New Zealand For Senior Citizens

In a world where aging is associated with slowing down and retreating to sedentariness, we are here to convince you to seek out travel adventures that have been repeatedly back-benched due to work, responsibilities, family, and every other excuse under the sun! One such place to surrender your worries and truly absorb the best of our Big Blue is none other than New Zealand! 

While the country is typically known to magnetize adventure junkies and young backpackers, its accessibility extends to all age groups, especially the 50 pluses. “God’s own country”, as it is also known as, New Zealand manages to amass an incredible number of natural havens for its size. From the North Island to the South, divided by the Cook Strait, the country is abounding in volcanoes, springs, geysers, mountain ranges, water bodies, and warm, friendly inhabitants. Here, discover the tranquility and repose that you crave in your latter decades. New Zealand is the perfect place to retire and rediscover an appreciation for our mesmerizing planet and its people.

The country’s small size, diverse accessibility to every nook and cranny, easy-going vibe, and gregarious, respectful culture are some of many factors justifying its allure to senior citizens. Once you overcome the hurdle of an arduous plane journey, travel within the country, even from one island to another, is not only a simple commute but an enthralling treat for the senses! A family visit, anniversary celebration, or retirement dream, New Zealand’s atmosphere of utmost respect and gratitude awaits you. 

The North Island maintains a hospitable climate all year round, especially in the summer season, inviting travelers to its various beaches! While the South Island is subject to harsher temperatures, the summer season from November to February offers beautiful opportunities for outdoor adventures. 

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Senior citizen benefits:
The Kiwis maintain exceptional respect of culture towards their elderly population. With a quarter of the population above the age of sixty, a multitude of benefits and care serve to ensure their wellbeing. 

Visa: New Zealand’s Parent and Grandparent visa is an easily obtainable, multiple-entry visa granting a maximum 18-month stay to parents and grandparents of New Zealand residents! 

Discounts: Several retail stores, grocery stores and transport companies provide senior citizen discounts within the country. Don’t hesitate to enquire at popular grocery chains such as New World and Foursquare; most often they’d be happy to grant you available senior discounts! The same applies to many local clothing brands offering 10%-25% on purchases by seniors. Train tickets and InterCity and Newmans bus tickets are sold at reduced rates for students and senior citizens too! 

Disability services: Most public transport facilities, malls, stores, and accommodations – hotels, Airbnbs, and hostels are equipped with disability services, enabling senior citizens to live and commute with ease. Programs such as the Total Mobility schemes also subsidize taxi fares for those unable to utilize public transportation 

Accessibility: Age-friendly senior playgrounds, walking trails, and cycling routes are distributed around most major cities and towns, providing impetus for physical activity and a sense of community – paramount to the Kiwi culture! 

Insurance: Picking a wise Insurance plan is especially key, accounting for any unprecedented injuries or illnesses. Insurance companies in your home country are certain to provide plans customized towards senior citizens with subsidized rates and high benefits. Further the New Zealand healthcare system’s Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) lends a hand to senior travelers in the case of accidents and unforeseen circumstances. 

Safety: Among Kiwis, fret never! The country is incredibly safe, inhabiting warm, friendly and helpful residents. So much so that the 2017 Global Peace Index ranked New Zealand the 2nd safest country in the world. Amongst a culture of honesty, utmost trust – so much so that kiwis in rural areas often leave their cars and homes unlocked! And relaxation, there’s no reason to worry. 

So, what are some suitable, age-friendly ways to experience the land? 

The country really does have it all. Choose between the North Island, a treasure chest of geothermal sites and an exposure to the Māori culture, or the South Island, generally a preference of the adventurous explorer! 

  • New Zealand is more than just thrilling adrenaline-filled experiences. Less demanding activities provide equal opportunity to explore the divine scenery.
  • Several walking and hiking trails occupy the land, enabling the more active to explore natural landscapes by foot. A plethora of botanical gardens and forest regions offer a rejuvenating exposure to the vast outdoors. Beaches adorn the North Island and serve as the prime spot for relaxation during the summers. Cruises engage one with rare fjords – such as Milford and Doubtful sounds – and unique marine life in a highly accessible manner. Short ferry rides to nearby Islands such as Waiheke from Auckland or Kaikoura from Christchurch offer one-of-a-kind exposure to the local produce and fresh seafood! The Intercity buses traverse wide and often from most major cities in the Islands. The option with utmost freedom and leisure though is to rent your own private car and intake the jaw-dropping scenery at your own pace. 
  • The revitalizing power of New Zealand’s geothermal hubs is a major attraction to individuals desiring a wind down. A natural spa in the wild and free is the is the absolute reward following years of hard work and responsibility. Rotorua in the North Island is the prime destination for myriad hot springs, mud pools and steaming lakes offering physical and mental nourishment for all ailments. Further, the Bay of Islands enable a wonderful combination of long, exploratory walks, serene views of the beaches, and a wide variety of massage spas! Queenstown too, although known as the adventure capital, is surrounded by congenial jewels such as the quaint Arrowtown, or the breathtaking Milford Sound, which are a bus and/or cruise ride away. Wanaka is another destination in the South Island that encourages laid-back and absolutely decadent dining experiences as one relish fresh, local meals by the charming Lake Wanaka. Similarly, the Coromandel Coast is a must-visit, whether you cherish the land, water, mountains or beaches; its trademark, the Cathedral Cove is an attraction you can’t miss when in New Zealand! 
  • Who says learning and education is only for the young? Nearby, the Waitomo caves are a repository of history and education, displaying the famous glowworm caves, extremely unique to the country. New Zealand’s metropolises such as Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, and Christchurch are brimming in art and culture. Museums encapsulate works native to the Maori culture as well as generations of European settlers. Street art and graffiti decorate the walls amidst concrete skyscrapers. Opportunities to experience theatre, dance, drama in leisure are plentiful! 
  • New Zealand’s globally eminent wineries and seafood are the epitome of well retired living! 
  1. Marlborough, the iconic wine capital, boasts legendary views and lip-smacking wines, taking tourists through the production and manufacturing processes of these delicious beverages. 
  2. The Abel Tasman area is a hiker’s paradise – geared towards the physically motivated – as well as a wine haven. 
  3. Waiheke in the North Island is home to some of New Zealand’s most eminent wineries partnered with exceptional restaurants boasting the country’s best seafood. 
  4. Gisborne, also in the North, lines the east coast with luscious grape species transformed into some of the New Zealand’s most remarkable wines! Hawke’s Bay, blessed with an ideal climate, allows for several wineries to thrive in the region, majorly contributing to the country’s economy. 
  5. Central Otago is New Zealand’s anomaly – occupied with dry, rocky terrain, its miraculous continental microclimate lends to a thriving population of grapes and consequent wineries! 
  6. Nelson, although understates, is a heavenly blend of art, food and wine, humbly parading many award-winning wineries of the region. 


New Zealand is a senior citizen’s paradise in more ways than one. We would love to help you plan a holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand. Allow us to present the many special New Zealand packages and deals, and you could choose the one that suits you the most.

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