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Iceland Tour Packages

In contrast to the ice & snow, crystalline gushes of waterfalls and slick glaciers, the people of Iceland are warm, welcoming and friendly. This is the country where the green and rose sheets of the Northern lights dance above the land. Iceland is the country of the mysterious midnight sun and the fabulous Fjords. This is a country, worth visiting, at least once in your life. Thinking about taking one of those Iceland tours? You’ve come to the right place. At Thomas Cook India, we’ve designed Iceland tour packages that capture the essence of this gorgeous country. So, read on, and you might find your next vacation might be sooner than you think.

Iceland Tour Packages

No. of days


Hallo Iceland

6 nights / 7 days

INR 2,34,390

Iceland is a country so stunning, so breath-taking, that those who chose to settle there have not had cause for regret. The legendary Vikings, from Norway and the British Isles, sailed to Iceland in the late ninth century, making this country one of the last lands to be occupied in Western Europe. What these Vikings found, was a land of pure blue waters, colossal cliffs, lava fields, sandy beaches, marshlands, glaciers and fiery volcanoes like Hverfjall, Eyjafjallajokull, Katla and more. 
With time, though, Iceland’s natural beauty has graciously accommodated its great cities and towns. The capital of Reykjavik is filled with colour and charm. This is a lively city, which doesn’t lose its energy and enthusiasm – especially the long days of summer when the sun doesn’t set. If concerts, festivals and museums are on your mind, then a trip to Akureyri is a must. If the long keening sounds of killer whales, ring in your years, then you’re definitely in Husavik – a famous spot for whale watching. You can continue your journey with these marine mammals at the lovely Whale Museum. That’s just the tip of Iceland, find out what you can do with Thomas Cook’s Iceland Tours!

Places to Visit

Known For


Famous for the gorgeous Blue Lagoon, Harpa Concert Hall, the Imagine Peace Tower, authentic Nordic Restaurants and the Northern Lights


A small town, famous for Whale Watching (killer whales, Humpback, Minke whales, Blue whales and more are found in these waters)

Haukadalur Valley

Known for its world-famous geysers, including the powerful Strokkur geyser


Famous for its inky black pebble beach, black basalt cliffs, enormous caves and rock formations

Golden Circle

Known for its Waterfalls, Geothermal Fields and the Thingvellir National Park and Althing (the world’s first parliament)


Known for being the second-largest ice cap in Iceland


Famous for the eponymous volcano, which is covered by an ice cap

Hallo Iceland
You want the most you can get from Iceland Packages, and why not? This country deserves to show off all its glory and gorgeousness. So, when you take our Hallo Iceland tour package, you’ll be able to spend a week soaking in all it has to offer. Glide into the Capital Reykjavik, where you’ll be starting the tour. The second day is dedicated to exploring this grand city.
Hallgrimskirkja church, Perlan, Hofoi House, Harpa Concert Hall, a Blue Lagoon spa experience are just some of the wonderful experiences you’ll see on the second day of your Iceland tour. It doesn’t end there. Spend the next few days exploring the inside of Langjokull ice cap glacier, visit the world-famous Golden circle with its geysers, glaciers and volcanoes, hear the roar of the Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls and walk on the midnight black sand at Reynisfjara beach. Wonder after wonder can be found at every curve, corner and stretch of Iceland’s length. All you need to do, is book Iceland tour package to witness it with your own eyes. Hallo Iceland, indeed!
Enchanted? Wait till you see it with your own eyes. Contact us at Thomas Cook India, and we’ll help organise your flights, your visa, your accommodation and much more. So, pack your bags, stock up on thermals and woollens and take a deep breath – Iceland awaits. 
Check out the Iceland Tour Packages by Thomas Cook, below.

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