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Places to visit in Saputara

When you travel to Saputara, you will love the tourist spots in Saputara and enjoy the local culture at the popular tourist spots here. Even though this is one of the less known tourist places in the country, there are several places to visit and things to do in Saputara. An advantage of this situation might also be that you might not find a lot of tourists around this beautiful hill station.

There are several attractions like Saputara lake, lake garden, step garden and rose garden together with various other popular places like Nageshwar Mahadev temple, places to visit in Saputara adventure park and so on are considered to be the best places to visit in Saputara. This magnificent hill station in the Sahyadri range of Maharashtra delivers a pack of options to its visitors. It is a perfect for a short duration holiday as it has a variety of flora and fauna, along with art and craft and sightseeing wonders.

The best time to visit Saputara is throughout the year, the climatic conditions in the top places to visit in Saputara are almost always great, all over the year, with an average temperature of about 28 degree Celsius.
Various festivals like Dangs Darbar, which is celebrated before Holi and other festivals celebrated by the Dang tribe of Saputara are explored by the tourists every year.

Attractions in saputara


The fort is located just 5 kilometres away from Saputara Lake on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border. This fort is famous among trekkers and holds relevance to the Maratha King Chattrapati Shivaji. Located at 3600 feet above sea level, the fort provides exquisite valley views of the area.

Other popular monuments are the three gardens- Step Garden, Lake Garden and Rose Garden each with their own unique aspects.Artist Village also holds monumental value in Saputara as it majorly highlights the tribal population of the region.


Nageshwar Temple located on Saputara point road is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva. This temple has been constructed in dedication to the Nageshwar Mahadev Jyotirling temple in Dwarka.


Swami Narayan is considered to be a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Swami Narayan Temples attract a lot of devotees to the state of Gujarat and this temple is no exception. There is also a temple of Lord Ganesh nearly 4 kilometres east of Saputara Lake and Saputara church close to the lake.


Kids can enjoy boating at Saputara Lake at very low cost. Near the lake, there are small amusement parks with various rides for children. One more activity that the kids will love is the Pushpak Ropeway leading to Sunset Point. All details about booking need to be taken care in advance from the booking counter near Hotel Vaity.Close to the start point of the ropeway, Camel and Horse ridesaremajor attraction for little ones.One can also visit the Honey Bees Centre to provide kids with knowledge about honey making as well as bee rearing, adding education to fun.


Saputara Tribal Museum, located on Surat-Saputara-Nashik highway, is a moderate sized museum highlighting the culture of the tribal population of Saputara.The museum displays lifestyle, ornaments, musical instruments, agricultural implements, house objects of day-to-day use of native Dangis. This museum is worth a visit. It provides an insight to the tribes of Dang and showcases stone funerary column, body tattoos, stuffed birds, woodcarving, clay ritual objects, grass ornaments and masks used in dance and dramas and musical instruments.


Located all around the Saputara Lake,are the three gardens namely Rose Garden, Step Garden and Lake Garden. As the name suggests, Rose Garden has many varieties of roses at display. Step Garden, on the other hand, is set up on steps – which is the unique aspect of the garden in its own sense. The garden is home to number of plants, herbs beautifully laid out on the steps. Within the premises is a forest hut in the woods for the visitors to stay and relax. There is a Botanical Garden in Saputara as well, with unique regional flora at display.Lake Garden is situated on the southern side of Saputara Lake and is a popular picnic spot of Saputara. Also known as the Lake View Garden, the botanical spothas various kinds of plants and rare species of trees.


Saputara is essentially a two day holiday destination. For an elaborate exploration of the region you can combine places like Dang, Nashik, Trimbakeshwar, Valsad, Igatpuri, Surat, Shirdi etc. In Gujarat,Surat, Ahmedabad, Dwarka and Somnath are major tourist destinations. While Ahmedabad is the capital city of Gujarat, Surat is the bustling city on the banks of River Tapti.Dwarka and Somnath on the other hand are famous for their ancient temple sites.Mumbai, the cosmopolitan capital city of Maharashtra, along with Shirdi are another widely visited tourist destinations. If you wish to explore the vast Indian coastlines while ensuring absence of city hustle, Diu is an option that can be added to the itinerary as well.


Vansda National park located nearly 37 kilometres from Saputara is home to species such as tiger, leopard, giant squirrel, pangolin, spotted cat, python, four-horned antelope and many more.The national park covers an area of 24 square kilometres and is situated on the banks of River Ambika. It is accessible via National Highway 8.Other major natural attractions of the area is the Purna Sanctuary. It covers an area of 160 square kilometres and is home to as many as 700 different species of plants withthe pathways that are lined with bamboos. Please note that prior permission is needed to visit the sanctuary.Giradhodh or Gira falls during monsoon make a picturesque spot widely visited by tourists.


