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Situated in the southernmost corner of the Earth’s surface is the exquisite continent of Antarctica. The coldest, driest and windiest region but also one of the world’s most stunning landscapes. Synonymous with its crystalline glaciers, sculptures, lakes, bays and passageways, the largely uninhabited terrain sparkles with frosty finesse. Antarctica’s isolated terrain boasts rich species of wildlife, enticing travelers from across the globe.

Antarctica Cruise Holiday Packages


Thomas Cook’s Antarctica tour packages will give you the opportunity to explore the enchanting sights of South Pole, through the comforts of a luxurious cruise. Drink in the magical views of luminescent skies, rainbow-hued waters and sparkly icebergs. In fact, if you’re game enough, you can even lick the icebergs! Be sure to get blown away by the fascinating penguins, seals and albatrosses. Take a helicopter ride and glimpse the gorgeous islands from above or run the Antarctica Half Marathon. There’s truly so much to see and do! Start your journey in Brazil, where you will be acquainted with the culturally rich city of Buenos Aires and all its iconic spots. Should you select the longer holiday package, you will also navigate the exotic cities of Iguassu and Rio De Janeiro

Each package has been designed with the utmost care so that you have the most delightful time. 

Take a look at the top 10 places to visit in Antarctica!


Places to Visit

Known For

King George’s Island

Antarctic Half Marathon

Deception Island

Hot springs

Elephant Island

Elephants and Penguins

Livingston Island

Glaciers and Penguins

Peter Island


Paradise Bay

Icebergs, Ice sculptures, Crystalline Bays and Albatrosses 

Antarctic Great Wall Station

Aurora Skies

Port Lockery Museum


Observation Hill

View of Ross Ice Shelf and Mt. Erebus

McMurdo Station

Chapels and Caves

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