard surrounded by vineyards is the place to be if you want to see the spectacular view of the Middle Rhine Valley. While you are at Rudesheim you can take one of the Castle Cruises.


Location: Rhine Gorge

Known for: Wine 

How to reach: Bus, Tram, and Train

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating Hours: NA

Type: Village


After Cannes, this is the world's second largest International Film Festival held in February that features about 400 films, from European to International premieres. The best part of it, considered to be an advantage over Cannes, is that anyone can buy a ticket and attend it.


This is any music lovers dream come true. Bringing all the biggest global rock artistes on one stage, at two different venues. One, at the famous Nurburgring Formula One Circuit and the other at Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg also. Usually held in the first week of June, annually. It's not to be missed by any rock loving fan. Some of the performers in the previous editions were Linkin Park, Cold Play, Marilyn Manson, Green Day, etc. Tickets are sold in advance.


What Is Germany without the Oktoberfest? The Best of German brews of beer and Bavarian Food, held in Munich. As the name says it all, it starts on the 1st day of October and runs for a good two weeks. Beer is served by waiters in traditional German Costumes. Groups of 10, get tables too for free. So if Lowenbrau is your taste, then come to Oktoberfest for a fortnight of beer, food and fun.


One of the most demanding circuit is on the GP Calendar. Held in the last week of July. Speed freaks will love the location in the woods of Baden-Württemberg. One of the fastest circuit is in the GP fixtures, with plenty of overtaking manoeuvres and one of the most dangerous tracks, which pumps the adrenalin of one and all spectators, as well as the racers.


Better known as the Frankfurt Book Fair and the most important date in the world of publishing. It is the place for all literary works. Held in February. All the favourite authors descend at Leipzig, be it fiction, nonfiction or whatever your genre is. It's Europe's largest Literature festival.


Hanover is home to the world's largest Computer, IT, office automation, mobile Expo held in the second week of June. It showcases the trends in the Information Technology sphere. It's the place to find all the new trends and new products.


Karneval is to Germany what Mardi Gras is to New Orleans. It is held from the 11th of November. The weekend before is part of huge parties and parades. It is followed by Rose Monday, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. There are huge street parades and masquerade parties on the weekend before, on Rose Monday, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. It is held all over Germany.


A Jazz lover’s delight and one of the oldest Jazz Fests in Europe. Held in the second to third week of May, this is a jazz lover’s delight. It brings sounds from the traditional New Orleans style of Jazz. It features Riverboat Cruises with the jazzy sounds and the famous Jazz Mile, with all that jazz. Music to the ears of Jazz Lovers.


A trip to Germany in September is incomplete without a visit to one of the world's largest automobile Expos, where every major manufacturer in the world vies with the German Auto Industry in exhibiting their cars. It's the biggest event in the industry and not to be missed by any car freak.


The best way to end the year is to visit Germany's Christmas markets – stalls with seasonal gifts, lots of foodstuff and wine. Germany is home to the largest of these markets. Christmas time is the place to be In Germany to the experience the magic of the festive season.

Activities in germany

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/bike-tours/4233" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Be adventurous and you can bicycle your way around the city or to the country side.


Places to Try:  Berlin Bike Tour, Morning Munich Bike Tour, Potsdam heritage bike tour, guided Hamburg City bike tour, Berlin group historical bike tour

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Preferred Season: All throughout the year

For: Individuals, friends, family, and groups.

Approximate Cost:  From Rs. 2000 to 4500.

Tips: Many of the bike tours are guided else carry a map or directions of the place to be able to navigate your way 

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/kayaking-and-canoeing/4234" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

A calm yet adventurous water sporting activity of while paddling with your friends. Kayaking can be more fun.


Places to try: SpreedwaldNatur Brandenburg, Schlauchboot – Rosenthal, Deuthschland, Hannover Nebenelbe Bay Wisch – Detuscheland.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Preferred Season: Autumn

For: Family, friends, couples.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 1800 per person

Tips: Remember to wear lightweight shorts and a t-shirt along with waterproof shoes. Use a sunscreen and bring along a camera to take some memorable pictures.

