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Balmy, Blissful, Brilliant – Bahamas. Where beaches are laden with pink-white sand, like fairy dust or tiny crystals of rose quartz. Where blue is not just blue, but a gateway into a world of turquoise, sapphire, teal, and cobalt.

A culture brimming with European and African heritage, and a legacy of the great Christopher Columbus. Imagine being part of a fantastical world, where storytelling and folk magic hang in the air, and pirates, soldiers and slaves whisper from the past.

Islands in galore, the Bahamas captures pockets of buttery sunshine all year round. All the while, tantalising your taste buds, with pineapple cocktails and fresh crab meat. 

Bahamas Tour Packages

No. of Nights


Best of East USA and East Canada

08 Nights 09 Days

Rs. 2,43,230

American Explorer

12 Nights 13 Days

Rs. 3,15,118

USA - Eastern Wonders

12 Nights 13 Days

Rs. 3,15,118

USA - Western Wonders

13 Nights 14 Days

Rs. 3,56,460

American Grandeur with Bahamas Cruise

18 Nights 19 Days

Rs. 4,34,310

USA For All

19 Nights 20 Days

Rs. 3,31,650

Eager to experience all this magic?

At Thomas Cook, we strive to make your trip to the Bahamas, as beaming and breath taking as the place itself.  

Sights to see 

More than just a collection of islands, The Bahamas is a treasure chest of history, culture, and recreational wonders. It caters to every whim and fancy, be it a peaceful walk along a picturesque coast, or adrenaline pumping water sports. From the local markets, to the festivals, colourful streets, and old fashion bungalows – The Bahamas pulses with life. Here are some of the places that you should check out.


Bahamas’ vivacious capital – Nassau, is a commercial hub and business district. Don’t worry though, it also offers its travellers an eclectic mix of history and culture. A walk along Bay Street will lead you to its quaint and colourful straw market. There, you will find woven hats, bags, mats, dolls, jewellery and other little souvenirs. Nestled in the heart of old town Nassau, is an interactive Pirate museum. Based on the 18th century golden age of piracy, this theme park commemorates great adventures at sea, grand pirate fleet ships, treasures, and more! A visit to the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, will introduce you to the charming 1860’s Villa Doyle - a lovely colonial style mansion in creamy-yellow, that houses 4 galleries and a fascinating collection of traditional and modern Bahamian art.

Paradise island 

True to its name, Paradise island offers its visitors a glimpse into the very heavens itself. An affluent kingdom of casinos, waterparks, and manmade villages, its only link to Nassau, is two little bridges that lead you to an alternative universe of splendour. You will discover fine dining restaurants, boutiques and emerald lawns, galore. The Atlantis resort consists of luxury accommodations built around a sprawling 154-acre waterscape. The focal point being the Mayan Temple slides, The Rapid River, Power Tower, Splashers, and the Dig. Exploring this island’s attractions, is akin to embarking on a magical underwater expedition. 

CocoCay island 

CocoCay island, also known as Little Stirrup Cay, glitters 55 miles north of Nassau. Exquisite turquoise beaches, electrifying rides, and a quintessential tropical vibe, renders it the perfect day island to traverse. It is as if the whole island was painted by a master, every detail heightened amidst a sea of watercolours. Home to the tallest waterslide, and largest wave pool - the possibilities are as endless as the shades of blue.  

Excited about all this Bahamian beauty? It doesn’t end here.

The Bahamas – Salt in the air and sun-kissed hair

Your Thomas Cook packages, will not only cater to your tropical fantasies, but will immerse you in the cultures of America and Canada too. In each package, you will be discovering both – land and water. We’ve put together a list of a few spots that are worth visiting in the North American continent. 


A burst of colour, cacophony of sounds, and composition of smells – New York is a bustling metropolis captured with a neon filter. Climb the Empire State Building, cycle through Central Park, and sail to Ellis Island. Sip a delicious hot chocolate, at Rockefeller centre, and savour each bite of a classic hot dog at Coney Island. 

Washington DC, with its historical charm and glistening architecture, speaks of political stories of yesteryear. Visit the Unites States Capitol, Lincoln memorial, and Washington Monument. Marvel at the majestic White house and comb through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. 


From French colonial, to Gothic Revival – the city of Montreal is a magnificent aesthetic fusion. Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, along with Montreal Botanical gardens, Mount Royal, and Old Port of Montreal are only some of the city’s numerous treasures.


Toronto is a city that juxtaposes a concrete jungle with vast spaces of natural greens. Some iconic spots to visit include – CN tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Distillery District, and Toronto Islands. 

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