If you have a keen interest in tribal lifestyles, artefacts or want to try out various art forms with your own hands,the Gandharavpur Artist Village is the place to be. Located close to the Saputara Lake, it is run by Chandrakant Parmar and Surya Goswami. Here you can try your hands at Warli Painting-a popular art form of the region or you can go try out making other crafts & tribal artefacts. The complex also provides accommodation at low costs. Other place to learn about the dominant tribal community is the Ritambhara Vishva Vidyapeeth. Founded by Mrs. Poornima Pakvasa for tribal women empowerment, the institute has been in existence for more than five decades. It is located on Sunrise Point Road. Apart from major Indian festivals, Saputara celebrates Dang Darbar festival with a lot of fanfare. This five day festival witnesses assemblage of tribal people from nearby villages for celebrations, complete with dance, music, merry making and buying-selling of artefacts.



Saputara Lake is the prime landmark and the entire hill station is based on it. The lake offers a view of the Great Sahayadri Hills while you slowly paddle or row through the calm waters of the lake experiencing serenity of the surrounding.On the other hand, Sunrise Point offers complete scenic view of Saputara. The spot is full of natural landscapes that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Similar to the Sunrise Point, there is a Sunset Point providing an excellent view of the Dang Forest. Overlooking the distant tribal villages in the forest, the point is an ideal spot for relaxation till late in the evenings.


Lake View Garden and Echo Point near the Saputara Lake are ideal for evening fun and picnic while you take in the calm aura of the Saputara life.

Activities in saputara

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Trekking through the forest of Mahal Bardipura is one of the few things you can do to get the heart pumping, all the way. The area is bestowed with river and beautiful flora, creating a scenic spot for wanderers. A ropeway ride to sunset point can be enjoyed with compliments from Hotel Vaity. You can even take a quick paddle boat ride across Saputara Lake as well.

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Saputara has number of resorts such as Shilpi Hill Resort, Chitrakoot Resort, Aakar Lords In, Vaity Ropeway resort etc. These resorts offer spa and yoga services for complete rejuvenation of the body and soul.

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Saputara is host to the month-long Monsoon Festival which showcases tribal music of the region. A major event on Saputara calendar, the event sees performances by different troupes daily. Even on usual days, you can witness tribal musical instruments filling the air with their distinct sounds. You can enquire about the cultural events organized by various resorts around the town. These events have dance, music and drama performances highlighting the tribal life of the region.

Food in saputara


Saputara has a number of good food joints catering both Gujarati cuisine and Maharashtrian snacks. Hotel Patang, Hotel Chitrakoot Hill and Hotel Vaishali are quite popular among visitors. Near the Saputara Lake, Jolly Fast Food, Shital Fast Food, Chimney Restaurant, Lake View Restaurant, Vijay Restaurantand Swad Restaurant are other notable ones.


Nearly all major Gujarati dishes are available in Saputara. From Khandwi, Khaman to a typical Gujarati Thali consisting of Kadi (curry), rice, Dal(pulse) etc. All the dishes are vegetarian. When in the region, you cannot miss Keri no Ras (fresh mango pulp). There is a wide variety of breads as well, namely Puran Roti (whole wheat flat bread), Bajri no roti (millet flat bread), Corn Flour Bread, Thepla etc.For tingling your taste buds try out the local tribal dish of Sevturia made of flat bean and ridges gourd.

Night Life in saputara


There are no clubs or discotheques in Saputara;though you can enquire with your respective Hotel or Resort about some local places where you may party. You may also visit Surat and look for options.


Gujarat is dry state i.e. alcoholic drinks are not sold over the counter. Only few bars areavailable to tourists as in-house facility in some of the resorts. For a more decent pub and bar culture you can head to Mumbai.

Shopping in saputara


There is a Sunday market organized near the lake every week. One can look for inexpensive clothing items, trinkets and other products of necessity. There is scarcity of information about specific markets in Saputara;thus, local help is required to explore the shopping scene.


There are no major departmental stores in Saputara, but you may try Shop N Shop. There are also some other shops from where you can buy all necessities.


There are number of shops near the Saputara Lake selling food items and small knickknacks like keychains, name plates etc. made of wood and bamboo. For a more specific shopping, you should seek help oflocals.

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