Kodaikanal In Tamil Nadu

The perfect summer getaway, the scenic hill stations is located near Madurai and is a haven for tourists looking to indulge in some natural beauty and escape the scorching heat of the other cities. Kodaikanal is also necessary see attractions in Tamil Nadu that is ideal for family, groups of friends and honeymoon couples. An itinerary of two nights is enough to completely check out Kodaikanal and still have time to yourself.

The best time to visit Kodaikanal is between the months of September and May, where the place becomes more idyllic in terms of beauty. The place is known to offer some of the most intriguing views and attractions like Pillar Rocks, Silver Cascade waterfalls, Guna Caves (a deadly cave that shot to fame after a Tamil movie called Guna was filmed here) and more. The best part about Kodaikanal is that it is not as much commercialized like Ooty and serenity of the place is still retained to major extents. Tamil Nadu a beautiful destination to explore our past cultural heritage with all the amenities of the present.


Location: Approximately 120 kilometers from Madurai, 100 kilometers from Dindigul and 180 kilometers from Coimbatore

Known for: Its idyllic natural landscapes, chilly temperatures and a range of attractions that offer some of the finest views of the Western Ghats

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Madurai and the railway station is Dindigul. Cabs and buses are easily available from the two cities and it can cost you approximately Rs. 200 per person by bus and Rs. 3000 on cabs depending on the season. At an altitude of 2,133 meters, it takes close to three hours to climb up and reach the prime areas.

Cost: Depends on the places you visit in Kodaikanal. Most places have entry tickets and parking charges extra.

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Any precautions: Since it’s an uphill commute, consider if you would become nauseas when climbing. Carry appropriate tablets and adequate water and keep taking smaller breaks during the climb. It’s always better to take a cab from one of the cities as they offer less giddiness when climbing than the government buses. The place has enough ATMs so you do not worry about cash as well. When coming down, eat light, as nausea might get worse.

Type: Hill Station

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