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Places to visit in Tamil Nadu

The state of Tamil Nadu is located in the southern region of India. It is one of the most prominent destinations for tourism in the country. The state is blessed with exceptional scenic beauty in the form of unblemished beaches, soaring high mountains, lush green forests, and much more. In addition, Tamil Nadu is also home to several famous tourist landmarks, notable historical sites, significant festivals, regional events, etc. If you wish to witness the rich cultural, historical, and natural glory of south India, then Tamil Nadu is a must-visit location.

From thrilling adventures to slow-paced outdoor activities, there’s a lot to do in Tamil Nadu. For example, you can take on challenging paths in a trekking activity, spend time camping in a hill town, or go on a shopping spree across the well-known market districts in Tamil Nadu. There’s always something interesting to do solo or with friends and family in this iconic holiday destination.

Besides the wide range of exciting activities, Tamil Nadu is also famous for its sightseeing aspect. Some prime tourist spots in Tamilnadu include Hogenakkal Waterfalls, Kothandaramaswamy Temple, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Paradise Beach, Marina Beach, and so on. In addition, the major cities, like Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Vellore, Ooty, Kanchipuram, etc., are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Tamilnadu for family vacations.

Attractions in Tamil Nadu

Historical landmarks, religious sites, beaches, hill stations, etc., are just a few examples of what Tamil Nadu tourism offers its visitors. Following is a detailed Tamilnadu tourist places list:

  1. Brihadisvara Temple

    One of the most beautiful and popular tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu is the Brihadisvara Temple. It is located in the city of Thanjavur, which is a vital centre of architecture, art and religion in South India. The Brihadisvara Temple is a magnificent display of peak Chola architectural work. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is among the largest Hindu temples in the country. The grand structures, intricate interior and exterior wall carvings and religious importance of the temple make it a must-visit site in Tamil Nadu.
  2. Kodaikanal

    Kodaikanal is one of the most unique places to visit in Tamilnadu. It is a famous hill station in the state, surrounded by grand cliffs, magnificent waterfalls and lush forests. Some of its major tourist attractions include Kodaikanal Lake, Bear Shola Falls, Pillar Rocks, Green Valley View and Coakers Walk. In addition, tourists can enjoy several activities like horse riding and boating at this location.
  3. Marina Beach

    The renowned Marina Beach is a naturally formed urban beach located in the city of Chennai. It attracts thousands of domestic as well as international visitors around the calendar. It is the place where the fine sandy beach and the gushing waves of the Bay of Bengal meet to produce splendid scenic views. Besides being a go-to weekend spot for locals, Marina Beach is also one of the most visited places in Chennai by tourists. Even though swimming is prohibited, you can go for horseback rides, take relaxing strolls along the seashore, or enjoy the flavourful local street food at Marina Beach.
  4. Vivekananda Rock

    Located in the city of Kanyakumari, the Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a massive tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu. It was built in honour of Swami Vivekananda, one of India’s greatest religious reformers, back in 1970. It is a must-visit place in Tamil Nadu if you are looking for some spiritual enlightenment. In addition, tourists also visit this location to witness the incredible views of the shoreline and the sunrise.
  5. Margazhi Maha Utsavam

    The Margazhi Maha Utsavam is an important music and dance festival in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This annual festival is held in the month of December and celebrates regional classical music and dance forms. Many prominent artists and musicians participate in the Margazhi Maha Utsavam by performing at various auditoriums, temples and sabhas across the city. This music festival is a massive attraction in Tamil Nadu for both domestic and international tourists.
  6. Pongal

    Pongal is one of the most noteworthy festivals celebrated across the state. This 4-day long harvest festival is celebrated to show gratitude to the Sun God. It takes place at the beginning of Thai Masam according to the Tamil Solar calendar. People from various backgrounds come together and delve into the local festivities during this period. The colourful Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu is thus a major attraction for tourists and draws visitors from all over the globe.
  7. Kolli Hills

    With an elevation of 1,300 metres, Kolli Malai is one of the best places in TamilNadu for a hillside vacation. Apart from its untouched natural beauty, this location is well-known for being a prominent religious destination. Some examples of popular tourist attractions in and near Kolli Hills include Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Kolli Hill Forest, Siddhar Caves and Arappaleeswarar temple.
  8. Rameshwara Temple

    The Rameshwaram Temple is one of the most visited Hindu religious sites in Tamil Nadu. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is located on the Rameswaram island. Alongside its architectural beauty, the temple also features the longest corridor among all Hindu temples in the country. It is a well-known pilgrimage site and a popular tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu.
  9. Yercaud

    This is another famous hill station in TamilNadu, situated within the Salem district. It is located at an altitude of about 1,515 metres, while its highest point has an elevation of 1,623 metres. Yercaud is renowned for its vast forests, fruit orchards, trekking trails and wildlife. Some must-visit tourist attractions in Yercaud are Emerald Lake, Pagoda point, Kiliyur Falls, Lady’s Seat and Shevaroy Temple.
  10. Rameshwaram

    Located on Pamban island, Rameshwaram is one of the most significant religious places to see in Tamil Nadu. Besides being a great offbeat getaway within the state, this beautiful city is also home to several prominent tourist landmarks. Some must-visit tourist sites in and near Rameshwaram include the Rameshwaram Temple, Dhanushkodi Temple and Beach, Agnitheertham, Villondi Tirtham and Five-Faced Hanuman Temple.
  11. Madurai

