Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in New Zealand

You drive past mighty mountains and crystalline lakes. The wind teases your hair as you gaze out of the window, screaming in excitement as you spot another great vantage point for a selfie. And your spouse won’t mind, because the beauty is just too overwhelming to be ignored! You might just spot a cotton-white flock of sheep hovering around in the snowy white hills of New Zealand. Your first ever romantic getaway in the Land of the Long White Cloud is totally worth it! Time stops in this island country that is dotted with frozen lakes, towering cliffs and sweeping coasts. Imagine standing hand in hand with your partner and being rendered speechless as you overlook a wide expanse of charming streams and misty mountains. What do you do next? You jump! A tandem water- touch jump off the Kawaru Bridge will make your stomach drop as you feel completely exhilarated. Get ready to fall for each other once again, quite literally this time! 

You might want to go on an adventure, explore your surroundings or just hold hands by the lake, options lie in abundance. Here are the top 5 destinations in New Zealand that will promise you a fairy-tale honeymoon in 2020!

1. Auckland- Sweet treats and scenic viewpoints 

2. Rotorua- River rafting and bubbling mud baths 

3. Queenstown- Adventure capital of the world

4. Dunedin- Castles and breath-taking views from hilltops 

5. Takaka – Say hello to baby seals and the vibrant community of Takaka

1. Auckland:

Indulge your sweet tooth with syrupy bites and pamper your sweetheart with some melt-in-the-mouth sugary treats. Auckland’s dessert scene is overflowing with delicious treats. If you are a chocolate connoisseur, make your way to Aotea Squares’s OKO. Dig into delicious caramelia mousse and dark chocolate crumble topped off with hot chocolate sauce. Nothing spells romance more than sharing an ice-cream cone with your partner.  Surprise your sweet valentine at Giapo, with frozen sweet treats that look like works of art. They look so divine; you will almost feel guilty for eating them. Apt for newly-weds, since you are on a honeymoon, do go for “Two Become One” - ice-cream cones topped off with chocolate heart halves. This delightful dessert is a great way to say ‘I love you’ to your better half! Auckland is also perfect for taking romantic, long strolls with your partner as you whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. With beautiful coastlines, bushes and beaches, embark on a love journey with your partner that you would never wish to end. The sound of water beating against the rocks could interrupt the sweet silence as you make your way to a wonderful waterfall. If you long for the light touch of summer breeze as you dip your toes by the seashore, go to the West and revel in the black sand majesty of Piha beach.

2. Rotorua:

Marriage is an adventure, and what better way than to test it. Pump up your adrenaline as you engage in river rafting at the Kaituna River, just 15 minutes away from the city centre. Hold on tight to your partner when you get drenched, splashing your way through the water. Make your way down the steep seven-meter Okere Waterfall and experience a rush like never-before. 

How does a gooey, warm and bubbling mud bath right in the middle of an active geothermal field sound? A day in Hell’s Gate will leave you both feeling relaxed and cared for. The earth boils, viscous mud heals as steam evaporates into thin air. Rejuvenate your skin with nutrient rich waters and soft mud deemed to be a thing of cultural legend. Do try the Sulfur baths that will not fail to recuperate and re-energise.  This is one experience you must not miss out on when in Rotorua. 

3. Queenstown:

Take your chosen one’s hand and explore the adventure capital of the world. Sunset gondola rides and a scrumptious buffet meal await you love birds. Enjoy breath taking views of Queenstown as you rise 450 metres high above the ground. Look down and a blanket of turquoise blue waters stare right back at you. Watch the sky break into colours of soft blues and white. Take the return gondola back into town after a romantic meal with your partner. Be it summer’s balmy nights, autumn’s crisp air or winter’s misty mornings; Queenstown is the ultimate honeymoon destination regardless of when you get married. If you are seeking some privacy and wish to spend some time amidst the untouched beauty of nature, make your way to the Moke Lake. Let go of fancy restaurants and overpriced cafes and make this your picnic spot instead. You could also camp by the lake for a night as the nocturnal sounds of nature lull you to sleep. This hidden gem’s highlight is the perfectly symmetrical reflection of snowcapped mountains and the clear blue sky on turquoise blue waters of the Moke Lake. Sitting quiet and pretty, this lake is the ultimate romantic getaway from the flurrying adventure capital of New Zealand’s South Island.

4. Dunedin:

An idyllic South Island, straight out of a charming fairytale, this destination is a paradise for lovers. Steal kisses with your partner as you walk amidst the exquisite gardens of Larnach Castle. A prime attraction in New Zealand, this memoir of love offers unique dining experiences that will remain etched in your heart forever. Dance around in the Larnach Gardens with your wife as you twirl her around, making her heart sway. Travel back in time as you step into the intricate Victorian interiors of this castle. With magnificent tower views and walls that hold within them tales of romance and unrequited love, this spot is indeed the epitome of romance. Declare your undying affection for your partner atop the Signal Hill as you overlook an array of twinkling city lights of Dunedin. Drive up to the top or embark on a walk instead, the view overlooking the river, the harbour and the peninsula will be rewarding either way! If you visit during the day, views of the glistening Pacific Ocean coastline and historical landmarks will leave you smitten. Note that if you are walking to this spot, it will take around two hours to get here. 

5. Takaka:

This fascinating little town is said to be one of the most frequented honeymoon destinations in New Zealand. Stretches of golden sand and emerald green waters make their way back onto dense, green forests. Explore the Wharariki Beach if you wish to say hello to adorable baby seals prancing around in the pools of water, amidst undulating white sands. If you wish to relax a little and unwind, visit one of the quirky beach shacks and quaint cafes lined up along the high street. If you are up for an adventure, hire a kayak and engage in some island hopping to find your favourite spot. Takaka is a gateway to Golden Bay’s wonders and gives you a peak into its close knit and vibrant community. Head to the Abel Tasman National Park to experience one of New Zealand’s great walks with no shortage of hiking opportunities too. 

Can’t wait to visit these honeymoon destinations before you start the journey of a lifetime with your partner? Check out our New Zealand packages and book your tickets right away! 

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