Brahma Temple In Pushkar

Pushkar’s Brahma temple is one of the highly revered holy places in Hindu religion. Because of its importance, the devotees keep visiting Pushkar all year.

There are multiple legends attached with Pushkar’s Brahma temple. One of them is the story of how Brahma slewed a demon Vajranabha who tried to kill his children. Enraged, he killed him with his weapon, the blue lotus flower.


The legend of Pushkar’s Brahma Temple

After the battle, the petals of this flower fell on the ground and a spring of water emerged at the place. This spring was later known as Pushkar Lake or Pushkar Sarovar. The Brahma Temple is at the walking distance from the temple. 

Lord Brahma decided to perform a yajna in Pushkar but it was incomplete without his wife Savitri. Lord Brahma asked Lord Indra for permission to arrange another wife so that his yajna could be completed. This request resulted in the manifestation of goddess Gayatri who then took part in the yajna as Brahma’s wife. 

When Goddess Savitri heard about this, she was enraged. She cursed Brahma that the world will forget him as a god and he’ll be worshipped no-where else but in Pushkar.


One of the few Brahma Temples in the world

Today, there are six Brahma Temples in India but the one at Pushkar is considered the most important. It is so revered that pilgrims come here from faraway places to seek blessings of the lord. Brahma Temple Pushkar is known for its beautiful architecture and an aura that is filled with devotion. The area around the holy Pushkar Temple is filled with eclectic surprises like street side shops, restaurants selling local food like Daal Bati Churma and gatte ki sabzi. 

It is said that a visit to Brahma Temple Pushkar not only fulfills all the wishes but also provides peace to the ancestors. The holy Pushkar Lake is one of the few places in the world where havan is performed to provide the ancestors with moksha and peace in the afterlife. From here, devotees are needed to visit Brahma Temple for the completion of their havan. 

Among the many Pushkar temples, the Savitri Temple is one of the most notable one in the Pushkar town. Located on the top of the hill, a ropeway trolley takes devotees to the temple. This temple is considered as holy as the Brahma Temple because it is dedicated to his wife Savitri. The panoramic scenery of Pushkar town is something to behold when you are standing on the hill where the temple is located. 

Brahma Temple is 500 meters away from Pushkar bus stand. One can take an auto-rickshaw from the bus stand or hire a cab from Ajmer Station, Jaipur or Pushkar market.


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Holy Brahma Temple of Pushkar is one of the many important places in Rajasthan. Every year a number of travellers come here during their Rajasthan trip. It is also possible to visit Brahma Temple as a weekend getaway from Delhi or Jaipur. As a traveller, Pushkar provides you an opportunity to indulge in Rajasthani culture, food, and lifestyle. 

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