Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is a luxury resort that showcases various colors, flavors and essence of Rajasthani culture and way of being. Chokhi Dhani literally means a special village and it is called so as it gives you a tangible feel of a Rajasthani village set up with a royal twist. Situated away from the hustle of city centers, it is situated in a peaceful location amidst greenery and foliage where you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. They not only offer an evening but a once in a lifetime experience. One of the reasons the chain of resorts started by Chokhi Dhani Group has emerged so successfully is its undeterred commitment to show the heritage of Rajasthan in the purest form and promote the finer nuances of the Rajasthani culture. Right from wall decorations, evening performances, open air restaurants, dancers, acrobats, vibrant puppet shows to mouthwatering snacks served on snack stalls and adventurous park like activities for kids, there is something for everyone.

Chokhi Dhani Timings

Chokhi Dhani opens at 5pm every day and is open till 11pm. It is advisable to reach on time so that you get enough time to enjoy all activities they have to offer.

Chokhi Dhani Entry Fees

Choki Dhani entry fees is around Rs. 500 per adult that includes meal & freebies. The parking space is big with free parking.

Chokhi Dhani Dining Cost

Traditional Rajasthani Dining

Adult: 750/-per person

Child: 450/-per person


AC Royal Rajasthani Dining

Adult: 950/-per person

Child: 500/-per person


Multi cuisine Buffet - Choupal

Adult: 1,200/-per person

Child: 800/-per person

Location of Choki Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is located in the outskirts of Indore, toward Umrikheda.

Interesting Facts about Chokhi Dhani

• Chokhi Dhani has existed since 1990 and has served guests from all over the world

• There is a separate Rathkhana in Chokhi Dhani which is home to ancient chariots used by royals in the olden days.

• The museum at Chokhi Dhani houses cultural pieces from different states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and West Bengal.

• You can undertake a trek in an artificial cave and enjoy a little adventure

• All the food made in Chokhi Dhani is made with fresh pure ghee.

• It is touted as a great preserver of traditional heritage and culture.

Things to Do at Choki Dhani

1) One of the most exciting things to do in Chokhi Dhani is animal back rides. Dressed in beautiful multi colored pieces of cloths these animals are a magnificent sight to behold. Taking these rides help you get a birds' eye view of the entire place on animal back. They even have their very own lake called Tal Talaiya where one can enjoy a quiet boat ride or sit by the waterfall and soak in the glorious scenic culture.

• Camel Ride

• Elephant Ride

• Bullock Cart Ride

• Horse Ride

• Boat Ride

2) Rajasthan is one of the most culturally rich states in India. Tribal dances like ghoomar, Potter Dance, Bhopa Bhopi Dance, Terah Taali and Mujrah which are native to Rajasthan are artistic and beautiful. You will get to witness these being performed live in front of you and make your jaw drop.

3) Know what the future holds for you from a learned palmist or get a parrot to pick cards for you which shed some light on the interesting facts about your life and future.

4) Enjoy a magic show with plethora of tricks and hypnotism and puzzling mind games that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained.

5) See the brave hearts balance themselves casually on a tight rope and perform daring stunts that will send a chill down your spine.

6) There is a huge bioscope stationed at Chokhi Dhani that gives you a glimpse of entire Rajasthan. What makes this experience exciting is that around six people can do this at the same time, so the entire family can enjoy the experience together.

7) There are various themed spaces that will engage you and keep you wanting more. Some of them are

• Bhool Bhulaiya

• Jungle Sair

• Skill Games

• Relaxing Head Massages under a banyan tree

• Children Play Area

8) With numerous shopping options, Kalagram a shopping section in Chokhi Dhani is nothing less than a retail mecca. From Rajasthani jewelry, home decor, paintings and accessories to sculptures, crafts and wall hangings, you will be blown away with the kind of meticulous and intricate work done on these pieces.

Dining Experience At Choki Dhani

The first thing that crosses your mind when you think of Rajasthan are the grand, lavish castles, sand dunes and of course, the delectable dal batti and choormas. Chokhi Dhani, if not known for anything else, is definitely known for its scrumptious food and flavorful Rajasthani meals. They offer an array of differently styled and stated dining experiences wherein you can choose the place at which you would like to enjoy authentic Rajasthani Food.

Sangri Dining Hall

Sangri is famous for the authentic Rajasthani food which is served on a leaf platter in the traditional Manuhaar. Your taste buds will reminisce in the taste and warm hospitality for a long time.

Chaupad Dining Hall

In ancient days, royals famously played a game called Chaupad which is akin to the game of Ludo. This specially designed ethnic hall has four straight paths joining at the center. This is why it is called Chaupad Jeeman Ghar. Each row has a 20 people seating.

Gorbandh Open Air Dining

Gorbandh is an open area dining of semi round shape serving delectable food. Different varieties of lip smacking Rajasthani curries are served here which are generally based on pulses or gram flour, dry fruits, spices and yogurt. They also boast of serving numerous dry snacks and savories which burst in your mouth with flavor.

Royal Fine Dining

Experience dining like the royals at the Royal Fine Dining area in a rich exquisite and opulent surrounding awith beautiful silverware and comfortable seating.

What to eat at Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani has a lot of variety in dishes native to the state of Rajasthan. They have multiple a la carte options but most people opt for the buffet option since you get to try a lot more variety and get to eat in the real, authentic Rajasthani way with a side benefit of cost effectivity. The dishes are all Rajasthani with some staples like dal batti, choorma, gatte ki sabzi, panchmel dal, kachumber and some other dishes that keep varying in accordance to the season and day. You can even opt for international dishes in the a la carte menu and have a delicious meal as per your taste and liking.

Highlights of Chokhi Dhani

• A Rajasthan meal at Chokhi Dhani is an experience in itself and is the most talked about aspect of Chokhi Dhani.

• Shop your heart out at Kala Gram and get an understanding about the detailing of Rajasthani culture.

• Witness the beautiful cultural dances of Rajasthan such as Ghoomar, Terah-Taali Manjira, Bhopa-Bhopi and the Chari dance by the umber famous Bhavai folk artists.

• Various activities are available to keep the guests entertained and on their toes

• Row away in the artificial lake created inside Chokhi Dhani while listening to the soft sounds of the cascading waterfall.

• Enjoy animal back rides which have been adorned with colorful attires.

• Watch magicians perform unimaginable magic tricks and blow your mind away

Recommended for

Chokhi Dhani is a place that is enjoyed equally by young and old alike owing to its vibrancy, activities and food options.

How to get to Choki Dhani

By Air:

Indore is connected to all major metros like Delhi, Udaipur, Bhopal, Calcutta and Varanasi, Aurangabad and Mumbai by domestic flights. Chokhi Dhani is 22 kms away from the airport.

By Rail:

Indore is very well connected from all major cities via railways too. Railway services are available from all parts of the countries, all major and many minor locations. They take you to the Jaipur railway station from where Chokhi Dhani is 15km away.

By Road:

Indore is well connected to major parts of the countries by expressways and highways. You can definitely opt for the roadways if you are in the mood for some adventure

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