    Famous architectural works, religious sites and historical landmarks make Madurai one of the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu. It is home to several popular tourist attractions in the state, including the Meenakshi Amman Temple, the Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal and the Gandhi Memorial Museum.
  12. Ooty

    Ooty is a notable location for romantic hillside vacations. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Tamilnadu, with many popular tourist attractions, like Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty Lake, Dolphin’s Nose, Avalanche Lake and Tiger Hill. Ooty is dubbed the “Queen of Hill Stations”, and its boating experience is a bucket list item for many tourists.
  13. Kanyakumari

    Kanyakumari is considered the southernmost point of India’s mainland. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Tamilnadu, famous for its cultural, architectural and natural beauty. Some of its popular attractions include Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari Beach, and Thiruvalluvar Statue. It is also a great location to witness and take pictures of the gorgeous sunrise and sunset.

Activities in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu offers many thrilling adventures and slow-paced fun activities for tourists. Here is a list of popular activities to do in Tamil Nadu:

  1. Ooty Toy Train

    One of the most fun things to do in Tamil Nadu is to experience the Nilgiri Mountain Railway transport (also known as Ooty Toy Train). It is a 46 kilometres long track covering scenic visuals of the Nilgiri Mountains, tunnels, bridges, valleys, vast foliage and lots more. Tourists can find daily trains operating on this route, and its frequency increases during the peak tourism season. This toy train journey usually lasts 4.5 hours and is a fun experience for both children and adults.
  2. Trekking

    Tamil Nadu is a paradise for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. It has tons of adventurous trails, surrounded by challenges and the unscathed beauty of nature. Some of the best places to visit in TamilNadu for trekking include the Swamimalai Hill trek, Kookal Waterfalls trek, Sathuragiri Hills trek, Parvathamalai Hill trek and Athri Hill trek.
  3. Catamaran Ride

    If you are looking for an exciting group adventure during your Tamil Nadu trip, consider opting for the Catamaran ride experience. It is a water adventure activity where you cruise deep into the ocean on a boat. You can then jump into the water and enjoy the surface waves as you float in your life jacket or utilise your swimming manoeuvres in the vast ocean. One of the best places for this thrilling activity in Tamil Nadu is Chennai ECR.
  4. Camping

    One of the most popular things you can do in Tamil Nadu is camping. It is a group outdoor activity amidst the majestic natural landscapes. Some of the best tourist places in TamilNadu for camping activities are Yercaud, Yelagiri, Meghamalai and Ooty.
  5. Scuba diving

    Scuba diving is a thrilling underwater activity you can consider during your Tamil Nadu trip. Chennai ECR is the most prominent location in the state for this water adventure activity.
  6. Historical tours

    You can go on a historical tour in Tamil Nadu if you are interested in an informative yet fun thing to do. The whole region is filled with numerous historical sites, making it an ideal spot for history buffs and general tourism. The best places to visit in Tamilnadu for historical tours are Mahabalipuram, Thiruvannamalai, Madurai, Chettinad, Thanjavur and Chennai.
  7. Jungle safari

    The regional wildlife and forests in Tamil Nadu make up for great adventurous jungle safaris. Some ideal safari locations in the state include Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. During these safaris, you can expect to see various wild animals and birds, including Nilgiri langurs, wild boars, tigers, elephants, deer, bonnet macaques, smooth-coated otters, etc. 

Shopping in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is an ideal location if you love shopping for regional goods and collecting souvenirs during your vacations. Here are some of the best shopping areas and stores that you can check out:

  1. Ranganathan Street

    It is one of the most crowded and famous shopping areas in Tamil Nadu. Located in the Thyagaraya Nagar neighbourhood in Chennai, this commercial street is home to several major businesses and local street vendors selling various products. Many tourists consider Chennai’s Ranganathan Street as an ideal location to shop for jewellery, clothing, kitchen utensils and coffee.
  2. Nalli Silks

    If you are looking to go on a saree shopping spree in Tamil Nadu, look no further than Nalli Silks. It is one of the oldest and most famous silk saree stores in Chennai’s T. Nagar market. The store has a wide collection of sarees, including the famous Kanchipuram silk sarees, Banarasi sarees, Bangalore sarees, and Maheshwari sarees. It also features an extensive range of traditional and modern clothing items, including skirts, kurtas, suits, etc.
  3. Jute Cottage

    In order to re-experience jute as a modern-day fashionable item, make sure to check out Jute Cottage in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This shop features a massive collection of beautiful handbags, mats, pouches, and tons of other artefacts made of jute. You can purchase them to expand your personal collection or get them as gifts for your friends and close family members.
  4. Town Hall Market

    Another major shopping area you can check out during your Tamil Nadu trip is the Town Hall Market in Coimbatore. It covers a massive area and features tons of local and big shops. You can find nearly anything at the Town Hall Market, including electronics, books, clothing, home decor, etc. It is also a great spot to try delicious local street food.

