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Madhya Pradesh Tour Packages

Madhya Pradesh COVID 19 Tourist Guide - All tourists are required to download Sarthak Lite app to avail COVID 19 related medical assistance. All the ASI monuments will continue to remain open for all tourists and visitors. All passengers visiting Madhya Pradesh to undergo thermal screening.

About Madhya Pradesh Holidays

Madhya Pradesh is the reason you love to travel. That faraway-from-home feeling, with the convenience of actually being close enough. For all you have to do is a journey to the heart of India, to discover a land so beautiful, diverse, majestic and blessed with nature, that it will leave your wanderlust truly satiated. Little wonder that in recent years, Madhya Pradesh holidays have become hugely popular, for families, friends, couples and soloists alike. 

Madhya Pradesh tour packages are ready-made for you to plan an impromptu escapade, or they can be tailor-made for an advanced departure. Whichever path you select, they both lead you to this spectacular destination that’s got everything you want, and then some. 

Discover Madhya Pradesh tourism packages that are imagined, drafted and curated by Thomas Cook’s experienced world wanderers and travel experts, in collaboration with the most reliable and prominent logistics, lodging, food and activity partners. Ensuring all your needs and wants are well taken care of, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the marvels of MP tourism, and go home feeling refreshed and recharged for life ahead. 

For an in-depth view of what to expect and what’s on offer, check out our packages. Where you can get an in-depth view on the things to do in Madhya Pradesh, best time to visit Madhya Pradesh and what Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh, amongst other valuable information to book the most suitable Madhya Pradesh tour package for you.

Madhya Pradesh Holiday Packages No. of Days Price*
Madhya Pradesh Extravaganza 12 Nights / 13 Days Rs. 94 990
Ujjain - Omkareshwar Jyotirling Tour 3 Nights / 4 Days Rs. 24 900
Wildlife Kanha and Pench with Safari - Premium 4 Nights / 5 days Rs. 56 900
Madhya Pradesh - Malwa Retreat 4 Nights / 5 days Rs. 42 990
Magical Malwa - Madhya Pradesh Pilgrimage 5 Nights / 6 days Rs. 27 990

Highlights of MP Tour Packages

Madhya Pradesh is where much of India’s diversity collides. The state sits at the heart of the country, sharing its landlocked borders with Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Modern-day Madhya Pradesh is a place with a fascinating history that can be traced back to genuinely archaic times. Indeed, many relics have been discovered here dating 1500 BC! Fast-forwarding through the centuries, Madhya Pradesh witnessed many an empire rise and fall. Each building their palaces, monuments, towns and sacred sites along the way. See them all or just a select few, with Madhya Pradesh tourism packages, from the Bhimbetka rock shelters to the temples of Khajuraho and Gwalior Fort. 

But a glimpse of this rich history and culture is not all that Madhya Pradesh tourism is famous for. The state is also home to abundant and flourishing natural heritage. The kind found only in a handful of places around the world. This includes six major wildlife reserves, including twenty-five sanctuaries and the magnificent Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges, that serve as home to lush floral and countless endemic as well as migratory species. And yes, this includes the most sought after animal of all — the enigmatic tiger. Wildlife or safari Madhya Pradesh tours are your best bet to witness tigers in the wild. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. Madhya Pradesh has vibrant festivities and celebrations, as well as a tribal culture that defies the modern age. Sample them on your MP tour packages to partake in their colourful customs and traditions. 

Madhya Pradesh tourism packages are available from all major cities and towns across India comprising of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Cochin. This has been curated for your ease and convenience, by our travel experts. Make your next holiday, your best holiday, only with Thomas Cook. 

How to reach Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh’s central location and the fact that it is a vibrant tourism hub, means there is great connectivity to and from its cities. Reaching MP is more convenient that you think.  You can expect to travel for your Madhya Pradesh holiday via your preferred mode of transport — air, road or rail. 

Reaching MP by Air 

If you choose to fly into Madhya Pradesh, you can land at any one of five airports — Indore, Bhop-al, Gwalior, Khajuraho and Jabalpur. Find flights easily from all major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi, Bangalore amongst others, run by all the popular national airlines as well as some international carriers. The airports in Madhya Pradesh also welcome international flights from hubs like Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok. 

