Dishes In Ljubljana

Carniolan sausage or Kranjskaklobasa: This is among the special dishes in the Slovenian cuisine. This dish is inspired from the region of Gorenjska that is atypical of Alpine.

Prekmurje layered cake or Prekmurskagibanica: This is a moist cake that contains layers of apple filling, walnut, cottage cheese and poppy seed.

Kras prosciutto or Kraskiprsut: This is primarily a pork leg that is dry-cured. This special dish is eaten with a glass of delicious KrasTeran, and this is known for its amazing healing properties. The protected geographical indication labeled prosciutto is a premium quality product that is produced by drying the meat after traditionally salting it in the cold northeastern winds.

Struklji: This is among the most traditional Slovenian baked or boiled dough which is rolled with a wide array of savory and sweet filling options. This is either served as a side dish or a main course. The best known among these are poppy seed and apple struklji, walnut, cottage cheese and tarragon. Potica: It is the most typical dessert found in Slovenia and is a primarily a yeast dough cake that comes with many options of filling. The best-known ones are poppy seed and crackling poticas, walnut, tarragon.

Zganci: This is among the most traditional peasant dish in Slovenia and is made from flour. This dish is served a side dish or a stand alone dish. Thus, the people visiting the place would get the essence of the native life with all its special things ready to be catered to them.

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