Food in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a prominent location to try out authentic south Indian dishes. Here are some well-known restaurants in Tamil Nadu you can check out:

  1. Saravana Bhavan

    During your visit to Tamil Nadu, make sure to check out Hotel Sarvana Bhavan for all your south Indian food cravings. It is one of the most popular restaurant chains in Tamil Nadu, with various outlets across the world. It serves high-quality, delicious vegetarian dishes at great prices. It is located across Chennai, Kanchipuram and Vellore. Some of its must-try items include Sweet Coconut Milk, Idiyappam Idli, Onion Rava Masala Dosa, Filter Coffee, and Ghee Masala Dosa.
  2. Star Biryani Ambur

    It is a major restaurant chain in Tamil Nadu, serving delectable North Indian, Mughlai and Sichuan cuisine. If you are craving non-veg during your trip, then make sure to visit this restaurant. It has outlets across major cities in Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, Ambur, Coimbatore, etc. Don’t forget to try their Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Tikka Masala, Mutton Biryani and Chicken Biriyani.
  3. Anjappar

    One of the most prominent places in Tamil Nadu to try out Chettinad cuisine is Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant. You can easily find its outlets in Chennai and Tiruchirapalli during your trip. They serve a wide range of flavourful veg and non-veg dishes with their signature use of aromatic spices. Some of their must-eat items are Kadai Chicken, Chicken Idiyappam Chopsuey and Nattu Kozhi Masala.
  4. Place To Bee

    It is a renowned restaurant in Tamil Nadu, serving delicious Italian food. Located near Club Road, Ooty, Place To Bee offers a delightful ambience, quick service, and options for both veg and non-veg food at reasonable prices. You can also make your own pizza by choosing from the custom menu. During your visit, make sure to try out their Spicy Pork and Pepper Pizza and Greca Pizza.
  5. The Great Kabab Factory

    Another major restaurant in Tamil Nadu where you can try out regional non-veg cuisine is The Great Kabab Factory. Located near the Egmore neighbourhood in Chennai, this restaurant serves a variety of food, including North Indian and Mughlai cuisines. The Great Kabab Factory is well-known for its sophisticated ambience, comfortable seating arrangement, and attentive service. Make sure to try their popular dishes during your visit, like Pan Kulfi, Punjabi Da Tadka, Galouti Kabab and Biriyani. 

Nightlife in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has a thriving nightlife scene across its major cities. It is a great way to get in tune with the local party culture and spend a wonderful evening with delicious food and drinks, dance music and live entertainment in a beautiful ambience. Here are some popular places where you can enjoy the nightlife in Tamil Nadu:

  1. Pasha

    Known for its electrifying atmosphere, spacious dance floor and upbeat DJ music, Pasha is a must-visit place if you are looking for the best nightlife experience in Tamil Nadu. Located in the city of Chennai, this nightclub stays open from 8 PM to 2 AM and features an extensive range of alcoholic drinks and finger foods. It is a centre for youngsters and party lovers in the city and remains crowded even late at night. Even though it is a bit on the expensive side, it is one of the best nightclubs you can check out during your Tamil Nadu visit.
  2. 10 Downing Street

    It is one of the most popular pubs in the region and remains crowded throughout the evening and late at night. 10 Downing Street is a contemporary British-styled pub famous for its elegant ambience, exemplary bartending, incredible lighting, reasonable price margin and well-curated bar menu. You can visit this beautiful pub to experience the rich Tamil Nadu nightlife in cities like Chennai and Coimbatore. During your visit, make sure to try their Shepherd's Pie, Tequila Shots, Cocktails and Chicken Lasagna.
  3. Blend

    It is a well-known place to hang out with friends and enjoy Tamil Nadu’s vibrant nightlife during your vacation. Located at the Taj Club House in Chennai, Blend features a unique atmosphere and a vast bar menu. Besides DJ music and quick service, this neon-accented bar is famous for its Margaritas and finger foods.
  4. Black Box

    Another popular location in Tamil Nadu where you can enjoy the rich regional nightlife is Black Box. It is located at The Arcadia Hotel on Avinashi Road in Coimbatore and features a lowlight theme with plush sofa seating arrangements. It remains open from 11 AM to 11 PM and is quite budget-friendly. Apart from its comfortable indoor seating, Black Box also has a full bar, free WiFi, an extensive bar menu with imported drinks and lots more.


The perfect summer getaway, the scenic hill stations is located near Madurai and is a haven for tourists looking to indulge in some natural beauty and escape the scorching heat of the other cities. Kodaikanal is also necessary see attractions in Tamil Nadu that is ideal for family, groups of friends and honeymoon couples. An itinerary of two nights is enough to completely check out Kodaikanal and still have time to yourself.

The best time to visit Kodaikanal is between the months of September and May, where the place becomes more idyllic in terms of beauty. The place is known to offer some of the most intriguing views and attractions like Pillar Rocks, Silver Cascade waterfalls, Guna Caves (a deadly cave that shot to fame after a Tamil movie called Guna was filmed here) and more. The best part about Kodaikanal is that it is not as much commercialized like Ooty and serenity of the place is still retained to major extents. Tamil Nadu a beautiful destination to explore our past cultural heritage with all the amenities of the present.


Location: Approximately 120 kilometers from Madurai, 100 kilometers from Dindigul and 180 kilometers from Coimbatore

Known for: Its idyllic natural landscapes, chilly temperatures and a range of attractions that offer some of the finest views of the Western Ghats

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Madurai and the railway station is Dindigul. Cabs and buses are easily available from the two cities and it can cost you approximately Rs. 200 per person by bus and Rs. 3000 on cabs depending on the season. At an altitude of 2,133 meters, it takes close to three hours to climb up and reach the prime areas.

