Hungarian Cuisine In Budapest

Zeller Bistro: Hungarian Cuisine.

Bors Gasztrobar: International Cuisine.

Hungarikum Bistro: Hungarian Cuisine.

Walzer Café: Cafeteria.

Comme Chez Soi: Italian Cuisine.

Costes: International Cuisine.


Hungarian or Magyar cuisine as it is better known are primarily based on meats, freshly baked breads, vegetables & fruits, cheeses and other dairy products. Most dishes have a mix of different variety of meats. Besides a generous amount of cheese, the dishes are often prepared very spicy by adding hot paprika and sweet paprika., Onions, thick sour cream and a large variety of spices and herbs both locally grown and imported are ingredients to enhance the taste and flavours of Hungarian food. Besides main dished desserts, soups, stuffed crepes and pastries are commonly available. Some dishes of this very rich cuisine are:

Soups: Among a verity of soups served in local eateries and household are, Gulyásleves, Pacal Köménymagleves, Halászlé, ZöldségleveHúsleves, Palócleves, Tojásleves or Rántott leves Hideg meggyleves, Jókai bableves, Krumplileve and Borleves.

Main Course: Main course includes a choice among Chicken paprikash, Székelygulyás, F?zelék, Császármorzsa, Pörkölt, Lecsó, Fasírt, Stefania slices, Pecsenye, Palacsinta, Rántott sajt , Gundel palacsinta, Paprikás krumpli , Hortobágyi palacsinta, Rakott Krumpli, Rakott káposzta, Szilvásgombóc and nudli, Sólet, Töltött káposzta , Sz?z tekercsek, Wiener schnitzel ,Túrógombóc , Túrós csusza , Vadas marha , Töltött paprika and Töltött tojás or kaszinótojás.

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