Ooty Tourism

The endless meadows, sparkling lakes and striking hills will render you speechless. The only thing that will distract you from the rich beauty as you explore Ooty would be the dangerous yet thrilling hairpin bends of the hill station. Brace yourself as you are in for a ride!

Ooty Tourism: A Quick View of the City
State Tamil Nadu
Official Language Tamil, Hindi
Dial Code 0423
Population 88,430
Currency Indian Rupee (INR)
Time Zone GMT +5:30 (IST)
Area 36 square kilometres

Highlights of Ooty

Nature and lakes In Ooty

Find out what the Queen of Hills has in store you as you make your way to Ooty. Take the Nilgiri mountain toy train to Ooty and pass through lush green meadows, tunnels, tea plantations, waterfalls and wooded green hills. The captivating view as you look out the train will ensure that you don’t even glance at your mobile screen. Once you reach Ooty, do visit the Government Botanical garden spread across an area of 22 hectares. Laden with around 650 types of flowers and trees, this garden offers you several exquisite visions. If you are looking to spend some leisure time with your family or loved ones, do visit the Ooty lake. You could either have a picnic by the lake and enjoy the view or glide smoothly across the 2.5 km lake in your boat.  You can visit the lake any time from 08:30 to 5:30 pm. To see the breath-taking view of the Nilgiris, you should visit the Doddabetta Peak located 10 kms away from Ooty. This is an immensely popular tourist destination with an entrance fee of just 10 rupees.

Cuisine Of Ooty

Have a sweet tooth? Lucky for you, Ooty is the hub of bakery products. Feast on a variety of homemade chocolates and more bakery items. Do not forget to try the traditional biscuits of Ooty; Vakery. A crispy, deep fried biscuit with a golden-brown colour, this delicacy has rava, flour, semolina, water, ghee, salt and sugar in it. With tea and coffee plantations spread across Ooty, delicious tea and coffee would not come as a surprise to you. Refresh yourself with a steaming cup of chai and Ooty’s aromatic coffees. Make sure that you do not miss out on a plate of piping hot momos amidst the hills from one of the street food stalls in Ooty.

Explore and shop In Ooty

The spice market and Nilgiri shop in Upper Bazaar Road will make sure that the flavour of Ooty remains with you for a long time. The market sells a plethora of spices such as jeera, chilli, pepper and nutmeg powder. Do pay a visit if you are fond of cooking or are a budding chef! Head to the Main Bazaar if you are looking for some souvenirs, winter wear, shawls and accessories. You are at an advantage if your bargaining game is strong! You can shop here till 9 pm. 

Museums In Ooty

If you are a tea enthusiast, you must pay a visit to the Tea Museum located not too far away from the Doddabetta Tea Factory. Deemed as heaven for all tea-lovers, this museum has a plethora of tea leaves as varied as Chocolate, White and Black. You will also find souvenirs to take back home from this museum, such as plates, cups and bowls. Since Ooty is the hub of bakery products, it also has a Chocolate museum for you to explore. Understand the process of making your favourite dessert and stuff your bag with chocolates on your way back! 


Interesting facts about Ooty 

  • The hill station is the most filmed location in the country because of its scenic beauty which is as pretty as a picture.
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railways in Ooty is known as the slowest train in India with an average speed of 10 kms per hour. 
  • A fan of the evergreen movie, Dil Se? Shah Rukh Khan danced on one of the slow trains in Ooty to the very well-known track Chhaiya chaaiya. 
  • The emerald-like lake in Ooty is artificial and located at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level.  


Location Of Ooty

The picturesque hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu is neatly tucked in the centre of four beautiful hills: Snowdon, Elk Hill, Doddabettaa and Club Hill which belong to the Nilgiri range. It is located right at the meeting point of the Eastern and Western Ghats. 


Best Time Vo Visit Ooty 

The temperature in Ooty remains moderate throughout the year with spells of rain time and again. However, each season enhances the beauty of the hill station in its own unique way. The summer season could bring with it some rather hot days. However, the weather remains largely pleasant with temperatures ranging from 15C to 20C. If you are a fan of petrichor and are looking for some cool breeze to caress your hair as you sip on some filter coffee, do visit during the monsoon during the month of July to September. The winter season brings with it, pleasant weather during the daytime and rather chilly nights with the temperature falling below 5 C. The onset of winter is in the month of October, with January and February being the coldest. 