Cost: Depends on the places you visit in Kodaikanal. Most places have entry tickets and parking charges extra.

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Any precautions: Since it’s an uphill commute, consider if you would become nauseas when climbing. Carry appropriate tablets and adequate water and keep taking smaller breaks during the climb. It’s always better to take a cab from one of the cities as they offer less giddiness when climbing than the government buses. The place has enough ATMs so you do not worry about cash as well. When coming down, eat light, as nausea might get worse.

Type: Hill Station

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Rameshwaram is a beautiful religious city in Tamil Nadu.  It is located in the Pamban Island which lies in the sea region of Gulf of Mannar. Pamban Island, which is separated from the mainland of India by the Pamban Channel, is connected by the Pamban Bridge or Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge.

One of the Char Dham pilgrimages, Rameshwaram is considered as one of the holiest places in India and a significant pilgrimage center renowned for its Ramanathaswamy Temple, making it a top attraction amongst the Indian devotees. Apart from its religious value and the magnificent temples, it also has picturesque beaches, bridges and a bird sanctuary.



Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, 623526




 About Ramanathaswamy Temple.

As per the legend, the temple was built by Lord Rama in dedication to Lord Shiva to absolve him from the sin of killing a Brahmin – Ravan to save his wife Sita. There are two lingams inside the shrine - one built by Sita, from sand, Ramalingam and the one brought by Hanuman God from Kailash called Vishwalingam and it is also considered one of the 12 jyotirlinga temples. The temple is a strikingly magnificent and an epitome of Dravidian styled architecture with the longest hallway in the world at approximately 1,220 meters with over 1,200 brilliantly sculptured pillars adorning the splendid corridor. The temple has around 22 wells that are considered to have holy water with medicinal properties and 12 ponds.  Take a dip in the holy waters of Agnitheertham, one of the sacred baths located on the beach side of the temple which is considered to absolve humans from their sins.

Worship Timings: 5 am to 1 pm & 3 pm to 9 pm


The 5 Faced Hanuman Temple

A short distance of 2km from the Ramanathaswamy Temple, this temple is famous for the five faced Hanuman idol. Carved out of a large Senthooram Stone, it is perpetually covered by sindoor smeared by the devotees. The temple is believed to house stones that were used to build the bridge from India to Sri Lanka by the army of monkeys for Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman to cross and rescue Sita.

Temple Timings:6 am to 7 pm


About Kothandaramaswamy Temple

Situated in Dhanushkodi, Kothandaramaswamy temple is a shrine dediciated to Lord Rama holding a bow and hence the name ‘Kothandaramaswamy’.  Housing statues of Lord Ram, Lord Lakshman, Sita and Lord Hanuman, it is mentioned elaborately in the scriptures of Ramayana and believed to be the place where Vibhishana, the younger brother of Ravana asked Lord Ram for refuge after fleeing from Lanka. It is surrounded by the sea and is a major tourist attraction.

Temple Timings: 6:30 am to 10:30 am & 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Visit the serene and clean Dhanushkodi Beach adjoined by the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean for a quiet time of peace away from the crowd and pander in some bird watching as it is a natural sanctuary for birds migrating from Europe and Australia such as flamingoes and ocean gulls. The Ariyman Beach is a serene beach with calm waves and sheer beauty. It is perfect for visitors wanting to indulge in water sport activities such as parasailing. It also has a childrens park and a museum. 

The bridges at Rameshwaram warrant a visit and are major attractions visited by tourists. The Adam’s bridge or Rama Setu mentioned in the Ramayan, is the bridge built by Lord Ram from India to Lanka to rescue Sita. It is a beautiful formation of limestone shoals that start from the tip of Dhanushkodi into the ocean towards Sri Lanka.

Pamban Bridge boasts as the first and longest sea bridge in India. Consisting of 143 pillars, each 220 feet long and weighing 100 tonnes is an architecture marvel. A rail bridge, it connects Pamban island to the Indian mainland and its double leaf bascule raises itself to allow ships to sail through is an amazing sight. The bi-lane road running parallel offers an uninterrupted spectacular views of the sea and bridge. 

The best time to visit Rameshwaram is October to April.



  1. The Ramanathaswamy Temple which is exquisite in its architecture and one of the char dhams of India.
  2. An opportunity to perform agni theertham by taking a dip in the holy bath.
  3. The Kothandaramaswamy Temple is mentioned is the Ramayan and is a must visit.
  4. The water bird sanctuary which hosts a lot of resident and migratory birds between October to January.
  5. The marvelous Pamban Bridge which is the first sea bridge of India. One can take a glass boat ride here and view the exotic fishes and corals.
  6. Other popular temples that should be visited are the Jatayu Tirtham, a holy temple dedicated to the loyal eagle, Jatayu that helped Lord Ram, Gandhamadhana Parvatham, a deity that is highly respected by most communities in South India and the temple has a chakra with Lord Ram’s foot imprints and devotees believe they are offering their prayers at his feet and Laxman Tirtham, a temple dedicates to Lord Ram’s younger brother Lord Laxman.



Recommended For

A short getaway and a religious pilgrimage


How to get to Rameshwaram

Air: The nearest airports to Rameshwaram are the Madurai Airport and Tuticorin Airport

Train: Rameshwaram railway station is well connected to the major cities of the country.

Road: There are regular bus services from different parts of the country to the Rameshwaram bus station. A private car or cab can also be hired.