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/boat-cruise-trip/4235" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Places to Try: Rhine-Valley Trip from Frankfurt including Rhine River Cruise, Berlin Sightseeing Cruise with Lunch and Drink, Berlin night sightseeing cruise with dinner, Frankfurt sightseeing cruise, KD-Rhine Pass Nostalgic Route Rhine Cruise from Koblenz to Rudesheim.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Preferred Season: April to October

For: Individuals, couples, friends, family 

Approximate Cost: USD 800 to 6000 per person 

Tips: Carry your camera

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/windsurfing/4236" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

One of the most thrilling and exciting water sports that unique blends sailing and surfing. You can enjoy the waters with the changing directions of the wind.


Places to Try:  Sylt, River Eisbach- Munich

Difficulty Level: Some surfing experience recommended, Instructor provided.

Preferred Season: April to November

For: Individuals, friends

Approximate Cost: Rs. 6000 for 2 hours

Tips: Wetsuit required. One-hour instruction, one hour solo surfing.

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/scuba-diving-and-snorkelling/4237" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

The underwater world is yours to see. Simply take the dive into the beautiful world of Flora and Fiona .It is a treasure trove.


Places to Try: Helland – Baltic Sea, Hanau, Sundhauser See, Bodensee

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Preferred Season: Summer

For: Family, Friends, Couples

Approximate Cost: Rs. 4000 to 10000.

Tips: Counselling and a dry suit as temperatures are very low. 

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/indoor-skating/4238" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Places to try: Eissporthalle Frankfurt, ColloseumWeisbaden and Darmstadt.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Preferred season: All year.

Approximate Cost: Rs 370 onwards.

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/ice-skating/4239" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Places to Try: Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Munich, Berlin, Heidelburg, Stuttgart, Kaiserslautem, and Wiesbaden. 

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Preferred Season: Winter

For: Family, Couples, Individuals, Groups.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 200 to 700

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/snow-shoeing/4240" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Places to try: Black forest, Allgau, Berchtesgaden, Upper Palitinate Forest, Hindelang

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Preferred Season: Winter

For: Family, Couples, Groups.

Approximate Cost: Rs. 370

Tips: Snow boots, stay away from Wildlife in Hibernation.

international-tourism/germany-tourism/places-to-visit-in-germany/hiking/4241" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Explore the natural beauty on foot with your friends and family.


Places to try: Painters Way Dressden,,Nordbahntrasse ,Black forrest, Eifel, Rheinsteig Wasserfallsteig, Grosser Arber.

Difficulty Level: Moderate-Difficult

Preferred Season: All through the year

For: Individual, Friends, and Families

Approximate Cost: NA

Tips: Wear the right Shoes, Jacket, Water Bottle, and Guide Book.

Food in germany


The only Michelin 3 Star restaurant of Bavaria situated in a town .It serves traditional and international cuisines .Chef Christian Jurgens known for his penchant for using local organic ingredients has been awarded for the best chef category .Combination of good food and sophisticated décor. 


Must eat: Post Card from Normandy, Early Bird and Grandma Jürgen’s Blood Orange Cake.

Approximate Cost for two: 22,000 approx.

Address: Althoff, Seehotel, Uberfahrt, Uberfarthsrabe, 10, 83700, Rottach-Egern, Bavaria

Contact: +498022/6690

Opening Hours: 10am to midnight.


It is one of the well-known restaurant and iconic beer halls in Munich serving Bavarian food. The garden with it is fountain adds to the beauty of the place and the whole dining experience .It is one of the largest.


Must Eat: Augustiner Beer,Chicken and Salad

Cost for two: 3800 Euro for plate and food

Address: Neuhauser Str. 27, 80331, Munich

Contact: +4989 23183257

Opening Hours: 9am –12am


Any vegetarians delight. If you are missing Indian food then this is the place to go to. Eat Indian food, pastas and pizzas amongst a whole range of dishes cooked in local and organic ingredients to your hearts content.


Must Eat: Potato-zucchini-truffle gratin. 

Approximate Cost for two: 4200 INR

Address: Hackenstraße 2, 80331 München, Germany

Contact: +49 89265 596

Opening Hours: 11 Am-12.30 am


If you want to have traditional Alsatian and German cuisine then Gugelhof is a must visit, Berlins best .Some of the finest wine is served here .You need to make a reservation before visiting this fine dining restaurant.


Must eat: Alsation duck pate,TarteFlambée, 

Approximate Cost for two: 4500 INR

Address: Knaackstrasse 37,Berlin

Contact: +49 30 4429229

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri–5 pm: 11pm, Weekends-noon: 11pm


It is one of the most popular cafes in Dresden having the best Baroque interiors.


