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Best Time To Visit Seychelles 

Best Time to Visit Seychelles

The Seychelles islands lie just below the equator and hence have little variations in temperature throughout the year. Temperatures on Mahe may vary from 24° to 30°C. The climate is warm and humid with an average temperature of 29°C. But this heat is almost never felt owing to the refreshing sea breezes. Victoria has an annual rainfall of 115 in approx. The weather is mainly influenced by two opposing trade winds. The north westerly trades blow from October to March while the south easterly trades blow from May to September. Seychelles is cooler and drier during the south-east monsoon season (May to September) and warmest during the north-west monsoon season (December to April). January and February have the highest amount of rainfall though it generally rains in tropical downpours. High winds are rare as most of the inhabited islands are outside the cyclone belt. Seychelles does not experience extremes when it comes to climatic conditions. Seychelles is always warm and pleasant hence attracts tourists all the year round. April, May, October and November are calm and less windy and are supposedly the best time to visit but as you can visit any time of the year, you can plan your tour depending on what suits you most.


April and May

This is considered

Events: Seychelles National Fishing Tournament (April) Carnaval International de Victoria (April) FetAfrik(May)

Temperature: The temperatures are around 27° to 29°C 

Weather: As the north-west trade wind give way to their South-east counterparts, Seychelles experiences warm, mild weather with rainfall being less prevalent. 

Why you should visit now: During these months there are comparatively less tourists and the islands are not over crowded. The hotel rates are cheaper during these months as the peak season hasn’t started yet. As the weather is calm and less windy it’s the ideal time for activities such as sailing, boating etc. The high visibility levels at this time make it ideal for swimming, diving, snorkeling. If you are a nature lover then April can be the ideal time for bird watching as it is the breeding season for most bird species.



This is the peak season and is the ideal time for Honeymoon travelers.

Events: Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival (August) South-East Monsoon Sailfish Tournament (August) Seychelles Round Table Regatta (September)

Temperature: The temperatures are relatively lower between 24° to 27°C.

Weather: As the south-east trade winds reach these islands the temperatures drop by around 2-3°. It’s less humid and dry and the rainfall reduces considerably.

Why you should visit now:  Seychelles is cooler and drier during this season. So it can be the ideal time if you hate rains and prefer a less humid climate. The winds are calm and provide excellent conditions for sailing and scuba diving. Birds are nesting during this period and can be an ideal sight for bird lovers as they hatch or feed their young ones. 

Tips:  As most people flock in during this period, it would be ideal to book your trip well in advance to avoid non-availability. Also the hotel and flight rates can be pretty high.



This is also known to be the best time to visit Seychelles after the months of April-May.

Events: La Digue Offshore Tournament Festival Kreole SUBIOS Underwater Festival

Temperature:  The temperatures vary from 27° to 30°C.

Weather:  This is the second transition period of the year when the south-easterly winds bid adieu making way for the north westerlies. The north westerly trade winds bring in occasional downpours. 

Why you should visit now: Seychelles experiences the best weather condition for the second time in the year with almost no wind and activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, boat rides can be an added attraction to the trip. The migration of birds and the sight of hawksbill turtle and shark whales can be a perfect way to spend your holidays for a Nature lover. The hotel and flight rates are cheap and you can get a fair deal.



This is the summer season in Seychelles.

Events: Seychelles Sailing Cup (January)

Temperature:  The temperatures vary from 24° to 28°C.

Weather: With the north-west trade winds coming in, the weather becomes hot and humid. These winds bring in rain and December-January are the wettest months.

Why you should visit now: Though the rains pour in but this doesn’t distract travelers from coming to Seychelles. As the year ends festivities begin and there are activities all around. 

Tips:  For a December January visit please book well in advance. The rates can also be dearer as people crowd in to enjoy the festive season. As it’s rainy, it would be ideal to carry your own gear so that the rains don’t mess up your holiday.

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