Interesting Facts About Rameshwara

  1. It is believed that taking a dip in the holy waters of Agniteertham will absolve one of his sins of the lifetime and can also bless a childless couple with a child.
  2. After Dhanushkodi was severely affected by the 1964 Rameshwaram cyclone, the temple though ruined was the only structure that survived, and the place has since been declared a ghost town.
  3. In 1935, the British Government released a stamp with the picture of the Rameshwaram Temple.
  4. Rameshwaram island was known as “Gandhamadhanam” before the arrival of Lord Rama.

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Perched at an altitude of 1,515 meters above sea level and nestled in the Shevaroys range of Eastern Ghats in Salem, Tamil Nadu, it is one of the most popular scenic hill stations. Literally translated, it means ‘lake forest’ owing to the bountiful forests near the Yercaud lake. Yercaud is a paradise of breathtaking beauty with luscious dense green forests, luxuriant hills, vast coffee plantations and various species of flora and fauna.

Some of the top attractions are: 

Big Lake -  An alluring lake, it is a popular attraction due to the naturally green hued tranquil waters. Dubbed as the Emerald lake, it is swathed with mountain tops, verdant garden along its banks and a floating fountain in the center making it a magnificent sight to behold. Revel in boating in the lake with a picturesque ambience elevating the experience.

Pagoda Point – An impeccable viewpoint, it offers a sprawling resplendent view of Salem, Kakambadi village and the Eastern Ghats flushed with green hills. Visitors can relax and soak in the splendid views while enjoying the cool breeze and the enticing sunrise and sunset Also known as pyramid point, it gets its name due to piles of stones arranged in the form of a pyramid resembling a Pagoda or temple tower and is believed to have been built by the local tribes. Near the Pagoda Point, there is a Sri Rama Temple that is devoted to Lord Rama and is an important pilgrimage site for the locals. 

Botanical Garden -  A visual treat for nature lovers, the garden is a spectacular green house harboring exotic species of flowers and plant and is divided into different sections like topiary garden, foliage garden, rock garden, bonsai garden, herbal garden, water garden, butterfly garden and sensory garden. It also has an Orchidarium that showcases around 250 different species of orchids out of which 30 are endangered species. There are 3,000 trees and 1,800 shrubs grown in the Orchidarium and it is the third largest Orchidarium in India. Apart from orchids, there are other rare plants and flowers such as Rose, Kurinji flower that blooms once in every twelve years, Sylvan, Shevaroys Bombax and Bamboo plants. 

Killiyur Falls – One of the major attractions of Yercaud, the Killiyur falls is located in the Servaroyan hill and is a serene majestic waterfall with water cascading from a height of 300 feet. One of the highest waterfalls in India, it is an entrancing sight especially during and after the monsoons. It is a 2km trek challenging trek through the forest with steep steps and takes about an hour to reach the bottom of the falls.

Shevaroy Temple – Settled at the highest point of Yercaud hills at an altitude of 5,326 feet, it is a beautiful dark cave temple built by the ancient tribals and adorned with the idols of Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri. The native tribes flock to the temple annually in May to celebrate their festival. To reach temple, one has to trek through the rugged terrain and once on top, it offers an incredibly spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding pristine hills and Yercaud town. 

Lady’s Seat -  located to the south-west of Shevaroy Hill, it is a cluster of rock formations in the form of a seat and is especially attractive point during the sunset when it offers a spectacular view of Salem and the sunset. During daytime one can view the Mettur Dam and Salem town with the help of a telescope at the watchtower located at Lady’s Seat.

The best time to visit Yercaud is between October to June. It received heavy rainfall during monsoons and hence can be avoided during the time. During the month of May, a seven-day Summer Festival is organized which includes flower shows, dog shows, boating races and village fairs



  1. Yercaud is a picturesque hill station with abundant greenery offering a serene and tranquil ambience away from the buzz and noise of the city life.
  2. The forest is rich in silver oaks, sandalwood and teak harbouring diverse wildlife such as foxes, bisons, squirrels, mongoose, snakes, deer and many more. bird watchers can witness birds such as sparrows, swallows, kites and bulbuls.
  3. Yercaud has various plantations primarily being coffee along with cardamom, black pepper, guava, orange and jackfruit.
  4. Bears cave is an interesting tourist point near the Norton Bungalow and is believed to have been created by bears.
  5. Anna park with natural species of plants is and ideal spot for picnics and children to play. A Japanese inspired garden within the premises of the park showcases the primitive and ancient Japanese methods of horticulture.




Salem, Tamil Nadu



Recommended For 

A short getaway holiday to the enchanting green hills to invigorate the mind


How to get to Yercaud

Flight: The nearest airport is Salem Airport, Tamil Nadu at a distance of 46km. A cab can be hired from there directly to Yercaud

Train: The closest station is Salem railway station at a distance of 30km. A cab can be hired from there directly to Yercaud   

Road: It is well connected to major cities and several private and state buses run to Yercaud. Private car and taxi can also be hired.


