Dishes In Malvan

Malvani food is the standard food of the Konkan area of Maharashtra as well as Goa. Even though Malvani food is mainly non-vegetarian, there are loads of vegetarian delicacies. Even though it is a self-governing food, it partly covers Maharashtrian food along with Goan food. Do try ou theMalvani bass curry, Kombdi Vade, Malvani Mutton Curry, Mori masala. And you must sample theSolkadhiwhis is a drink prepared from coconut milk andKokam. There are many moreMalvanidishes that you can easily have at eateries in Malvan city.

Nevertheless, not all of the food is spicy and hot. The 'Konkanastha Brahmin' fashion of cooking is fairly bland but very yummy and vegetarian as well. Fish dishes dominate the Malvanicuisine. The blazing seafood curries might be a bit too hot for a number of people, however they are very tasty. The Malvani food is very similar to Goan and coastal South Indian food. Regardless of what you do or do not do in Malvan city, you must not miss out on sampling Malvani food that is a mix of Maharashtrianand Goan cooking styles.

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