Rinpungdzong In Bhutan

RinpungDzong, or the RinchenPungDzong in Paro literally translates to a fortress that is constructed on a heap of jewels. The place is known for its surreal architecture and location on the cliffside. It has made it to Bhutan’s list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to the government and monastic bodies. Constructed in the 16th century, the place is flocked by tourists for its chapels and construction. Though most chapels in the dzongare restricted from tourism, the place is still worth the visit for the glimpse of the legacy it carries. 



Paro, Bhutan


Known for 

Being a reflection of an era of architectural excellence and for being the venue for an annual festival conducted during Bhutanese lunar calendar’s second month. 


How to Reach

Located very close to the city of Paro at around one kilometer, you can take a cab or simply walk down to the place from the city. There is a quality ascend to the top of the Dzong so you have to make sure you can make it to the top without any trouble. You need to cross a suspension bridge over the Paro river to gain entry to the place from where the place becomes very idyllic.


Approximate Cost

Entry Free


Operating Hours

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Any Precautions

Carry water and snacks if you feel difficulty in climbing up to the top. Take frequent breaks and appreciate the architecture as you make your way up. Dress conservatively and carry a camera.




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