Interesting Facts About Yercaud

  1. David Cockburn, the Scottish collector of Salem district, between 1820 to 1829, was called the 'Father of Yercaud' because he helped in the development of the resources of the Shevaroy and for introducing the cultivation of coffee, pears and apple.
  2. Sir Thomas Munroe, erstwhile governor of Madras Presidency in 1842 developed Yercaud.
  3. Yercaud served as a summer retreat to British officers and commanders who lived in India and now it is a favorite summer getaway for Bangaloreans. 
  4. Yercaud is also called the ‘Jewel of the South’
  5. Lady’s Seat derives its name from the belief that British women used to spend their evenings watching the mesmerizing views and sunset from this rock.
  6. The breeding of silk worms and producing silk is one of the traditional arts of Yercaud and the silk farm depicts the history of how silk producing began in India.

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Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills is one of the beautiful places, situated in Namakkal District of the state of Tamil Nadu. This beautiful location is referred to as the Kolli Malai, and it means the ‘Mountains of Death.' The hills are over almost 1000 to 1300 meters in height that cover more than 280 sq. Km. You will get nearly 70 hairpin bends, which take the tourists to the top of the hill. Furthermore, the hills are actually the part of discontinuous Eastern Ghats.

The early Hindu literature talks about the actual existence of the Kolli Pavai ghost on the top of these hills and in this way, they have earned the ultimate destination this name. This image or spirit used to tempt the wayfarers and kill them. So, if you are a travel buff, you would surely love to roam around the entire place to explore the beauty of nature as well.


Location of Kolli Hills

Namakkal district ,Tamil Nadu



How to reach Kolli hills?

Air: The location can be easily accessed from the contiguous airport located at Trichy, and this is around 90 km from Kolli Hills.

Road: You can also get the prepaid taxis, which is accessible from the airport reaching the destination.

Rail: The Salem Railway Station is the nearby railhead, outside which direct buses are available for the Kolli Hills.


Highlights of Kolli Hills

The location can be visited any time of the year, excluding the monsoon season when there is a danger of landslide due to heavy rainfall. So, once you are there, you will get to visit lots of places for sure.

Places to Visit in Kolli Hills

Distance from city center

Approximate cost

Arapaleeswarar Temple

76.2 km. approx

No entry fee

Botanical Garden

 14 km approx

 20 Rs. Entry fee for   Children: 10 Rs.

Tampcol Medicinal Farm

  502 km approx

 No entry fee


Places to Visit in Kolli Hills

Arapaleeswarar Temple

Along with a rich historical and cultural significance, which dates back to as long as the 1st century CE, the Arapaleeswarar Temple was built by the Valvil Ori. The place is dedicated to Lord Shiva and an essential part of Kolli Hills sightseeing, the temple stands as the witness to the excellent Dravidian style of architecture till today.


Botanical Garden

This is situated at a distance of only 3 km from Semmedu. The Botanical is one of the paramount places to visit in Kolli Hills. It features a beautiful rose garden, eco-friendly cottages, and a majestic viewpoint and also a Children's Park. This is an absolute must visit.


Tampcol Medicinal Farm

The place is much famed for being the home to the medicinal plants in abundance. This is a beautiful place to roam around as well. If you are a travel buff, you will surely love to wander around the area for sure.


Best Time to Visit Kolli Hills

This is a beautiful place where you can visit the entire year. But avoiding monsoon, you can easily visit this place anytime you want. Winter months are moderately cold, and that is why you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful season at that time too. The ideal time to visit Kolli Hills is from the months of March to June. You will be a witness to some beautiful foggy scenes over there.

To make your trip entirely smooth, you need to carry some essentials stuff along with.

Warm Clothes: Whenever you travel to a hill station, warm clothes are a must-have. The climate is entirely cold all around the year. So, before planning the trip, you should take weather into account. Try to choose the clothes, which keep you warm and comfortable. Along with that you also should take medicines, shoes, socks, and bags as well.

Things to do in Kolli Hills

There are ample amount of activities that you can try such as:

Trek to Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

The notable part of the Eastern Ghats and situated in the famous Kolli Hills, the Agaya Gangai Waterfalls or the Kollimalai Falls, measures up to 300 feet, includes of about the 1000 steps descending to the base, and this is much famed amidst the trekkers. Along with the trail stretching up to the distance of only 1 km from Arapaleeswarar Temple, the trek to Agaya Gangai waterfalls is a crucial part of Kolli hills trekking in Tamil Nadu. Post monsoons during the months from November to January.

Vasalurpatty Boat House

This is situated at a distance of about 5 km from city center of Vasalurpatty, and the boathouse has been built on the artificial lake which is one of the favorite places to visit in Kolli Hills. The tranquil lake is surrounded by the vibrant green landscape of the hills that makes is it one of the most experience in Kolli Hills.

Explore The Siddhar Caves

If you are in the Kolli, you will surely love to explore lots of beautiful places and amongst all Siddhar Caves is one of the exciting places to roam around. Fit for only one or even two people to enter the caves at a time, and this has been believed that the Siddhar Caves are surrounded by medicinal herbs on all sides that are also the specialty of Kolli Hills.

Other things to do

  1. You can visit the Ettukai Amman Temple situated in Valapoor
  2. Encounter surprises at Masilla fall, and Namma Falls
  3. You can discover the numerous viewpoints like Selur viewpoint, Binnam viewpoint, Sirumalai viewpoint, and Seekuparai viewpoint
  4. You can get to the remote Bogar Caves, as well as Kayanavandhu Caves
  5. Stay at one of the traditional wood houses

Interesting facts about Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills is a beautiful mountain block in a particular shape of the kidney bean. Part of the Eastern Ghats, Kolli Hills is east of Namakkal as well as Rasipuram towns in Tamil Nadu. The Kaveri River flows not very far from the southern and western edge of the mountain block. The curved side of this mountain has the good forests, which has been started from the bottom to the top of this mountain. So, considering an erosional incident is rising the way up, this might have been a headwork of the excellent river, which joined the Kaveri.

