Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple In Grishneshwar

The temple portrays the pre-historic temple traditions as well as of the pre-historic architectural style and structure. The inscriptions on the temples are a source of much attraction to inquisitive travellers. The temple is built of red rocks, composed of a five tier shikara. Restored in the 18th century by AhilyabaiHolkar, the temple is 240 x 185 feet tall. It houses beautiful carvings and sculptures of many Indian Gods and Goddesses. Holy water is believed to spring from inside the temple. Religious and historical significance is evident from the outward appearance of the temple. The stone edifice has distinct bands of friezes which are rust, pink and pale yellow. Initially devotees halt at the small shrine to Kokila Mata upon entering the Ghrishneshwar Temple.

The legend says that a Brahmin Brahmavetta Sudharm and his wife lived in Devagiri. The couple didn’t have a child for which they were upset. Several remedies were tried but all went in vain. Out of the frustration of being childless, the wife, Sudeha got her sister Grushma married to her husband who was a devotee of Lord Shiva. With the blessings of the latter, Grushma gave birth to a child. Her pride of becoming a mother made her childless sister jealous, blinded by which she killed the baby boy one night and threw him into the lake where Grushma worshipped her lord. Grushma being an acute devotee had faith on her lord and wished to believe that her lord will protect her child. Hence, she started praying taking the name of Lord Shiva. The great Lord Shiva was impressed by her devotion and appeared in front of her and informed her about her jealous sister’s heinous crime.

Grushma in response requested her Lord to forgive the culprit. Impressed by her generosity Lord Shiva offered her a boon. His devotee wished him to stay forever for the benefit of mankind for which, Lord Shiva manifested himself as a Jyotirling taking the name of Ghushmeshwar. The lake was hence, named Shivalaya thereon.The location which is solely famous for pilgrimage has Grishneshwar Temple as its prime attraction. Apart from that, a visit to Ajanta, Ellora caves at some distance will leave you in awe. 


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