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Places to visit in Vietnam

You can explore the mysterious subterranean lands of the country and the markets in the Mekong. From sleeping under the bamboo roofs to scaling the waterfalls in Central Highlands, there are a lot of things to do in Vietnam. Apart from these, there are many other places to visit in Vietnam like the historical monuments, war remnants museum, alluring landscapes and the bustling cities. Overall, Vietnam is the most fun place which will send you back with a lot of memories.

My Son Sanctuary

With more than 70 houses that are devoted to the Hindu gods and goddesses, this Hindu Sanctuary is one of the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam. 


Location: DuyTan Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province

Known for: Shiva's temple is the most famous one, 


Hoi An Full Moon Festival

On this wonderful day, the entire town of Hoi An bans the motorized vehicles and makes itself a stage for all the contemporary Vietnamese art performances. Ranging from the Chinese Opera and chess to the famous food of the region, this festival transforms the entire state into a vibrant light spectacle. 


Why you should attend this: To get a view of the bright lante

Ha Long Bay

Located in Northern Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a home for more than 1,600 limestone based islands and islets that cover an area of more than 1500 square km. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a surreal place that looks like it has been taken out of a dream. Apart from the scenic views, there are also many adventures that you can do in this place. 


Location: Gulf of To

Ho Chi Minhs Mausoleum

The most popular political structure in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is unarguably one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. Inside this architectural structure is the body of Uncle Ho, a great political leader, preserved in a glass case.


Location: 8 Hung Vuong, Dien Bien, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Known for: The body of Uncle Ho

Hue Festival

Celebrated twice a year, it is a festival that pays tribute to the Hue's culture. This one-week long festival features many breath-taking performances that are worth your every penny.


Why you should attend this: To witness the arts of Vietnam like dance, theatre, music, puppetry, and acrobatics.

Who should attend this:

War Remnants Museum

Known as the Museum of American War Crimes earlier; this War Remnants Museum reminds you of the brutal Vietnam War that took away many lives with it. This government-run site is one of the most disturbing yet thrillings experiences you can have in Vietnam.


Location: 28 Vo Van Tan, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Known for:

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

This intriguing historical attraction of the beautiful Vietnam city is one among the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites. It stands 40 meters high with a central flag tower that is the most significant feature of the structure.


Location: Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Known for: Central Flag Tower

Tet Festival

This festival can be treated as the mini version of the Chinese New Year. The most important festival in Vietnam, Tet is the time when all the families in Vietnam gather together and enjoy each other's company. 


Why you should attend this: When the New Year enters, they all welcome the Kitchen God with drum rolls and vibrant crackers that light up the entire sky.

Cu Chi Tunnels

With more than 120 km of Tunnels, this war museum offers a sneak peek to the underground life of the Viet Cong-era soldiers. 


Location: Ho Chi Minh

Known for: Underground tunnels

How to reach: Take a 70 km ride from the northwest of Ho Chi Minh

Xen Xo Phon Festival

Celebrated in the fourth month of the lunar calendar, this festival hosts a group of White Thai people belonging to the Mai Chau that perform the traditional rain dance. It is a harvest festival of Vietnam, where they pray the god for rain as their harvest is entirely based on the showers. It is an impressive sight to witness. 


Why you should attend this: To get de


Though you cannot compare this experience with the world's best centers for Snorkeling, Fiji, and New Zealand; the snorkeling here is quite exciting and fun. There are many seahorses and canyon sponges on the seabed that are a sight for the sore eyes! 


Location: Ho Chi Minh City

For: All age groups

River Rafting

Another fun water activity you can do in Saigon is the River Rafting. The Siagon River Rafting Tour is one of the best tours offered in Vietnam. The boats are pretty comfortable, and there is a snack provided all the time on the boats. You can also take a ride to the Cu Chi tunnels through the river, which is another fun ride. However, make sure you spend a half day in these rivers, as the more you explore, the more you can see. 


