Dhanushkodi Beach In Rameshwaram

Dhanushkodi Beach in Rameshwaram is one of the most stunning beaches in India because of its natural beauty. A place that was almost fully destroyed by a cyclone in 1964 now has a minimal population and thus is untouched by industries or the outside world. Many people call it a ghost town because of the structural remains of various buildings and its sparse population. However, this is this very reason that draws tourists from not just India but around the world to come here and explore the incredibly beautiful beach. 

Another major reason for it being such a popular destination in India is because of the presence of Rama Setu (the mythical bridge that Lord Hanuman and his monkeys built for Lord Rama and his troupe to reach Lanka). One can see the remains of the mythical bridge, which is now called Adam’s bridge. 

Interesting facts about the Dhanushkodi Beach:

  • The town was once the southernmost inhabited area of India before a cyclone destroyed it all.
  • Sri Lanka is just 18 miles from this beach. It shares a border of less than 45m, making it one of the thinnest national borders in the world. 
  • The waves here can get quite high, making it great for people who like to surf.
  • Among the various structures at the beach, you can see the remains of St. Anthony’s Church, the old railway station, the old tank and much more. 

About Dhanushkodi Beach:

Dhanushkodi Beach lies on Rameshwaram Island and is one of the most secluded places in the area. With very little intrusion from the outside world, the village is unspoilt in many ways and its natural beauty is nothing short of spectacular. The Ghost town is now a popular attraction amongst tourists from around the world. 

How to get to Dhanushkodi Beach:

The nearest airport is close to 200 kms away in Madurai and hence, it is not the most feasible option for you. However, if you are travelling from a far-off place, then you have no choice but to land here. You will have to take a cab or a local bus to reach Dhanushkodi later on. 

If you want to travel by train, know that the nearest railway station is the one in Rameshwaram, just 18 kms from the beach. You can get a cab or a bus to reach the beach. 

You can easily reach the beach by road as well as it is well connected with major cities like Madurai and Rameshwaram, the latter being the better option. 

Best time to visit Dhanushkodi beach:

The best time to visit the beach is during the winter months from December to January. Since the summers here are not that hot, they are also a great time to visit the beach. However, because of constant showers and the possibility of storms coming in from the sea, it is advisable to avoid going here during the rainy season between July and September. 

Timings and entry fees:

There are no official timings for you to visit the beach and the entry is free. 

If you love to visit places that are untouched by modern civilization, then this is the place to be. Thomas Cook has wonderful packages for you to explore Dhanushkodi beach at its best. 

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