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Vivekananda Rock

Situated in the midst of the Indian Ocean at a short distance from the Indian mainland, the Vivekananda Rock is probably one of the must visit destinations in Tamil Nadu. Built on a stone suspended in the ocean, the rock memorial was opened in 1970 to honor Swami Vivekananda. Tourists flock to the place to catch the rising sun from the rock’s behind, slowly witnessing the sun illuminating the entire sky. The rock memorial is a blend of conventional and contemporary architectural styles and has meditation halls inside. The breeze that hits you is unparalleled and once on the rock, you can actually the confluence of the three mighty water bodies, separated by different hues of blues – the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

The place also has a temple of Kumari Amman, the glitter of the nosering of whose served as a lighthouse to the then explorers and ships. There is also the statue of Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar located next to the Rock Memorial. Together, they make for a scenic background on the ocean. Tamil Nadu a beautiful destination to explore our past cultural heritage with all the amenities of the present.

Known for

Being a memorial for Swamy Vivekananda and house the imprints of Swamy’s foot. It is also known for its scenic beauty.

How to Reach

You have to reach Kanyakumari to visit the Rock Memorial. Depending on where you are, you can take a train or a bus to Kanyakumari. While trains can cost you around Rs. 400 for a sleeper class ticket per person approximately, buses can cost you approximately Rs. 600 per person. Once in Kanyakumari, you can easily reach the jetty on foot or an auto.

Approximate Cost

Though there is no cost to enter the memorial, tourists have to take a ferry to reach the place located at around 500 meters from the mainland. The ferry rides can cost you approximately Rs. 60 per person.

Operating Hours

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Any Precautions

Since you need to take a ferry, be extra careful when seating and commuting in the ferry. It goes on a water body that has fierce currents. Wear the lifejacket they provide even if it is a ride for not more than 15 minutes. Take your camera with you as the ride is thrilling and scenic.




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Marina Beach

Marina Beach in Tamil Nadu is the opening scene in tons of Tamil movies and is a place of iconic significance. The seaside avenue is one of the busiest and is home to offices like the Commissioner’s Office, All India Radio, Doordarshan and landmarks like Chepauk stadium, Queen Mary’s College and more. The place is buzzing with people throughout the year and is also one of the most secure places to be in. With a coastline of over 600 kilometers, the natural beach is the world’s second largest urban beach. It is sandy and one of the most visited places in Chennai. During weekends, the Marina beach attracts over 50,000 visitors per day which increases during summers, when over 2,00,000 people visit the place daily. This is the place perfect for morning walks, jogs, exercising, and a hot cup of filter coffee after that. The entire avenue with the lighthouse in its proximity is a heritage and probably one of the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu.

Known for

Marina beach in Tamil Nadu has a long coastline, food stalls, buzzing tourists and safety

How to Reach

You need to be in Chennai to visit the Marina Beach. There are local trains, taxis and buses that commute frequently from all corners of the city to Marina beach. While local trains can cost you approximately less than Rs. 10 per person, buses can cost you approximately Rs. 15 per person and cabs depending on meter charges and distance from your accommodation.

Approximate Cost


Operating Hours

Though 24 hours, visitors are not allowed stroll after late evenings. Regular police patrolling will ensure you move out of the shore and spend time on the food stalls set up at a short distance from the shore.

Any Precautions

Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, the sea breeze starts in the evening, however leaving traces of salinity in your skin. Apply sunscreen and wear light when you visit and wear flipflops. Swimming and getting far into the ocean are legally prohibited and cops on horses will consistently check and pull out visitors attempting to do so.

Type  Beach

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Brihadisvara Temple

Also referred to as Rajesvara Peruvudaiyr, the Brihadisvara temple located in Thanjavur is a monument and a place of worship of historic importance. The design of the main temple is not vague but intricate. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is in a city that is known to house temples of significance in Tamil Nadu. Built by Raja Raja Chola I of the Chola dynasty, the temple has been standing for over a thousand years and represents an architectural style that is called Dravidian. Just the piece of structure on the top of the temple weighs 80 tons and the entire temple is said to have been built using over 60 tons of granite. Tamil Nadu a beautiful destination to explore our past cultural heritage with all the amenities of the present.


Location: Thanjavur

Known for: Its gigantic structure, intricate design and architectural significance and for being over a centuries old

How to Reach: Tiruchirappalli is the closest airport to Thanjavur and takes about 3 hours by road from the airport. There are both buses and cabs that you can take from Tiruchirappalli and will cost you approximately Rs. 150 per person by bus and approximately Rs. 3000 for a cab ride.

Cost: NA

Operating Hours: 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Any Precautions: As much as it might stand for architecture and design, it is a place of worship. Dress conservatively. The place is really hot during summers. So remember that you have to walk barefoot all through the temple premises. So time your visit around the early mornings or evenings when it is manageable to walk. Carry adequate water and maintain silence. Do not write on the temple walls as they have inscriptions that are over 1000 years old. Wear light yet conservatively.