Reaching MP by Rail

With its strategic location, Madhya Pradesh is rightly a major railway junction, with trains coming in from all parts of the country. Of the main stations across the state, Bhopal Railway Station of-fers the most connectivity, serving as a key stop for popular trains like Rajdhani Express and Sha-tabdi Express. Some of the other stations include Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur, Ratlam, Ujjain, Bilas-pur and Bina. Railway journeys to and from your Madhya Pradesh holiday are effortless and com-fortable, especially with the right travel partners making all your arrangements. 

Reaching MP by Road

Many national highways converge in Madhya Pradesh, so if you are looking for an epic road trip, you’ve found one! You can drive down from any of the neighboring states, or even from beyond. If you don’t wish to drive yourself, private cars and taxis for available for long-distance hire from all major Indian cities. Meanwhile, many public and private bus services ply to and from Madhya Pradesh cities and towns, ranging from deluxe to ultra-luxurious.

Travelling within Madhya Pradesh 

Once you have arrived into Madhya Pradesh, moving around is relatively straightforward. For really long journeys, domestic flights are most convenient and time-saving. For shorter distances, road journeys are most common. That way, you get to see the places in between the destinations, the real Madhya Pradesh tourism. Indore to Mandu, Bhopal to Pachmarhi and Orchha to Khajuraho are top rated road trips within the state. While buses and taxis are available too, it is best to book them in advance as part of your Madhya Pradesh tour package. 

Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh

For those wondering what’s the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh, the answer depends on the kind of MP tour packages you are looking for, as well as the annual seasons. The state boasts a mixed topography, meaning different temperatures can be seen at varying altitudes. However, the general seasons are summer, monsoon and winter. Generally, the rainy and cold months are considered the best time for Madhya Pradesh holidays. This is because summer months from March to May, can see temperatures soar over a blistering 40°C. So unless you are planning a Madhya Pradesh tour to places like Pachmarhi Hill Station or Kanha Wildlife Sanctuary, that have their own cool micro-climate, it is best to avoid a summer Madhya Pradesh holiday. Further along the year, the rain gods appear. Making June to September a lovely time to visit Madhya Pradesh and enjoy the lush scenery, safari parks, natural wonders and a bit of sightseeing too. From October to March, temperatures in Madhya Pradesh can drop as low as 2°C. Still, it is the ideal time to book a MP tour packages for a complete experience of all that the state has to offer. Wear your favourite woollens and venture out on heritage sightseeing tours, sacred visits, wildlife safaris, adventure activities, shopping and more. 

Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

Kanha Tiger Reserve – Must visit on your Madhya Pradesh Tour

Only on a MP tour package can you visit the very jungles that inspired The Jungle Book. Find your inner Mowgli and experience the thrill of being surrounded by wild animals, in their glorious natural habitat. In the case of Kanha National Park, that means hectares of forest in the Maikal Range that are home to creatures big and small, including the Bengal tiger, panther, jackal and native Barasingha deer, and hundreds of flora species too. Jungle lodge stays and open-top safari rides are the best experiences when visiting the national parks of Kanha Tiger Reserve, with all bookings taken care of in advance, when you choose to visit with a Thomas Cook Madhya Pradesh tour package. 

Gwalior Fort – A place to watch out for on your trip to Madhya Pradesh

A significant architectural and cultural highlight of Madhya Pradesh holidays, is the magnificent Gwalior Fort. Built by Raja Man Singh Tomar of the Tomar Dynasty in the medieval era, the fort is a unique spectacle, in a city that boasts a tremendous royal lineage. A large, imposing structure, adorning exotic carvings, the Gwalior Fort sees a blend of Indian and Chinese architectural styles and motifs. As you follow the meandering pathway to the top of the hill where it is firmly perched,  you can see the one of a kind rock carvings of the Jain Theerthankaras. Once up close, feast your eyes on the breathtaking dragon-carved pillars, among other native regional motifs. 

