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Places to visit in Shanghai

When you travel to Shanghai, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Shanghai, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Shanghai to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Shanghai things to do can include exploring Shanghai attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Cultural Attractions

Sanghai is a city that is always blooming with the cultural varieties. Home to a thousand types of tribes and ethnicities, Asia has a rich and alluring cultural heritage that no visitor can ignore. China is a land of diverse ethnicities and cultures and places like Shanghai are a hub for the tourists who come and seek treasures from the land from all over the place. The cultural heritage of this Chinese city is enriching. Both the places are famous for beautiful t

Shanghai World Financial Center

The famous World Financial Center, is a beautiful structure with intricate designs and modern facilities. The extraordinary design and structure make it one of the most sought after places in the world.

Shanghai beaches

For a fun-filled and enjoyable experience with kids, Shanghai a is the best destination. There are many places in Shanghai that are ideal for kids. You and  your kids can enjoy a good time with loads of adventure and fun activities. Shanghai’s beaches in the are perfectly safe for your adorable kids. They can enjoy swimming safely without any worries, just keep a vigil on them. The beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters make it a popular family tour


Once in Sanghai, you have so many options to visit and enjoy as you are spoilt for choice. The exotic locales of Shanghaiare a must visit and awesome and are surely worth paying for. The terrains of China, especially Shanghai are fabulous with classic architecture and beautiful sceneries. Asia is a land of natural beauty and a variety of landforms, from mountains to seas, deserts to marshlands, plateaus and lowlands, beautiful scenery and amazing locales. You can

Oriental Pearl Tower

One of the hard to miss landmarks in Shanghai include the famous Oriental Pearl Tower. The beautiful and colourful inlaid and intricate designs find no match across the world. Other landmarks include the Jade Bhuddha Temple, a symbol of purity and tranquillity. These and many more landmarks are spread across Asia waiting to be visited and marvelled at by the awestruck travellers and tourists.

Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai

The world famous Oriental Pearl Tower is an awe-inspiring structure with its massive architecture and design. Making its way through the atmosphere, the hugeness of the structure and its antiquity makes it a favorite tourist destination. The height and enormity of the monument make it unique in its way.

National Museum of Shanghai

You will get several opportunities to know about the culture and development in Sanghai through several rich museums in the continent.The National Museum of Shanghai, is rich in artefacts and the best art pieces, making it a hot favourite of the art lovers. The Shanghai Museum is worth a visit when in Asia it is famous for the treasures that it has kept and displayed for years and is a favourite tourist destination for a unique collection that it has maintained.

Parks and Gardens of Shanghai

China is endowed with the most beautiful landforms in the world. The natural places that you can visit when in Asia include the parks and gardens of Shanghai. The topography and the beauty of the places are mesmerizingly beautiful. The folds of the mountains in India and the neighbouring lands can catch the eyes of any enthusiastic traveller. Surrounded by the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes, it is rich in natural beauty and vitality.

Jin Mao Towers Shanghai

This tower is a very big tourist attraction in this city. It is very big in structure and is a well sought after sight in Shanghai.

Shanghaiwins the hearts

When it comes to parks and gardens, Shanghaiwins the hearts. This place is so full of wonderful gardens and parks that one must bowl over. The amusement park in Shanghai is a water theme park with fun rides and adventure trips that can make your day an amazing one. The Ocean Park in Shanghai is a unique park, which keeps a huge variety of marine creatures. It is an awesome and unique experience to see the marine life so close.

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