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Tourist Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

When you travel to Abu Dhabi, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Abu Dhabi, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Abu Dhabi things to do can include exploring Abu Dhabi attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in abu dhabi


The Emirates Palace is a five-star hotel which is situated in Abu Dhabi. This place has been designed, keeping in mind the culture of the Arabic. The palace consists of around four hundred rooms and provides utmost luxury to all the people coming to stay here. It is spread over a huge acre of land and is surrounded by dense gardens and forests on all sides. It provides hospitality and comfort for all its customers.


Abu Dhabi has an island called the Yas Island. There is an amusement park situated on this island called the Ferrari World. The Formula Rossa is stationed here. The Aldar Properties is the owner of this park and the Profun Management Group Inc and Farah Leisure Parks Management LLC handles this park. The park officially opened to the public on 4 November 2010.Ferrari world is a place which offers exciting stuff for all the age groups visiting the place. There are rides and eating areas and sitting areas where every person of the family can enjoy. There are almost twenty exclusive rides and fascinations for people of all ages and comforts- from speed adventure rides to the actually progressive simulators and family-friendly charms- in addition to an extensive variety of Italian restaurants, matchless shopping experiences, and enthusiastic entertainment.


With a size as large as to fit 40,000 parishioners, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the world’s major mosques. It has the world’s chief carpet which is hand knotted, over a 1000 pillars, 82 domes and glided chandeliers of 24 carat gold. A chandelier which is 15m tall, has a diameter of 10m and weighs 15 tonnes, controls the central gallery. The pools that are adjoining the mosque add intensity to the magnificence of the ambience. The brilliant gold and white colour that shines in the sun is changed after sunset by an extraordinary lightning system which recreates moon’s phases. 


The Qasr al-Hosn Fort is the prior home of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The inside court is a shelter of composure in traditional Arab style, in marked difference with the glass and concrete of the contemporary city outside its walls. Al Hosn Palace also usually called the Old Fort or the White Fort is the oldest structure in Abu Dhabi. The heart holds an assembly of documents on the legacy and history of the UAE and the Gulf region. The courtyard and the glorious tile work over the main north gate have exceptional features. There is a museum of old-style relics and historical photographs within the palace.

Exhibitionscompriseof a natural history section featuring animal life from the desert and historical subdivision with presentations of the history of Abu Dhabi and also the pottery and other articles. The tower encompasses a display of armaments used throughout history in Abu Dhabi.


A true destination of distinction, the emirate is developing at a significant rate while keeping a watchful eye on its intriguing past. Whether you are visiting the capital, the eastern city of Al Ain or the western region of Al Garib, you will discover a genuine leisure haven, with attractions for every taste.


Zayed National Museum is a pre-arranged museum, to be positioned in Abu Dhabi. It will be constructed on Saadiyat Island. The museum will be the emphasis and will display the history, culture and lately the social and economic alteration of the Emirates. The British Museum is aiding to unveil the museum. The structure is being designed by foster parents. It is said to be the first museum to be completed on Saadiyat Island. It would be accomplished in 2016.

Architecturally, the aim has been to combine a highly efficient, contemporary form with elements of traditional Arabic design and hospitality to create a museum that is sustainable, welcoming and culturally of its place.The exhibition spaces are stored within a man-made, landscaped mound. The air vents provide clean air.


This island was designed with the motive of turning the area into a multi-purpose leisure, entertainment centre with shopping in it. It was planned as a project to unfold until 2018 and extending the development to new areas improving the present facilities. This island holds a marine circuit. The island attracts all sorts of visitors, ones on business and one on a leisure trip. It is also well known as the leading tourist project.


Saadiyat Island is situated on the coast of Saadiyat beach which is on a four hundred metre land. It is known to be an attractive place for site seeing and picnic and to enjoy the sun. Presently, there are facilities which have been provided on the island. These are the chairs and showers and towels and soaps and changing rooms.


Abu Dhabi has a lot of cultural organisations which includes the Cultural Foundation and also the National Theatre. Numerous societies like the Classical Musical Society in Abu Dhabi have a noticeable and durable following in the city. Poetry is really looked upon and is often centric everywhere the themes of mockery, religion, family, courage and love.

Activities in abu dhabi

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The parks, the zoos, the rides, the hundreds of varieties of animals are the main attractions for the kids in Abu Dhabi.

Food in abu dhabi


Abu Dhabi has abundant dining choices and people are often confused by the absolutecapacity and variety of choice across emirates. Cuisine from round the spherecirculates in Abu Dhabi with restaurants contributing a vibrant and diverse mix of globaltastes and remarkablecooking standards. Restaurant channels serve alcohol and these and supplemented by many excellent unlicensed outlets throughout the emirate. Non-Muslims can eat pork in certain restaurants- any dishes using pork elements will be made separately from non-pork dishes and are evidently clear on the menu.

Night Life in abu dhabi


If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Abu Dhabi, the nightclubs are recommended in which you can try something new and extraordinary. These nightclubs are common for all nationalities and all ages of people. These nights also offer to teach salsa and play tunes of zouk, bachata and kizomba.

Shopping in abu dhabi


Shopping is something of a national pastime in Abu Dhabi, perhaps because it is so diverse: everything from ultra-modern malls with the latest brands, to small, souk-like outlets where you can buy traditional perfumes, handicrafts, spices and carpets. A tourist who wants to spend in dollars can buy designer watches and outfits and home entertainment systems whereas a tourist who wants to spend wisely can buy their things at the supermarket and buy clothes at a bargain price.

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