Dhuandhar Waterfalls – A major attraction on your MP trip

Make your way to Jabalpur for one of Madhya Pradesh tourism’s breathtaking natural wonders, the Dhuandhar Waterfalls. The name describes these magnificent falls perfectly, as they plunge 30 metres below, creating a powerful misty, smoke-like spray that fills the air. Even kilometres away, its roar can be heard. What makes this incredible sight even more mesmerising, is the fact that it is located on marble rocks of the Narmada River, a captivating natural spectacle in itself. Of course it’s one of the most visited spots of Madhya Pradesh tourism! Where you can, not only witness the falls from special viewing stations, but also go on a relaxing sunset boat ride, an exciting cable car ride or peaceful picnic by the riverside. 

Rajwada Palace – A mist visit historic palace in Madhya Pradesh

In a long line of historic royal landmarks dotting Madhya Pradesh, Indore’s Rajwada Palace is one you shouldn’t miss. Built by the Holkar Dynasty over 200 years ago, is this marvellous wood and stone structure that sits right in the centre of the city, as an eternal symbol of its grand heritage. Influences of Maratha, Mughal and European architectural styles visible across its now-restored facade. On your visit, walk through the grand entrance archway before making your way to the courtyard, gardens and accessible halls. On certain days, there is an evening light and sound show performed at the palace, that is an enjoyable cultural experience for all ages. 

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters – Do include on your Madhya Pradesh tour 

While Madhya Pradesh tourism packages promise plenty of time-travelling, did you know that at one of its must-visit spots, you can go as far back as 30,000 years ago! At the Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, an archaeological site that dates back to prehistoric times — to the stone age. Discover over 500 rock shelters, many of which have cave paintings too. A truly fascinating glimpse of the story of humankind, located right here in the centre of India. From there, you can also visit the noteworthy historic towns of Bhojpur and Hoshangabad. All Madhya Pradesh tours that stop at Bhopal give you the opportunity to make a day trip to Bhimbetka.

Things to do in Madhya Pradesh

Go on an adventurous safari on your Madhya Pradesh trip

Wildlife is an inherent part of Madhya Pradesh tourism. So you would be remiss not to go on a safari at one of its many exotic sanctuaries, national parks and reserves. An experience that brings you closer to one another, while giving you a close-up view of beautiful wild animals, including tigers, deer and panthers amongst countless others. Madhya Pradesh’s many jungles are also a top destination for avid birders. Some of the famous national parks to visit on your MP tour packages include Kanha National Park, Panna National Park, Pench National Park, Bandhavgarh Reserve and Satpura Wildlife Park. 

On your next Madhya Pradesh tour, Trek to Doopgarh

A magical trek up the highest peak of the Satpura Mountains is an experience to remember for a lifetime. Doopgarh is found in the pristine Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. Make it in time for sunrise or sunset (for the extra adventurous), to catch stunning vistas of the colourful sky above and the lush valleys below. There is a fairly established route, so even amateurs are welcome. Along the way, you’ll be treated to gushing waterfalls and natural bliss. For Madhya Pradesh tour packages that are booked between October to February, this is an experience not to be missed. 

Sail through scenic marble rocks in MP

The Narmada River flows through Madhya Pradesh, holding many exquisite sights along its waters. The most picturesque of all, are the marble rocks. These prehistoric, towering white marble rocks have been carved into by the flowing river, creating an enchanting scenery akin to a beautiful painting. Get on one of the boat rides on site, to witness the natural phenomenon with stunning 360 degree views. An experience that is romantic for two, and thrilling for groups. 

Take a spiritual tour of the temples across Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a temple-hopping paradise, with ancient, medieval and modern sacred places of worship found across the land. Many of them double as architectural and heritage sites too, such as the famed Khajuraho Temples. Madhya Pradesh has entire temple towns, like Ujjain, Orc-ha, Maheshwar and Omkareshwar, where many believers and spiritual seekers make the pilgrimage for divine blessings. Popular temples to visit include the Bhojeshwar Temple, Teli Ka Mandir at the Gwalior Fort, and the Sun Temple. 

Experience a thrilling cable car ride

The Dhuandhar Ropeway in Madhya Pradesh is the absolute adrenaline-pumping way to see the Dhuandhar Waterfalls powerfully cascading and the shimmering Bhedaghat marble rocks, with a sensational bird’s eye view. While it doesn’t function in the monsoons, if your Madhya Pradesh holiday is at any other time of the year, visit the ropeway on the Narmada for a heart-racing, un-forgettable time.

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