How To Reach Ooty 

By RoadThis hill station is well connected to the major South Indian cities such as Bangalore, Madurai, Mysore and Kanyakumari. Both state government and private buses are easily available to and from Ooty. Driving your way to Ooty from these cities is a good option since the journey would be rather smooth with a scenic view.  

By RailThe Mettupalayam railway station lies 40 kilometres away from the hill station. The station is linked to Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai. The Nilgiri mountain railway however is the best way to reach Ooty from the station rather than any other transport. Enjoy images of lush greenery and beautiful scenery whisking past you in the train. 

By AirThe nearest airport to the hill station is located 100 kms away, in Coimbatore. For international travellers, the nearest International airport is in Bangalore; 295 kms away from Ooty.  


History of Ooty

Enchanted by the scenic beauty of Ooty, John Sullivan couldn’t resist sharing his discovery with the rest of the world. In 1818, Mr Sullivan put a spotlight on this hidden beauty tucked away at the hills. Soon after the discovery of this hill station, John Sullivan recognised the value of Ooty as a tourist spot and invested in the same. The route followed to reach Ooty has a backstory to it. Mainly, the route to Ooty was decided in three phases. The first route to Nilgiri was from Coimbatore followed by the construction of Coonoor Ghat in 1832 and finally the last metaled Ghat road in 1871. Subsequently, Kannar and Coonoor are well connected through this road with 25 kms between them. 

Language Spoken

Tamil, Hindi

Currency used:

Indian Rupee (INR)


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Ooty Tourism Guide

Ooty is a small hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. The place is surrounded by Nilgiri Hills and visited mostly by the people who love to capture the sight of splendid natural beauty. The Ooty tourism has been driven by the mesmerising view of eucalyptus trees covered under mist and haze. An unforgettable experience for travellers in Ooty has been long walks through the shades of trees. 

The natural beauty of this small hill station is truly arresting. Once you are there, it will be difficult for you to return leaving behind the heavenly beauty of this hill station. There are a lot of things to do in Ooty including taking a tour of places like its colourful gardens, lakes and dams, forest reserves, historical buildings, etc.

The Ooty tourism department has provided an extensive list of famous tourist attractions. There are botanical gardens that exhibit beautiful and exquisite greenery. There is Doddabetta Peak with beautiful native flora and fauna of Ooty engulfing the entire landscape. You can also visit Government Garden of Roses displaying several different varieties of roses that exist.

Go for Ooty tourism packages that introduce you to the incredible natural beauty of this hill station along with other famous tourist attractions like Tea Factory, Avalanche Lake, Ooty Mountain Railway, St. Stephen's Church Wax World, Tribal Museum and many others. Before planning a trip to Ooty, it is important to be aware of the best time to visit Ooty. As recommended by Ooty tourism, the best time will be during summers, from March to June. If you buy the Ooty tourism package for summer, you can explore every destination of the hill station with a considerable ease.

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Places to visit in Ooty

The town of Ooty is known for its picturesque sights and scenic valleys. It also houses a number of important and architectural feats, like the Government Rose Garden, the very scenic Ooty Botanical Garden, the pristine Ooty Lake, the culturally significant Toda huts, Stone House, St. Stephen’s Church, Wax World, Ooty Mountain Railway, Tribal Museum and the famous Deer Park as well. This helps in giving tourists a variety to choose from. It also helps that a number of these sites are maintained and operated by the Ooty tourism, making them tourist hubs.

Best time to visit Ooty

Being a hill station, the weather in Ooty is pleasant throughout the year. The weather is said to be quite pleasant during the summer seasons whereas winters are known to be cool, and monsoons are said to be enticing. Still, the best time for visiting Ooty is said to be from the months of October to June, when the weather is cool and dry and ideal for long walks along the hill station roads and valley. We also offer a number of Ooty tour packages and individual Ooty tours during this season, making travel affordable and convenient.

We here at Thomas Cook realize that every traveller has their own needs and requirements, and in order to meet those, we offer specialized Ooty tour packages that can be customized according to the need of the customer. Additional services also include flight ticket booking aids. Special Ooty tours can also be booked separately.

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