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How to Reach America

How to Reach America By Air / Flight

There are many flights that operate to the United States and its neighbouring countries on a regular basis from almost every part of the world. While there are direct flights from India to a few places in the United States, they are operated only by Air India and United Airlines currently. For other countries in North America such as Canada, there are often connecting flights although there are some direct flights as well. 

The United States has a number of international airports which operate hundreds of flights every single day. Flying to America is therefore one of the fastest and most convenient ways to travel. Almost all major airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and Air India to name just a few, fly to America regularly. 

Here’s a list of some of the most well-known airports in America –

  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta is considered to be the busiest airport in the world. However, it is also one of the best airports in the United States and is known for its excellent customer service 
  • Houston George Bush International Airport serves Houston and with its five terminals, it’s said to be a quick and convenient airport. 
  • Cincinnati International Airport is efficient and convenient for many travellers with many conveniences available here. 
  • O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is one of the most well-known airports in the world. 
  • John F Kennedy Airport in New York is considered to be one of the busiest airports in America.
  • Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver, Canada is the typical airport for those flying to Canada. 
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport in Toronto is also a great choice for those planning to travel to Canada.

How to Reach America By Sea

For those planning to travel to America from Europe, this is a viable option although one that is hardly used because of the lack of convenience, especially when it comes to the time it takes to travel. Private boats, ferries and cruises often take passengers to America from various locations in Europe. In America, ports for private boats can be found in Los Angeles and Florida. 

How to Reach America by Train

Travelling within America by train is a great way to see various cities in the United States or even other countries such as Canada. However, it’s not possible to reach America via train from the other continents, although a transatlantic tunnel is being planned. 

How to Reach America by Road

Travelling within America by road is a convenient option for many people but one cannot reach America by bus, from another continent. 

Commuting in America

By Air
Given the size of the country, travelling by flight within America can be a good option for those looking to save time. There are numerous domestic flight options which can save a lot of time although it can be a relatively expensive way to travel within America. There are several airlines and airports which make it a convenient idea as there are local or county airports in most towns and cities. Some of the well-known domestic airlines are Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines to name just a few. 

Travellers also have the option to buy a North American air pass that can be bought along with the international ticket as the passes include a decent number of domestic flights. It’s always a good idea to book your tickets well in advance if you want them to be economical. 

By Boat
Travelling within various cities by boat is not possible as there is no water-based public transportation system in America. But there are coastal ferries which transport you to the many islands nearby. Also, islands in the Great Lakes can only be approached by a boat. 

By Bus
Buses are the most economical way to travel in America. If you want to visit different cities, then the Greyhound is an excellent choice as it covers cities and towns as well. There are several other bus services too which offer good rates and operate along the East and West Coasts, making long-distance travel by bus, possible. Buses are generally safe and so are bus stations but it’s always a good idea to be careful, especially if you are travelling during the evening. There are bus services to Canada as well. Do remember to carry your passport and ensure you have valid travel documents before you travel as otherwise there can be delays and you may not be allowed to even board the bus.

By Road
Cars are a good way to see the country and it’s a good idea to have an international driving license should you choose to drive on your own. Renting a car however comes with several insurance hassles and problems which can become financial liabilities later on. For those who want a more adventurous experience and want to rent RVs, this is entirely possible, but insurance tends to be higher. 

If you intend to travel to Canada by road from the United States, then do make sure you are carrying the correct documents and are aware of all the rules and regulations before you reach the border. 

Trains are not the fastest way to travel within America but they can be a most relaxing experience offering some amazing views. There are several long-distance lines established by Amtrak which is one of the most popular train services in America. There are also high-speed train services which can be a bit on the expensive side. If you intend to travel by train, do remember to make reservations in advance, as trains can become crowded during summer times or during holidays. Booking in advance means that you might also get some discounts. There are also some historic trains which have become attractions in themselves and are popular with tourists. Some of these include the Cass Scenic Railroad, and the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.  

Local Transport
Taxis, ride-sharing services, local trains and buses are a convenient way to travel within the cities in America. People also cycle around as it is an easy and fast way to reach places and several cities have dedicated bike lanes for cyclists.

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