Vietnam has some enormous mountains that act as the base camps for many trekking expeditions. There is an abandoned valley in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which is one of the most important trails of the Ho Chi Minh. 


Location: Ho Chi Minh

For: Young people


Quan An Ngon

Constructed in a lovely French quarter, this restaurant is a small branch of several small-kitchens in Vietnam. They are famous for the best local food made by the most renowned chefs in Vietnam. It is quite busy during lunch and dinner, so come early to find space for eating. 


Must eat: Local food.

Approximate Cost for t

Nha Hang Ngon

This popular choice for both the locals and tourists is a fantastic blend of the authentic flavors of Vietnam. It presents the best street food you can have in Vietnam in a beautifully revamped French Villa located in a courtyard. 


Must eat: Their authentic street food

Approximate Approximate Cost for two: It wil


A wide-range of Vietnamese dishes and pan-Asian cuisine served with some Indian curries is the best choice for a backpacker. This happy-go-lucky restaurant serves exceptional food with some vegetarian options. 


Must eat: Phat Thai dishes and Vietnamese dishes

Approximate Cost for two: It will cost you INR 200-300

Morning Glory Restaurant

Located on a historical site, this restaurant is all about the street food and authentic traditional Vietnamese food. They also have an excellent choice for the vegetarian lovers which include the best salads. The ambiance here is perfect with friendly staff that will help you order the best dishes.


Must eat: Shrimp mousse served on sugarcane skewers and squid stuffed w

Phu Quoc Market

The best choice for all the seafood lovers, this night market serves a wide range of snacks, ice creams, and many grill options even for the vegetarians. This is a mixed bag of the crowd with riverside tables that are a bit clumsy. 


Must eat: Coconut ice cream, night snacks, grills

Approximate Cost for two: It wi

Pho Hoa

Popular among the locals more than the tourists, this restaurant serves the best food you can get in Vietnam. They use fresh ingredients right from the market and spin off an amazing dish that will devour your mouth. The best thing you can eat here are the local dishes of Vietnam. 


Must eat: Gio chao quay, banh xu xe, cha lua. 

Green Mango

If you are bored of having the Vietnamese food, which I am sure you cannot be, because of its unique flavors; you can go to this restaurant. It serves some of the best Italian and Mexican dishes along with some Indian dishes with a friendly staff and decent ambiance.


Must eat: Pasta, Wine

Approximate Cost for two: It

Lac Can Restaurant

This is the perfect place for all barbecue lovers. They will give you a charcoal burner, on which you can grill your ingredients including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. However, the best you can have here is the meat. 


Must eat: Richly marinated beef with spices. 

Approximate Cost for two: It w

Vietnams Soul Food

Despite the troubling service and overpriced Vietnamese food, this restaurant pulls all kinds of the crowd from various parts of the world. 


Must eat: Authentic Vietnamese food. 

Approximate Cost for two: It will cost you INR 500-600 approximately


Highway 4

This funky place in Vietnam is a perfect medley of the local Vietnamese food in the western palate. Though it is gaining a lot of popularity, it is still hard to gain the satisfaction of every customer, as it has a unique menu with a unique blend of tastes. They also serve cocktails and some cold beer.


Must eat: Cocktails and the local varieties.

Sax N Art Jazz Club

One of the most enticing bars of Ho Chi Minh, this bar offers one of the best nightlife experiences in the city. Located in the centre of Vietnam, it serves some of the best Mexican and Italian food along with some of the best cocktails. 


Must try: Live jazz music and their cocktails. 

Opening hours: 7 pm to

Dragonfly Bar Lounge

Hanoi Weekend Night Market

One of the best attractions of Hanoi, this weekend night market is a lively bazaar with endless rows of stalls that offer authentic Vietnamese food. There are also many musical performances and dance performances organized on some weekends. It is the best place to buy souvenirs and the best place to bargain. 


Location: Hang Dao Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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