Aspirations are on the rise. We are no longer content with what we have, and we all want to do better. This is especially true when it comes to our education. As a part of growth and learning, aiming for higher education abroad has become common. Globalization has opened wide doors for overseas education, and there has been a tremendous rise in the number of students travelling abroad who wish to pursue educational prospects outside India.

There is a sea of opportunities and a wide array of courses and faculties to choose from, and this has broadened the horizons of the youth. It is indeed a big investment that shapes your entire life; however, planning for a prolonged stay in a new country among new people may attract certain risks. You have to adjust and acclimatize to a new environment, and there are possibilities that you may incur a medical emergency. Not just that, there are also possibilities of losing your important documents and luggage, while travelling.

Unlike India, medical expenses in international destinations are quite high; it may cost a fortune for treating even a minor ailment or undergo any treatment. Without a student travel insurance policy, meeting such unforeseen expenses could be a nightmare.

Opting for student insurance will not only take care of your medical needs but also act as a shield to protect you from other emergencies and losses. It ensures a smooth travel experience to a foreign country so that you can completely focus on your studies leaving behind all the woes.

It is best to buy the student travel insurance from India, as you will be able to get the best coverage. You also need to keep in mind that student travel insurance gives you the benefits of a medical and travel insurance.

Student Insurance should include medical expenses and emergencies, travel coverage, loss of baggage and flight delays. Students travelling to the USA should research and buy a comprehensive travel policy after accessing their needs and requirements. Student travel insurance for USA should include all the above mentioned essential parameters.

While looking for a good student insurance, you should also make sure that you are covered for sports injuries, sponsor protect among other aspects. Many universities in the UK also include tuition fees. While choosing student travel insurance for UK, it should also include coverage for tuition fees. Student travel insurance is helping hand you need in a foreign country, the backup you need in a time of emergency.

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Travel Insurance Benefits: How we can take care of you?

Medical Expenses
Medical Expenses

Covers Hospitalisation Expenses due to illness or injury

Covers emergency Out Patient Department Expenses

Personal Accident
Personal Accident

Coverage in case of accidental death or permanent disablement

Covered up to sum insured amount

Sponsor Protection
Sponsor Protection

Tuition fees of insured covered in case of death of sponsor.

Loss of Passport
Loss of Passport

Reimbursement of cost incurred to obtain emergency certificate

Incidental expense to obtain duplicate passport covered

Medical Expenses for inter - collegiate sports injuries
Medical Expenses

Expenses due to injury during inter collegiate sports covered

Frequently asked Questions - Student Travel Insurance

  • Why do I need a student insurance policy?
    An overseas student insurance policy ensures that you have a stress-free time while studying overseas. Here is why you should opt for this policy. - It is mandatory to have a health insurance policy in most countries, including but not limited to New Zealand. Canada, USA, Australia, Europe etc. - Many universities issue a waiver on obtaining a domestic insurance policy if you have a comparable international insurance policy. - In some cases, insurance policies issued in India are significantly cheaper than policies issued overseas. However, they offer the same benefits such as sports injuries, Mammography, Cancer Screening, Mental disorder, pregnancy related expenses, dental, evacuation, repartition and all other major medical expenses.
  • What does a student insurance policy cover?
    Most Policies cover things such as, sports injuries, Mammography, Cancer Screening, Mental disorder, pregnancy related expenses, dental, evacuation, repartition and all other major medical expenses.
  • In UK all students are covered by the National Health Services (NHS), in which cases what are the benefits of opting for a health insurance policy from India?
    Even though, all international students in the UK are covered by the NHS, they may not be eligible for the free treatments offered by the National Health Services. In which case, students must ensure they have access to eligible insurance policy to cover all their medical expenses, in case of an emergency. Additionally, student insurance policies are not limited to just medical coverage. Policies may provide coverage in the following events: - Re-imbursement of tuition fees in case the student fails to complete his/her course. - Airfare in case students is travelling home to visit a sick relative. - Airfare if a relative is visiting the student in case if an illness. - Airfare in case the student is returning to India to seek medical treatment. - Re-imbursement of expenses in case of a death of students while studying overseas.
  • Is there a bail bond provision?
    Yes, most policies issued in India offer a bail bond clause. What this means is that in case you are detained or arrested by the authorities overseas, most policies entitle you to a bail coverage of USD 5000 or INR 320,000/-.
  • Am I eligible for medical coverage when travelling to India during school break?
    Most student insurance policies are international policies, hence that do not offer medical or travel coverage when visiting India. However, as soon as the student return to the university, he or she is can claim all benefits of the policy.
  • Can I extend my student insurance policy?
    With most policies, you can either opt for a two-year lock in period or but the policy 1 year at a time and extend it each year hereby covering the entire stay of your study. Policies can be renewed three 3 months in advance.
  • Can claims be processed with incomplete documents?
    In order to receive payments against a claim, it is mandatory to produce some documents. In case you fail to obtain the required documents, your insurance company may help you with alternatives.

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