Places to visit in Krabi

When you travel to Krabi, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Krabi, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Krabi to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Krabi things to do can include exploring Krabi attractions and visiting the places of interest.

The monument features a statue of a famous king standing in the outer area of the main entrance towards the provincial hall. The Chulalongkorn monument features the king armored heavily, standing with the pith helmet in the right and a sword in the left hand.

Monuments in different parts of Thailand have been built to pay respect to monarchs of the past or people, who have huge contributions towards the development of the place. Meanwhile, on the other side, the visitor has the opportunity to view unique monuments of Krabi. These include massive sculptures of a giant sea crab, a giant white-bellied sea eagle, the royal white elephant and the big Ape-man carrying traffic lights.  Each sculpture bears a particular meaning. While the sea crab speaks of fertility of the mangrove vegetation, the eagle signifies, responsibility, knowledge, and care for others, the white elephant marks royal strength, commonly denoted in Buddhist architecture. Alongside the ape-man signifies the word “Krabi”.

The Matsayit Ban Khlong Haeng is a famous mosque in the Krabi region in Thailand. With its average terrain elevation at 33m, this religious property of Thailand inspires people willing to chant prayers.

Wat Tham Seua is the famous temple situated in the southern part of Thailand. The sprawling cave and hill complex is certainly a must visit for the travel enthusiast who is likely to encounter a shallow cave during his visit to the sacred place. The place is interesting as it brings the visitor to a shiny pagoda, developed recently. It takes 1200 steps to reach the top of the temple. This place is also ideal to perform yoga and meditation.

Parents will love to see their children indulge in beach activities and water sports like sandcastle making and kayaking. Krabi is also interesting for little ones who love to participate in snorkeling, island hopping, rock climbing and scuba diving.

The museum is home to historical artifacts unearthed by archaeologists, who were behind some famous excavations that took place in Thailand. Krabi reveals a deeply hidden tradition that was practiced during ancient times. This ancient Asian destination has unveiled tools, beads and stone ornaments that date back almost 5000 years. Furthermore, it was found that the beads used in ornaments were made of glass and stone. Ceramic shards have also been found.

Developed in almost two years, the Koh Lanta Community Museum was opened by the Krabi Governor, Siva Sirisaovalak on December 9th, 2007. The architecture is dedicated to the three most important communities ruling over the land. The wooden architecture paves the way for a district hall exhibiting the finery of Chinese woodcrafts and accessories. Charcoal producing kiln the ceremonial boat and fishermen paraphernalia also grab the attention of visitors.

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park is the only national park of Krabi and also the entire of Thailand. The park features mountains and untouched lush forests. Furthermore, the national park located at a high altitude is home to various natural attractions, which include caves, streams, and waterfalls. The place is also a perfect habitat for wildlife, such as Sumatran serows, Asian tapirs, Asiatic black bear and fishing cats. Other than this, people will find more than 200 different species of birds, including hornbills, eagles, and woodpeckers.

This Thai national park features waterfalls, trekking routes, mangrove forests, Phi Hua and Caves and pre-historic paintings. The park also encompasses the beach paradise and the Hong archipelago. Moreover, tourists are likely to come across various rare flora like Asoka, Apocynaceae and wild gardenias thriving in the emerald pool named as Bok Khorani Pond. The park is the perfect destination for eco-tourism and for different types of aquatic activities, like canoeing and snorkeling.

This popular waterfall of Thailand lies next to the Emerald Pool, in a shady area with several hot springs around. The hot springs merge with the cool streams giving birth to beautiful cascades.

Ao Nang acts as the prime tourist center of Krabi city. The most unchecked spot of Thailand, Ao Nang magnifies karst scenery. One of the most westernized beach spots in Asia, Ao Nang, which was popularly referred to as Ao Phra Nang is gradually becoming a favorite destination among high flyers. The place will greet the visitor with countless Italian restaurants and bars. 

Nature rich Lanta Old Town is a must visit for globetrotters. This small town fascinates tourists who have keenness towards fishing and other outdoor activities. Coral viewing is also famous in the Lanta Old Town, the Best thing about this town is that it has succeeded in retaining natural charm as well as the friendliness of the rural Thai society giving rise to rich cultural diversity.


Krabi holiday packages allow travelers to experience sea diving.


Aqua Vision Dive Center

Visitors here are likely to find a reliable diving school where individuals are taught how to dive in the sea. The training is provided by specialized individuals. 


