The Masai Tribe In Ngorongoro

A visit to village of the Masai people is an unavoidable part of any Ngorongoro Tour Package. The indigenous native tribes of this area, the Masai people, are simply an adorable lot. They were unpopular during the colonial times during the reign of the Europeans. But they have gained immense admiration from the Western world countries in the recent times. The way they managed to preserve their traditional identity despite the widespread influences of the western world is very admirable.

They still practice their ancient customs and rituals. They organise ceremonies and have an age-oriented hierarchy in their ranks of warriors. There bravest warriors are known as the Illmuran who are no less than commandos of the modern world.

As for the cuisine, their main food comprises of blood and milk. They have unique rituals like circumcision of males to grant them the title of Illmuran warriors. In order to demonstrate their bravery they need to kill a lion (which is now prohibited by law). They also have a unique form of warrior dance that includes jumping as they dance with spears and a shield. But these bookish descriptions of the Masai people are not true to their entirety.

In fact these people, who are simply unavoidable whenever you visit Tanzania, are simply lovable. They will always be very polite and helpful to the tourists who flock to this place. Another great facet about this group is that they live in close proximity to various wild animals but are not feared of each other. As for their traditional attires, they dress themselves in unique red garments and accessorise them with unique handmade necklaces. Their hair styles are also different.

The total population of this tribe now only remains to be between 90,000 to 100,000 people in the whole of Tanzania and Kenya. It is now assumed that the Masai tribe is in decline as many of the people are being forced to settle down and take proper jobs in towns. The native language spoken by the Masai is known as Maa and both the groups of Masai speak it.

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