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Best Time To Visit Uttarakhand


Best time to visit in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is the land of the majestic Himalayas, hence the weather conditions are pleasant in the state throughout the year. There are not much temperature deviations within seasons or between day and night. Uttarakhand is one of the most toured places in India and the majority of the income the state receives is through tourism. Therefore, the gates for Uttarakhand are always and due to the moderate weather conditions, there is no such best time to visit Uttarakhand. You will have the same amount of fun in Uttarakhand irrespective of your visitation month. The month wise break:up of the experiences you can have in Uttarakhand are:


April to June: Summer Season 

Temperature: The temperature ranges from 25 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius in Uttarakhand during summer, therefore, the state always has a pleasant weather. 

Weather: The days are longer than the nights of this season and the sun stays out for more than 12 hours, providing warmth to the residents of Uttarakhand. During the summers the snow on the mountains starts to melt and increases the water level of the rivers. The rivers then start flowing beautifully in their course.

Why to visit now: Summer is the most popular time to visit Uttarakhand because everything falls in line during this season. The greenery comes back, the rivers start to flow and the birds and animals also come out of their hibernation. It is a lovely time to visit the state as you can try out activities like trekking, river rafting, kayaking, paragliding, and the likes in Uttarakhand during this season. Activities such as trekking or sightseeing become all the more interesting and exciting during summer because you get to enjoy the view of perfect scenery in these months with the lush green lands, majestic mountains and the rivers flowing between them.

Know before you visit: These months always accounts for the maximum number of tourism as most of the schools and colleges have their holidays; hence the state is swarmed by tourists during these months. Travelling to Uttarakhand might be very expensive in these months as it is the peak time for tourism in the state. There might also be difficulties in finding hotel rooms in the months of May and June. 


July to September: Monsoon Season

Temperature: The temperature ranges from 15 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius in the months of August and September.

Weather: The weather remains humid but cool. 

Why to visit now: Monsoon in Uttarakhand is not only about heavy rainfall and floods and discontinuation of activities, you can have a gala time here in monsoon provided you do the right activities. Activity such as trekking becomes extremely difficult to carry out; thereby increasing the fun you get from it. The panoramic view of the lovely mountains, with raindrops falling from the sky, you get is unparalleled. You feel as if you are standing on the gates of heaven and getting a glimpse of what it is inside.

Monsoon might not be the best season to visit Uttarakhand, but its not a really bad time to either. You will not find crowds anywhere in the state and will be able to enjoy your trip peacefully without hustling in the crowds. You can explore places with ease without having to think about the crowd.

Know before you visit: Monsoon may not be the best time to visit Uttarakhand as you cannot do majority of the things the state is known for. The state is located at a high altitude, receives rainfall in huge amounts every year. In fact, in some of the years, Uttarakhand receives so much rainfall that they have to battle floods. Floods are a pretty common sight in Uttarakhand owing to the abundance of rainfall the state receives. Often emergency is called in the state where tourists are not allowed to visit Uttarakhand and the residents are evacuated from their hometowns.

From 1st July, several activities such as river rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, flying fox, etc. are discontinued because of the dangerous and unfriendly weather conditions.

Tips: Carry an umbrella and waterproof boots that are slip:free. 


October: Autumn Season

Autumn is probably the shortest season in Uttarakhand. It becomes very difficult sometimes to distinguish between autumn and winter.

Weather: Autumn marks the onset of winter where the people get very enthusiastic. Uttarakhand is a state where you can find greenery everywhere because of its nature friendly conditions, but during the autumn season, the greenery of the state goes for a toss. The leaves start to shed and everything starts to look pale.

Why to visit now: Autumn also marks the increase in tourism of Uttarakhand as the state becomes more tourism friendly at this time. Activities such as river rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, flying fox, etc. which are discontinued in the monsoon season, commence again in October when the rains subside.


November to January: Winter Season

Temperature: The temperature in these months ranges from :5 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius.

Weather: Uttarakhand is one of the handfuls of places in India which receives proper snowfall in winter. You get an amazingly beautiful sight of the never ending white snow meeting the blue sky on the horizon.

Why to visit now: Winter is arguably one of the best seasons to visit Uttarakhand. The state turns into a paradise for these three months. India is a tropical country; hence except the northern tip of India no places receive snowfall in the country. Therefore a season like winter is a very popular tourism season. All the Indians try to visit a state like Uttarakhand during winter; hence the tourism sector soars in the months of November, December and January. 

Activities such as glacier trekking, snowboarding and skiing become very popular in winters. Skiing and snowboarding are activities which can only be done in Uttarakhand, hence, people from every corner of the country visit the state with a lot of excitement. The whole state has a romantic aura around it once winter sets in and snowfall occurs. Romantic couples love to visit Uttarakhand in winter and do things like skiing together, go on sightseeing tours or watch the sun rise from the mountains and drop its ray on the white snow.

Know before you visit: Since a lot of people have their holidays during this time of the year and many festivals also occur in winter, the place is swarmed with tourists. You are bound to find crowds in huge numbers wherever you go. Planning your trip becomes crucial as you might even have difficulty in getting hotel rooms. You should also look for any available offers as it might reduce your lodging expenses.

Significance: Festivals like Diwali, Christmas and New Year occur in this time which makes the place quite lively. Diwali is the biggest festival in the lot and it is celebrated on a very grand scale in Uttarakhand, especially Haridwar. You should not miss it if you are visiting Uttarakhand during this time.

Tips: Make sure to carry enough warm layers of clothes for a pleasant winter holiday in Uttarakhand.


February to March: Spring Season

Temperature: The temperature ranges from 15 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius during these months. But in the hilly areas and on hill tops, the temperatures might be really low, therefore it is advisable for the tourists to carry warm clothes with them.

Weather: Spring season in Uttarakhand bring in the most comforting time with pleasant and joyous climate that’s moderate: neither too hot nor too cold. 

Why to visit now: In spring all the plants and trees start to flower, all the trees who had lost their leaves in winter, gain them back and the greenery returns to the state. You get the prettiest sights of Uttarakhand when you visit it in spring. The weather is pleasant and the scenic view you get of the greenery and mountains is breath:taking. Trekking becomes all the more fun during spring as you get to delve deep into nature when it is at its best. You feel closer to nature and start appreciating its beauty after you explore the state. Camping is the most fun activity you can do in this season. The skies are generally clear and the nature is amazingly beautiful in spring, thereby increasing the fun you have in camping. The best part about spring is the view you get when the sun rises or sets in the mountains.

Know before you visit: Tourism is at its peak in the spring season and travelling to Uttarakhand might turn out to be more expensive than expected.

Significance: Basant Panchami is celebrated during this season, it marks the onset of spring season.

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