Water Sports In Usa America

With heavenly cities like Miami and Hawaii water sports, is also a number one activity listed on the list of things to do while touring in the USA. The state has all kinds of water bodies including seas, rivers, lakes and even artificially constructed water bodies where you can conveniently practice water sports. From something as simple as boating to something as complex as river rafting, all the numerous kinds of water sports give a different feeling and experience when done in the greater offerings of USA. Generally one can find all possible water sports on some renowned beach or the other, but some of the most famous ones and the places where they are practiced in the best way possible are mentioned below. Additionally, there are many more activities like river rafting, boating, fly boarding as well as cruising that can also be done while exploring America. These water sports definitely will add on the adventure and fun element to your much awaited vacation.


Famous Water Sports of America are:

Kayaking in Lake Tahoe – This is both pleasant and exciting as the River has the perfect rapids required for kayaking and the view is awe-inspiring.

Approximate Cost - 3000 INR for one person

For: Family, friends, groups, senior citizens

Difficulty level: Low


Jet Skiing in Miami Beach - It is a fun filled activity as one can get a great panoramic view and enjoy the crystal clear water with thrill and excitement.

Approximate Cost – Rs.2500 to Rs.3000 depending on the tour operator chosen

For: Couples, friends

Difficulty level: Low


Scuba Diving in Florida and Hawaii – This is one of the best ways to explore the multifarious marine life present here and is an absolute delight.

Approximate Cost – Rs.13,000 to Rs.19,000 depending on the tour operator chosen

For: Family, friends, groups, senior citizens

Difficulty level: Low


Sailing in San Francisco – It is a peaceful and relaxed activity enjoyed generally by grownups.

Approximate Cost – if one goes in a huge group then the cost is 2000 INR per hour per person. 

For: Individuals, couples, friends

Difficulty level: High


Surfing, and dolphin watching in Hawaii – It is another famous activity that attracts tourists during the peak season.

Approximate Cost – Rs.7000 INR for adults and Rs.5500 INR for children

For: Individuals, family

Difficulty level: moderate to low

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