Silent Valley National Park In Kerala

A subtle yet gorgeous presentation of the last rainforest in Kerala, the Silent Valley National Park carries its own charm and aura. Initially occupying only 89.52 sq km, this national park grew with time to be declared as the Reserved Forest. Home to the unusual Nilgiri Tahr and the Lion Tailed Macaques, this is one of the most sought after the evergreen forest in this part of India. Regarded as one of the most popular biodiversity hubs among the nature lovers and the wildlife enthusiasts, the Silent Valley National Park is a beautiful reserve that you must definitely visit!



This gorgeous national park is located in the lap of Palakkad in the God’s Own Country.

Address: Wildlife Warren, Silent Valley Division, Mannarkkad, Palakkad, Kerala 678582

Hours: 6:45 am to 2:45 pm on all days except Fridays.

Telephone: 08589895652



This year-round destination is the best place to visit from the months of December to April to have the most comfortable experiences. During this period, the temperatures are mostly average, ranging from 18-21 degrees Celsius. 

The park is open for tourists to venture on a safari ride from 8 am to 5 pm. Hence keeping these timings in mind book a slot that is comfortable for you.



  • The Silent Valley Park is the core of the prestigious Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve that is a plethora of green meadows and plants. 
  • It is home to the largest population of the unique lion-tailed macaques in the world. 
  • You can find a wide range of rare birds and more than 100 species of beautiful butterflies that stutter around in the park.
  • Due to the presence of the unique tropical rainforests preserve, this bio-reserve owns habitats that cannot be found in any other national park in India.



It will cost you INR 50 as the entrance fee of the Silent Valley Park. The guide will cost you INR 150-200 approximately, Still Camera INR 25-30 approximately, Video Camera INR 200-250 approximately. 

Nevertheless, the Jeep Safari will cost you INR 1,600 per person for five people in a jeep.


Recommended for

The Silent Valley National Park is recommended especially for all the wildlife lovers and photographers. However, people from all age groups are welcome here to enjoy the surreal beauty of this national park.


How to get to Silent Valley National Park

By Air: The Coimbatore International Airport is the closest to the Silent Valley Park with a distance of about 117 km. This airport is well-connected to all the major metropolitan cities of the country like Chennai, Pune, Delhi; and many other famous places like Bangkok and Singapore. After arriving at the airport, you can hire a taxi to reach the designated destination according to your wish.

By Rail: The Palakkad Junction Railway Station is the closest to the Silent Valley Park. It is approximately 45-46 km away from the park and is connected to the major metropolitan cities of the country. There are direct trains from Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai, and Mumbai to reach the destination. However, after reaching, you can hire taxis or take a bus to reach the destination in the same route as in the case of airports.

By Road: There is a well-maintained chain of roads nearby the Silent Valley Park which makes it easily accessible from the major cities. You can easily pull off a spectacular road trip to Palakkad as you enjoy the sublime greenery of Kerala. If you are travelling from Chennai, Bangalore, or Coimbatore; it is going to be an amazing ride either on a rented taxi, bus or a personal vehicle if you are ready to bear the thrill. If you cannot find cabs, there will always be buses which are much more economical when compared to the cars. The KSRTC provides regular buses from the major cities to Palakkad.


About Silent Valley National Park

The park is home to a vast range of animals, plants, birds of various species that cannot usually be found in the country. There is about 50-80 percent of the species that you cannot find on a daily basis within the park. Apart from this, the park also possesses an interesting range of flora that attracts nature lovers from across the country. Primarily dominated by the Evergreen forests, it also features Orchids, Liverworts, Algae, Legumes, Asters, Black Pepper, Rice, Ferns, Lichens, Grasses, Rubiaceae, Cardamom, and Beans. Other than these, there are more than 110 plant species that will grab the attention of all the nature enthusiasts. 

That being said, there is also a large scope for the Fauna which includes the Nilgiri Langurs, Hairy-winged Bat, Tigers, Panthers, Lion-tailed Macaque and many other species that are one of a kind. Besides, there is also a large range of birds which include the famous Ceylon Frogmouth and the Great Indian Hornbill that attract bird-watchers from various parts across the world.

While in the Silent Valley park, you can go on some fun safari through the deep jungles to experience the park from a closer point of view. Else, get yourself to the top of the Watchtower to capture those Instagram-worthy pictures that you are ready to post on your Instagram handles!

Nevertheless, you can also go on a simple trek to the glistening Kunthi River that is filled with clear waters. You can take a short walk through the lush evergreen forest lands of the Silent Valley, and this trail will eventually lead you to the beautiful anchored boats that are tied to the banks.


Interesting facts about Silent Valley National Park

  • It has great accommodation in and around to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
  • It is the only existing evergreen forest in the vicinity of Kerala
  • You can go on a small trek to reach the Kunti River, where there is a stream of clear water flowing through the gorgeous land.
  • Located in the God’s Own Country, this national park has a lot of species that you cannot find in any other national parks in India.
  • It has a wide range of birds that it a literal treat for all the bird watchers.
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