Dishes In Sigiriya

If you want to sample some authentic Sri Lankan food, you must try the following:


Rice and Curry: Curry served with rice is a very common combination in Sri Lanka. The curry is made of vegetables or fish and can be really spicy. However, some cooks make a sweetish curry using flour, coconut milk and flour. The curries vary in flavour and colour consisting of vegetables or meat or fish. This is a wholesome dish and definitely worth a try.

Roti: This dish is very easy to prepare and served in almost every restaurant and food stall. It resembles a pancake but is more of a flat bread. It is different from what ‘roti’ is in India as it is also served with melted chocolate as dessert. It can be coupled with vegetables and fish for lunch or dinner or even with fruits as a snack. If you have a sweet tooth, you can try the banana and chocolate roti.

Hoppers: They are shaped much like tulips and taste like sour-dough pancakes. It is mainly breakfast food served with a combination of spices and red onion or eggs. Hoppers are made of fermented flour batter with a dash of coconut milk and palm toddy. Yeast is added to the dish to make it a little less sour.

Desserts: There is a huge variety of desserts available in Sri Lanka which is good news for people with a sweet tooth. Try the oil cake made of treacle and rice flour and is fried a beautiful golden brown. You can also try the pudding-like desserts made from coconut milk. Many cakes have a combination of lots of sugar and chilli peppers.

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