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Travelling is fun. This may sound like an understatement, but you know what we mean. This is your time to be carefree, to be out and about exploring and just finding new places to be. However, there can be some situations that can dampen your holiday spirit. Imagine falling sick and needing medical attention. Everyone knows that medical costs in another country could hit the roof. While you may have planned for certain contingencies, medical emergency costs can occur at any given time. One thing that can always help you at times like these is a travel medical insurance.

The best travel insurance policy safeguards you from the financial losses and the unforeseen problems that you may encounter during a trip. Selecting the right policy is one of the key factors. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you take an insurance:

More Coverage: Depending on which country you are travelling, select your international travel insurance policy, which covers the cost of healthcare treatment overseas, the risk of losing your passport, theft of valuables, etc. You can buy travel insurance online that would safeguard you from losses against unexpected expenditure such as medical treatment, loss of baggage, loss of passport, flight interruptions or cancellations, etc. during your trip.

Frequent Flyer’s Delight: For the regular, frequent fliers, who need to travel overseas multiple times in a year, opting for a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is a better bet. This is the best travel insurance for frequent flyers as it covers expenses of multiple trips within the year and saves individuals from paying multiple insurance expenses. It is also convenient, as you do not have to buy a fresh policy before every trip. Depending on the insurance provider, each of these categories are further classified into Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. based on the premium rates and coverage.

Destination Insurance: Consider a few important factors before you select a travel insurance policy, like country, age, and activity at the destination. The country you are travelling to, the risk and cost factors associated with it, etc. will help you identify the plan that is best suited for you. Travel insurance to Asian countries is less expensive than the European and American countries. The policy amount varies on factors like distance, risk factors, medical expenses of that country and such other parameters. You can check for travel insurances online that will cater to your travel needs.

Activity Insurance: The insurance cover depends on your activity at the destination. If you are visiting for entertainment activities like sightseeing or shopping, the regular international travel insurance plan is sufficient. However, if you are planning on adventure activities, you will need to enhance your travel insurance cover with an added cost, since these are not included in the regular travel policy.

For Everyone: Travel insurance in India is available for all age groups. Senior citizen plans include greater cover for diseases and hospitalization. Certain policies also safeguard your home back in India, while you are travelling, or offer assistance to your family at home, etc. at a higher premium. This is when you break the stress of everyday life. Why not insure your travel so you could leave the stress behind!

Other services to make your travel smooth with us: We offer wide range of services to smoothen your travel. Its time to look at Forex and Visa services formatalities if you have insured yourself.
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Wide range of Travel Insurance Plans from USD 50k to 5 Lacs

Customized Senior Citizen and Asia Specific Plan

Affordable Plans with Cashless facility and No Sub-limits

Compensation for loss of Luggage and Passport

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Travel Insurance Benefits: How we can take care of you?

Medical Expenses
Medical Expenses

Covers Hospitalisation Expenses due to illness or injury

Covers emergency Out Patient Department Expenses

Personal Accident
Personal Accident

Coverage in case of accidental death or permanent disablement

Covered up to sum insured amount

Sponsor Protection
Sponsor Protection

Tuition fees of insured covered in case of death of sponsor.

Loss of Passport
Loss of Passport

Reimbursement of cost incurred to obtain emergency certificate

Incidental expense to obtain duplicate passport covered

Medical Expenses for inter - collegiate sports injuries
Medical Expenses

Expenses due to injury during inter collegiate sports covered

Frequently asked Questions - Student Travel Insurance

  • Why do I need a student insurance policy?
    An overseas student insurance policy ensures that you have a stress-free time while studying overseas. Here is why you should opt for this policy. - It is mandatory to have a health insurance policy in most countries, including but not limited to New Zealand. Canada, USA, Australia, Europe etc. - Many universities issue a waiver on obtaining a domestic insurance policy if you have a comparable international insurance policy. - In some cases, insurance policies issued in India are significantly cheaper than policies issued overseas. However, they offer the same benefits such as sports injuries, Mammography, Cancer Screening, Mental disorder, pregnancy related expenses, dental, evacuation, repartition and all other major medical expenses.
  • What does a student insurance policy cover?
    Most Policies cover things such as, sports injuries, Mammography, Cancer Screening, Mental disorder, pregnancy related expenses, dental, evacuation, repartition and all other major medical expenses.
  • In UK all students are covered by the National Health Services (NHS), in which cases what are the benefits of opting for a health insurance policy from India?
    Even though, all international students in the UK are covered by the NHS, they may not be eligible for the free treatments offered by the National Health Services. In which case, students must ensure they have access to eligible insurance policy to cover all their medical expenses, in case of an emergency. Additionally, student insurance policies are not limited to just medical coverage. Policies may provide coverage in the following events: - Re-imbursement of tuition fees in case the student fails to complete his/her course. - Airfare in case students is travelling home to visit a sick relative. - Airfare if a relative is visiting the student in case if an illness. - Airfare in case the student is returning to India to seek medical treatment. - Re-imbursement of expenses in case of a death of students while studying overseas.
  • Is there a bail bond provision?
    Yes, most policies issued in India offer a bail bond clause. What this means is that in case you are detained or arrested by the authorities overseas, most policies entitle you to a bail coverage of USD 5000 or INR 320,000/-.
  • Am I eligible for medical coverage when travelling to India during school break?
    Most student insurance policies are international policies, hence that do not offer medical or travel coverage when visiting India. However, as soon as the student return to the university, he or she is can claim all benefits of the policy.
  • Can I extend my student insurance policy?
    With most policies, you can either opt for a two-year lock in period or but the policy 1 year at a time and extend it each year hereby covering the entire stay of your study. Policies can be renewed three 3 months in advance.
  • Can claims be processed with incomplete documents?
    In order to receive payments against a claim, it is mandatory to produce some documents. In case you fail to obtain the required documents, your insurance company may help you with alternatives.

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