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Switzerland Travel Guidelines

    Last Updated : 12th July 2021 / As of now no new update till date
  • Can Indian travel to the Switzerland?
  • Yes. Opening from 15 July

  • RTPCR Test & Vaccination
  • 72 Hrs Prior with QR code & Fully Vaccinated (Only Covishield)

  • Travel Via Paris & Amsterdam// Children under the age of 16 are allowed to travel without vaccination & RTPCR

  • Quarantine Protocol
  • If not vaccinated, 10 days quarantine mandatory

  • Visa and Immigration related updates:
  • Accepting limited categories of Visa applications in New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Mumbai & Kolkata Visa Application Centres. Kolkata is providing only Stamping services. South Mumbai VAC accepting only long stay D visa applications every Wednesday from 10 am to 2 pm

  • Wearing mask is compulsory in public and touristic transportation above 12 years old. In other public space, it is strongly recommended when restricted social distance cannot be kept. It is possible to buy mask at supermarket, drug store and some train station.
  • Below measure will be applied in Geneva at least till 30 Sep 2020:
    - Mask is mandatory for all staff of restaurant/bar/all types of shops/barbers, etc..
    - Private contact information will be obtained from all clients of bars and nightclubs / live houses.
    - Mask will be mandatory for clients in retail shops.
    - Use of hand sanitizer when entering a shop/restaurant or any public venues will be mandatory.

  • Social distance
  • At least 1.5 meters.

  • Border / Entry
  • GVA & ZRH - only basic social distance is required, BSL – compulsory to wear a mask;
    GVA: Passengers on arrival are asked to provide contact information for tracing purpose.
    Borders with all EU+AELE countries and UK are now opened without restriction.
    Tourists from 14 extra countries such as Thailand, South Korea or Japan are welcome back from 20 July. China may be added in case reciprocity can be applied, otherwise not.

  • Hotel
  • Most hotels are opened or shall start to re-open during summer especially in holidays resorts.Situations is more difficult in major cities relying to corporate business congress such as Geneva where still 60% of hotels are closed.

  • Coach
  • Front door should not be used. If social distance cannot be kept in the coach, then passengers are suggested to wear a mask. There is no maximum pax number limit.
    Suggest to refrain from using sedan type for 2 pax and use van type for time being.
    Coaches are disaffected regularly and sanitary gel is available on board.

  • Touristic Transport
  • Mountain trains, cable cars and cruises are now operated. Some with limited schedule till July.
    Masks are compulsory above 12 years old from 6 July 2020.
    All staff wear a mask on board basically.
    Chamonix Mont Blanc is in France, so mask is compulsory in ropeways and touristic trains.

  • Public Transport
  • Back to normal.
    Masks are compulsory above 12 years old from 6 July 2020.
    All staff wear a mask on board basically.
    International traffic to France, Germany and Austria has been resumed. Traffic to Italy shall re-start by end of June partially. Masks are compulsory after border crossing and leaving Switzerland

  • Shops
  • All opened, but with clients number control and respect of social distance as much as possibles.
    In Vaud and Jura cantons, compulsory to wear a mask in shops (if more than 10 persons inside in Vaud).

  • Restaurants
  • No more pax limit per table. Need to keep distance or put partition between tables.
    Standing meal are now permitted.
    Group booking up to 300 pax is possible with distance between tables except in cantons of Basel, Aarau, Solothurn, Lucerne, Valais and Ticino where the limit is now 100 pax.

  • Entrance
  • Museums and other entrance places are opened, but with clients number control and respect of social distance as much as possible.

  • Airlines Operating
  • Air France & KLM