Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh


Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh

Anytime during the year is the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh and the best season to visit Madhya Pradesh

Before talking about the Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh, MP tourist places are wonderful tourist destinations spread in a vast expanse of an area and has dynamic geographical features which impart it slightly varying climatic conditions in various parts of the land. Owing to the extended distances between different areas of the state, the region does not have a single set of weather conditions applicable to each of its parts.

The temperature of places to visit in Madhya Pradesh usually varies from the other, and same goes for the intensity and frequency of rainfall. However, as a general rule, the state has a typically moderate climate which makes it pleasant throughout the year, except for summers which can be a bit too harsh for touring and engaging in the various outdoor activities at some parts of the land. On the whole, the temperature during different seasons in the region stays tolerable and even pleasant, which makes any time the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh.

As is essential for planning a trip to any other tourist destination, it is necessary that you consider the time of the year when planning your vacation in the places to visit in Madhya Pradesh as well. The heart of incredible India has numerous places of interest that you may want to visit MP tourist places. When you design your itinerary depending on these, it would surely be a good idea to also consider the various seasons suitable for exploring those sites, as while the beauty and the ease of one place may be more in winters, it may be amplified in monsoons for another.


Summer- March to June

Summers in Madhya Pradesh may not be the best season to visit Madhya Pradesh. Owing to the dry topography and being bound by land on all sides, the temperature in Madhya Pradesh summers often rises as high as 45 degrees. This can be too hot for any pleasurable activities, though there are still some places to visit in Madhya Pradesh in this season. Moreover, there are many places offering various indoor activities that can still be pleasurably indulged in during this scorching time.

Temperature: 24 degrees to 45 degrees

Weather: The weather during summers in Madhya Pradesh is excruciatingly hot which in most cases, renders this place unsuitable for travelling.

Significance: Kumbh Mela celebrated in Ujjain is the most important reason to visit MP in summers. It is held during the summer season, every 12 years and draws in devotees and tourists from different corners of the world to witness the mass bathing ritual in Shipra River and the grand celebration that livens up the whole place.

Why You Should Visit Now: The low tourist season in summers allows you to enjoy various discounts and offers on hotel accommodations and travel plans to MP tourist places, which can arguably make it the best season to visit MP. It can be good time to visit animal sanctuaries like Pench National Park, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park etc. Since the hot weather makes the animals come out of their hiding to brooks and streams to cool themselves down, it gives you a nice opportunity to spot one too many jungle creatures on your safari trips during this season. Pachmarhi located in the state is a hill station that can be best enjoyed in summer seasons only.

Tips:  It is highly advised to carry breezy and summer apt dresses, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat while visiting MP tourist destinations in summers. Also, if planning to visit wildlife sanctuaries located here, also carry enough water and some snacks.


Monsoon – July to September

Monsoon showers feel like a blessing in the parched lands of best season to visit in Madhya Pradesh. Beginning from July, these are usually short-lived seasons but often provide good relief from the summer heat through ample of rainfall in most regions of the state. It is also the best time to visit MP that sees enough tourists walking its corridors and enjoying the refreshing weather of the season. The rainfall in addition to drenching the state, completely transforms the surroundings, making you see plush greenery everywhere you see.

Temperature: 25 degrees to 38 degrees

Weather: Monsoon brings with it a refreshing weather. The climate typically lowers down in temperature, though humidity may increase to a good amount of extent.

Why You Should Visit Now: Places such as Mandu and Satpura look their best seasons to visit in Madhya Pradesh, in the monsoons. With the washed down dirt from the palaces and temples of Mandu and the spectacular backdrop of verdure, it is sheer joy to visit the place at this time. Monsoons also highlight the finest points of Satpura imparting the lush forests an enchanting aura that looks so attractive. Chitrakoot however, should be the biggest reason to visit the region in this season. The Niagra Falls of India, Chitrakoot falls look absolutely stunning with gushing white waters falling from such a staggering height.  It is also a shoulder season for tourism in MP which lets you enjoy many discounts and offers on hotel booking and more.

Know Before You Visit: The wet and slippery roads at countryside may make it difficult to traverse remote destinations of the state. While most cities must be avoided during this time due to the heavy rainfall, there are some places which provide the best experience of holidaying in MP in monsoons.

Tips: Do not forget to carry an umbrella and waterproof boots. Also, wear light-weight and quick-drying clothes for easy management.


Winter- October to February

Winters are by far the best seasons to visit Madhya Pradesh. The crisp and fine weather makes it a pleasurable experience to travel around the region and freely and easily explore its various sites. With the end of Monsoons, there is a steady decrease in the temperature that is at its lowest from December to January. Although cold, the climate is fine enough to comfortably indulge in various outdoor activities and visit the many places in the state that are almost unbearable to visit in the summers.

Temperature: 5 degrees to 27 degrees

Weather: The weather is upbeat for touring the region, with climate being comfortably cool during winters in MP. The cold winds blowing during this time while can be quite chilly especially during early mornings and night times, it is a welcoming rejuvenation in the daytime. Sun is much milder but its warmth is undeniably comforting which is ideal for sightseeing here.

Significance: Numerous festivals and events are held during the winter season in Madhya Pradesh which is surely highly motivating factors to plan your vacations around this time. Some of the most prominent ones among them include Lokrang Festival, Akhil Bhartiya Kalidas Samaroh, Khajuraho Festival, Bhagoria Haat Festival, Dussehra, Diwali, Tansen Samaroh and Pachmarhi Utsav.

Why You Should Visit Now: The lovely weather is fit to visit most places of interest in the state. Places like Khajuraho that are sweltering in summers are at the epitome of geniality in this season.  Since it is also the tourist season in MP, you can enjoy most activities easily. It is also the time for the biggest festivities and a plethora of enjoyable events, which again forms a very good reason best time to visit MP the place in winters.

Know Before You Visit: Since winters are the peak season for tourism here, the bigger towns, cities and tourist spots may seem overcrowded. It may even be difficult to find accommodation on a short notice.

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