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An idyllic retreat in the hills of Garhwal region, Dhanaulti is a comfortably secluded and refreshingly lulling destination that speaks to every city dweller. The popularity of Dhanaulti Tour Packages stem from this very fact and that it is a lesser known and easily accessible destination near big cities like Delhi and Dehradun which make it the perfect escape.

Blessed with resplendent natural adornments as are most hill stations of Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti displays and a spellbinding landscape shaped by dense forests, tall mountains and charming wildlife. The weather which remains pleasantly cool all year round is as much reviving as the many delightful sights you get to experience here. The laidback and relaxed atmosphere that keeps Lansdowne happily ensconced in it is in contrast to the more popular and therefore much boisterous neighbour- Mussoorie. It is one of the precise factors why tourists are now heavily opting for Dhanaulti over the latter.



Dhanaulti Tour Packages

Dhanaulti  Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
Uttarakhand- Mesmerizing Dhanaulti 2 Nights 3 Days Rs. 10,599

Perched carefree on a crest at an altitude of 2286 m, Dhanaulti offers its visitors a magical environment dotted profusely with numerous places of interest like Eco Parks of Amber and Dhara, Barehipani Fall and Jordana Falls, and many manmade wonders too like Deo Garh Fort, Dashavtar Temple, Surkandadevi Temple, multiple Jain Temples and much more. Even the adventurous have something to look forward to here with the many adventure camps located in the region which offer activities like camping, trekking, rappelling, river crossing, zip-lines and much more. However, still Dhanaulti’s true bliss lies in the unpretentious sights of terraced Potato Farms, Kanatal and the stretches of sleepy forests of Rhododendron, Conifer, Oak, and jungle flames.


Dhanaulti Places to Visit

Places to Visit  Significance
Deo Garh Fort and Jain Temple Deo Garh Fort is a popular attraction in Dhanaulti, an ancient monument constructed in the 16th century, beautifully adorned walls and premises, houses many palaces decorated attractively with artistic murals, has many Jain Temples in the area which are equally popular tourist destinations known for their lovely construction and breath-taking ambiance
Eco- Parks Twin parks or protected forest areas called Amber and Dhara, maintained by the forest department of Dhanaulti, bewitching beauty of garden cum forest, vast lands that are home to tall Cedar and Deodar trees, perfect place for relaxing and pondering in peace, ideal for long walks, hikes and idle strolls in the refreshing shade of trees, perfect for families to have a day of picnic or kids to run and play about in the large open areas, morning yoga and meditation
Barehipani and Jordana Falls Two powerful and truly gorgeous waterfalls in Dhanaulti, Barehipani has 400 m height and Jordana has 15 m height, both have enchanting ambiance that exudes romance hence perfect for couples and honeymooners, also great for family picnics, both situated in Simplipal National Park and lie at close proximity, tend to get violent in monsoons when the water in the falls is at its mightiest, refreshing pool of water at their base makes for a delightful spot apt for relaxing and taking pictures, both are protected and maintained by the government
Dashavtar Temple Ancient Panchayatan Temple of India- earliest known, constructed during the reign of Gupta Empire, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, remarkable architecture with skilfully sculpted panels decorating the terraced basement, most alluring feature are the side walls of Dashavtar temple which are graced by the hewn inscriptions from Vaishnava mythology 

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