Must eat: Cakes,Gateau and Coffee

Approximate Cost for two: 3400 INR

Address: An der Frauenirche 12,01067Dresden

Contact: 0351 496 2444

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am Midnight, Saturday-Sunday from 10am Midnight. 


Want to taste traditional German, Central European cuisine, you have reached the right place.


Must eat: Pork Chops, Sauerkraut and Apple Cider Wine 

Approximate Cost for two: 3800 INR

Address: SchweizerStrasse 67, 60594 Frankfurt 

Contact: +49 69 614 559

Opening Hours: 10AM-12 AM

Location: Roonstr. 94, 50674 BelgischesViertel,Cologne

Night Life in germany


Famous for it is interiors dark wood and leather seating alonwgith hosting some art exhibit is. The cocktail will suit various palletes and choice of drinks.


Location: PotsdamersPlatz, Berlin.


Interiors are lined with fishtanks, and has a pay what you want system for both drinks and food, better known as Weineri.  Music is ladiback and retro.


Location: Berlin


Legendary live music venue for big-name acts, where the Beatles performed early concerts.


Location: Große Freiheit 36, 22767 Hamburg, Germany

Shopping in germany


In the heart of Cologne is Europe’s busiest shopping street, The Schildergasse with a history of doing business since the Middle Ages .It has some of the biggest international chains.


Location: Cologne 

Timing: 10am -8pm, Sunday closed

Popular for: Pastries at Café Riese. Don’t forget to buy yourself a bottle of the world famous “Eau de Cologne.” 

Bargaining: Not Possible


This shopping street is in heart of Munich at Marienplatz. Indulge in some clothes and shoe shopping and books, jewellery, antiques. It has international brands and also family owned local shops. Take a break from your shopping to enjoy the regional cuisine in Vikualienmarkt the open air market.


Location: Munich

Timing: 10am -8pm, Sunday closed

Popular for: Designer and discount stores Unique Souvenirs

Bargaining: Not Possible


”The fifth avenue of Germany”. A Shoppers delight .You get everything from local shopping to international chains. You can visit the Zeilgalerie, known for it is shopping experience and view of Frankfurt.


Location: Frankfurt 

Timing: 10 am-8pm, Sunday closed 

Popular for: Designer brands 

Bargaining: Not Possible


The main shopping street of Hamburg named after the mayor of Hamburg.

Department stores we see on this street were once the Kontor houses. You can shop at Saturn, world’s biggest electronics store. There are many big brands and international restaurants on this street.


Location: Hamburg 

Timing: 10 am-8 pm, Sunday closed

Popular for: Chic Women stores, concept stores

Bargaining: Not Possible


Berlins shopping street with a long stretch of boulevard having shops of some of the internationally famous brands, restaurants,, eateries, hotels, nightcafes  ,theatres .You can shop for some antiques at the antique shops , or art at  the art galleries at Fasanenstrabe .Grab a bite at any of the numerous quaint cafes.


Location: Berlin 

Timing: 11am to midnight

Popular for: Deisgner stores, eateries 

Bargaining: Not Possible


This is the Shopping Street of Nuremberg. Many big brands like Zara,H&M,Espirit, Breuninger, etc. can be found here.


Location: Nuremburg

Timing: 10 am -8 Pm,Sundays closed 

Popular for: Souveniers, Haute Couture and Vintage Items

Bargaining: No Possible


Internationally known shopping destination for both local german brands and international.


Location: Leipzig 

Timing: 9.30Am-10Pm, Sunday Public holiday timings 1-6 Pm 

Popular for: German Local Brands 

Bargaining: Not Possible


Outlet mall in Wolfsburg, the first of it is kind in city center.


Location: Wolsburg

Timing: 10 am-8 pm

Popular for: International designer brands at discounted prices

Bargaining: Not Possible


World across German Markets are known for their Christmas festivities. The Christmas Markets of Nuremburg are undoubtedly the best, selling traditional German handicrafts, wine, cookies and much more.


Location: Bavarian city of Nuremberg

Known for: It is Christmas Marketselling traditional German Handicrafts

How to reach: Bus/Rail/Cycle

Approximate Cost: NA

Operating hours: 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Any precautions / must carry items: Carry your camera

Type: Market


The best way to end the year is to visit Germany's Christmas markets – stalls with seasonal gifts, lots of foodstuff and wine. Germany is home to the largest of these markets. Christmas time is the place to be In Germany to the experience the magic of the festive season.

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