Harihareshwar Temple In Harihareshwar

Built around 1223-1224 CE, during the Hoysalareign of King ViraNarasimha II, the temple is dedicated to Lord Harihar. Known to be a fusion of two Hindu Gods – left vertical of Lord Vishnu and right vertical of Lord Shiva, the deity is rare fusion making it immensely popular among the devotees who throng the quaint little town to get a glimpse. It is the most prominent monument here as well the prime attraction o9f pilgrims who travel to Harihareshwar.

The temple is a rare example of Hoysala style of architecture with its square shaped mandapa or the main hall and is made of soapstone or potstone. The exterior of the temple projects a number of mythological stories. The mandapa wall is a parapet supported by half pillars which further support the cornice of the temple. While touring the temple premises, make sure that your camera captures the lotuses engraved on the open mandapa of the pillar-supported ceiling.

Though the temple’s shrine or the Vimana is missing, the charm of the temple has not lessened and still manages to attract the lovers of temple architecture. But the most attractive aspect of the temple is the Kannada inscriptions within the premises of the temple. 

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