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New Zealand is famous among all kinds of travellers for its surreal natural beauty. Among avid and frequent travelers and adventure enthusiasts, though, the reason is slightly different. The kiwi country is famous for the ample adventure activities it hosts. If you were to look up adventure sports, you’d find that most of them have roots in New Zealand. In fact, bungee jumping was invented right here in New Zealand! 

While there isn’t any specific activity that tourists enjoy more than others, we’d like to point out that white-water rafting has gained popularity lately. It is thrilling, fun and safe! What’s makes it even more perfect is that these places are spread throughout the country, so a white-water rafting trip is the perfect way to explore New Zealand.

Here is a list that we have curated for you:

1. Kaituna Cascades, Rotorua:

Besides rafting, Rotorua is famous for many reasons, whether it's geothermal pools, cultural experiences or natural scenery. Add white water rafting to this list and you’ve got a cracker of a destination! The Kaituna Cascades on the Kaituna River have been a hotspot for rafting since 1991. The Grade 5 rapids here take participants along the Kaituna River and straight down Tutea Falls. The Tutea Falls are the highest commercially rafted falls in the country at a height of 7m. 

What makes this particular rafting experience stand out is its 14 challenging rapids. But so much thrill also requires great level of security and safety measures. For this, a full and comprehensive training is given on the rafting day by experienced rafters.

2. Vector Wero Whitewater Park, Auckland:

Vector Wero Whitewater park is a manmade facility created to share New Zealand’s excellent rafting experiences with the rest of the world. This world-class facility offers not just rafting, but also paddle boarding and kayaking. 

At Vector Wero Park, you can choose to raft along the Tamariki River, which is suitable for amateurs looking for a simple recreational break. Or, the other alternative, more suitable for advanced rafters, is rafting along the River Rush, with Grade 3-4 river rapids. The River Rush rafting experience also offers an adrenaline-inducing drop down the world’s largest artificial waterfall, The Pump Waterfall!

3. Tongariro White Water Rafting, Taupo:

The Tongariro White Water Rafting in Taupo is an experience that is thrilling yet serene. Yes, we know this is an oxymoron, but you need to see it to believe it. At Tongariro White Water Rafting, try rafting along a rushing river while you’re surrounded by the natural landscape of New Zealand (read: a volcanic gorge!). If weather conditions (and your luck) are favourable, you may also be able to feel the thrill of a waterfall jump. This is not just good for the soul and spirit, but it’ll add another point to your courage meter.

This white-water rafting facility in New Zealand also offers several kiosks that serve hot chocolate, snacks, hot dogs, beer and soda. What’s more, there are also convenient changing rooms and solar-powered showers. A bonus point is that a percentage of every ticket sold goes to a fund aimed at preserving the Tongariro region!

4. Landsborough River, Queenstown:

There is a 100% chance that your New Zealand tour package will include a visit to Queensland. To make your trip extra memorable, you must go rafting at Queenstown Rafting on the Landsborough River. Unlike the other rafting options discussed so far, this one is actually a 3-day experience that includes rafting along Grade 3-4 rapids amidst hanging glaciers, wildlife and dense rainforests! We can already imagine the wide-eyed, awed expression on most of your faces. 

The package also includes the comfort of three-course meals, complete with complimentary beverages. Add to this premium camping equipment, rafting gear, full wetsuits and safety equipment! But there’s more, the 0cherry on top is a helicopter transfer to and from the location.

5. The Mohaka River Gorge, Hawke’s Bay:

You will find the Mohaka River in the east central region of Hawke’s Bay. The word Mohaka is borrowed from the from Maori language, and loosely translates into ‘place of dancing’. Interestingly, rafting in this region is just as fun as letting loose and dancing your heart out. 

The Mohaka River Gorge offers various rafting experiences, based on how much time you can spare for this absolutely unparalleled experience. You can choose from a 5-day trip or various multi-day expeditions lasting upto a week.

While we’re on this, let us also tell you about ‘The Big One’, a collection of Grade 4/5 rapids that take you down mesmerizing canyons and gorges in the North Island. 

6. Rangitata Gorge, Christchurch:

What are some things that you look for when looking to spend a pleasant, adventurous day? Well, we understand that your list may be long, but essentially, it all comes down to four things- Fun, thrill, laughter and security. And, Rangitata Gorge offers that and more. 

The best thing about white water rafting at Rangitata Gorge is that it offers rafting for amateurs as well as experienced rafters. There is a mix of Grade 1-5 rapids that offer casual experiences as well as more adventurous ones that are sure to give you an adrenaline rush. 

New Zealand is known for many things, and white-water rafting tops them all. An exhilarating experience awaits!

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