Type: Temple

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From the Malabar Giant Squirrels, Nilgiri Tahrs, Lion-tailed Macaque to Nilgir langurs and gaurs, if there is one way you can catch the raw wildlife of the Western Ghats, it is by exploring the mountains on foot. Taking you through beautiful landscapes, meadows, canopies and forests, trekking in the Western Ghats is truly a life-changing experience and probable the best activity to do in Tamil Nadu. Of all the treks, Maruti peak is considered to be the most scenic one and a fan favorite for frequent trekkers. Of late, trekking has been increasingly seen as a way to explore the mountains and a lot of tour operators and individual operators take people on treks to the Western Ghats. If you are in Tamil Nadu, spare a day or two for trekking.


Location: Western Ghats

For: Groups of friends and honeymoon couple

Difficulty Level: Moderate to difficult

Approximate Cost:  Depends on tour operators and the permits required

Why you should do it: To see in person the landscapes and wildlife animals you have only been reading in geography books and fairytales. This place lets you in and offers a vibe that will change the way you perceive life and approach towards it.

Tips: The Western Ghats house tons and tons of leeches. So cover up accordingly. Carry enough snacks and water, sunglasses, hats, and insect repellants. If you are camping here, carry flashlights and power banks. Though connectivity is not a concern, do check out the experience of your tour operator before booking. 

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Ooty Toy Train

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway or fondly known as the Ooty Toy Train is something that both kids and adults enjoy alike. Plying since the time of the British, the railway network takes visitors through scenic valleys and landscapes that keeps them in awe all through their journey. This place further shot to fame after Chayya Chayya song was shot in this route and became popular to people from different parts of the country. More than being a mode of transport from Mettupalayam  - the foothills of Ooty, it is seen as a heritage ride that takes you closer to the Western Ghats and every beautiful thing it has to offer. For all you tourists out there, taking the train is one of the best things to do in Tamil Nadu.





Families with kids, groups of friends and honeymoon couples

Difficulty Level


Approximate Cost

Approximately Rs. 15 for a general ticket, Rs. 30 for second class tickets and Rs. 210 for a first class ticket

Why you should do it

To look at the magnificence of the mountains from very close and catch a glimpse of the flora and fauna of the Western Ghats and just soak in the feel of a century old railway network


Train tickets should be booked well in advance and can be done on the Indian railways ticketing website. Also, the trains tend to stop midway in their journey due to technical glitches. However, they are repaired in short whiles and the services are resumed soon. This is just to anticipate such an incident and in no way disrupts your vacation.

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Nalli Silks

With a history that spans a century, Nalli is a global brand known for its silk sarees. Nalli Silks in T-Nagar was the first silk saree store that opened in T-Nagar’s main market. Today, Nalli silks is one of the oldest saree showrooms in the commercial area and has become a landmark in Chennai. It is famous all over the world and everyone who visits Chennai for any reason makes it a point to head to this place and buy a beautiful silk saree.

The journey of Nalli started from a small business operated from a house to the global brand it is now and Nalli Silks, Chennai, is a big part of this story! 

Highlights of Nalli Silks:

  • Nalli’s USP till date is still Kanchipuram silk sarees with real zari work. 
  • Apart from Kanchipuram sarees, Nalli silks has Banarasi sarees, Maheshwari sarees, jute sarees, Bangalore sarees, georgette sarees, cotton sarees, Tussar sarees, linen sarees in pastels, florals, dual tones, geometric weaves and much more. 
  • They also have a new collection of kurta, suits, skirts, palazzos and other contemporary clothing items. 
  • They have an online store from where you can browse the collection at the T-Nagar store and call to place an order.
  • The entire store is divided into various levels based on different types of sarees and price ranges. 

Recommended for:

Nalli Silks is a showroom that is recommended for everyone. Every tourist who comes to Chennai must visit the first Nalli store ever opened. For locals, it is a part of their culture. Be it a bride shopping for her wedding trousseau or a young girl looking to buy her first saree, Nalli has something for everyone. It has silk lehengas for little girls as well as dhotis for men. 

About Nalli silks: 

Nalli Chinnasamy Chetti opened the doors to the first store in 1935, after 8 years of great sales from a house in Madras. Nalli silks is not only the first Nalli store in India, it is also one of the oldest silk stores in the country. The store has been in business for almost 84 years now and is still one of the most famous places for silk sarees of all kinds. People from all over the country come here especially for wedding shopping. 

Address : 100, N Usman Rd, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017 

Timings  : Nalli silks is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm.

Pricing : Nalli Silks offers sarees across all price ranges. If you are looking for semi-formal silk sarees, the range starts from Rupees 2000 and moves upwards based on the design. Prices for Kanchipuram sarees can go well into lakhs. 

For brides, the starting range for Kanchipuram sarees is Rupees 10,000. 

Interesting facts about Nalli silks 

  • During the Second World War, Nalli Silks was the only shop open that sold silk sarees in Chennai. Everyone else either closed their shops or moved to other locations. This set Nalli Silks apart from other brands and today, this is considered one of the biggest reasons for the global success of the brand. 
  • Mr. V.A.K. Raghu of Royal Insurance was invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation where he gifted her a Kanchipuram saree woven from Nalli’s trademark silk. 

Add to your collection of ethnic wear by visiting this iconic store. All you have to do is have a look at our travel packages that take you to Chennai. 

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