Sea Kayaking Tours

Tourists who want to explore the scenic charm of Krabi should at least for once try out sea kayaking. The guided tours allow the adventurous visitor to feel adrenalin gush at its best. 


Sea Canoe Thailand

Sea Canoe Thailand is a popular place providing adventurous sea-kayaking opportunities to travel enthusiasts. 

Krabi is one of the destinations on earth that will allow the globetrotter to enjoy the serenity. The somewhat sleepy province homes cozy cafes to rewind. 

Cruising across Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi islands are located at the southern end of Thailand, serving as an idyllic tropical location on earth. Sightseeing tour to Phi Phi Island allows the tourist to indulge in sightseeing.

Krabi’s hot springs are a treat for sauna bath lovers. They are more like nature’s very own hot-tub Jacuzzi. Enjoying hot-springs in the middle of a jungle will be one of your most pleasurable experiences in Krabi. But, keep an eye out for slippery surfaces and do not spend more than half an hour in warm water.

The Thung Tea forest natural park, a unique lowland forest, is another popular attraction in Krabi. This wonderful park has a beautiful crystal lagoon, and rich in natural beauty and biodiversity.

If you want to see how the local life in Krabi is like, pay a visit to Krabi town, which is the main commercial center of Krabi province. Take a walk in the surrounding area and satiate your taste buds with authentic Thai food by street vendors. There are lots of cafe’s and restaurants in the area to chill and relax. Also, there is a variety of local markets and malls to shop around.

Thale Waek, also known as a separated sea, is amongst the best places in Thailand. It is popular for its natural phenomenon. The two islands of Koh Dam Hok and Koh Dam Khwan separate when tides are low. Tourists can walk from island to another on the sandbar which slowly appears when tides recede.

Ruen Mai Thai

Ruen Mai Thai restaurant is the most favorite eatery in Thailand. The restaurant is known for seafood and southern Thai specialties. 


Ruan Tip

Ruan Tip is another exclusive restaurant, which offers traditional Thai food comprising deliciously smoked prawn legs, pork and crab curries.

Snacks and Main-course Meals

Restaurants and eateries in Krabi serve different types of soups and snacks and main-course meals to foodies. Most interestingly, these Thai food centers are known for serving special snacks to individuals of Muslim origin. Visitors here mainly prefer meals with rice.



Restaurants and eateries of Krabi and other nearby areas of Thailand have gained popularity for varieties of curries. Popular recipes include variants of coconut curry, chicken curry, and yellow-squid curry. 

Roots Rock Reggae Bar

This is an open-air and a medium sized bar located at the main road moving towards the town of Krabi in the southern part of Ao Nang. The place is consistently undergoing development to catch the attention of tourists.   The place offers lively ambiance and is quite affordable when it comes to drinking.


O’Malley’s Irish Pub

O’Malley’s Irish Pub has gained popularity for serving top quality drinks, beverages, and food items. This pub allows visitors to indulge in indoor games like pool. The pub offers main-course meals as well as breakfast.

Ao Nang Beach Street Market

Tourists who visit Krabi are mostly greeted by shops and food centers located in the main road of the Ao Nang Beach. Here, the majority of retail outlets sell clothing and accessories, which include surf shorts, beachwear, bikinis, t-shirts, and toys. In addition, visitors often indulge in therapeutic treatments for mind and body rejuvenation.


Sunday Street Market

Sunday Street Market, as the name suggests, is open on every Sunday from 3 pm in the evening. This is a traditional marketplace, allowing natives and guests to purchase and enjoy varieties of snacks at local food stalls. The Sunday Street Market offers fried chicken, sausages, donuts and several variants of desserts. Other than this, by choosing Krabi tourism packages you will be able to view varieties of stalls launched by Sunday street market. Alongside food, the street market offers stalls, which sell different variants of locally manufactured clothes and drinks. Native bred fish and meat are commonly found in the marketplace.

Big C Hypermarket

Big C is quite common in Thailand. The supermarket sells, electronic appliances preserved as well as fresh food items, cheap clothes, and toys for children. The products sold here are absolutely cheap.


Tesco Lotus Hypermarket

This hypermarket of the city caters to almost every requirement of customers. Tesco Lotus Hypermarket offers more than 36,000 different types of products, which include fresh food, consumer-related products, software, hardware and different types of electrical appliances. Other than products, the hypermarket also offers services like shopping cards, free drinking water, deposit bags, installment purchasing and home delivery.


Shopping Malls

His and Her Smart Shopping Mall is a huge chain encompassing fashion retail shops selling branded items to fashion conscious individuals.

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