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Asian Tour Packages

The Wonders of Asia - Asia is and always will be the land of the exotic. Comprised of nearly 48 countries, from mighty China to tiny Maldives, Asia offers you a snapshot of the world spanning geographies, cultures and languages. And what better way to enjoy an Asian vacation than with Thomas Cook India’s Asia tour packages. which allow you to get into the very fabric of one single country or envelop yourself in the rich tapestry that forms Asia. With Thomas Cook’s Asia holidays, you can choose to spend 5 nights and 6 days in Thailand with the Simply Thailand tour package at just INR 33 707.00 or choose to pamper the senses with a glamourous vacation to Mauritius at with Thomas Cook India’s Simply Mauritius tour package at INR 97 250.00 If jetting across the continent on your Asia trip excites you, could see the Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia over 8 nights and 7 days or spend 15 nights and 16 days seeing the Best of Japan, China and South Korea at INR 346 471.00 Sound expensive or an Asia holiday package? You could try Thomas Cook India’s Berryful Bali tour starting at INR 8 447.00 for 4 nights and 5 days exclusive of visa and airfare if you’re on a shoestring budget on your vacation to Asia.

There’s a plethora of Asia tour packages curated by Thomas Cook India’s travel experts who care about your needs on vacation. These Asia tours are therefore planned with the utmost care and precision ensuring your experience is a memorable one and Thomas Cook India becomes your preferred travel companion wherever you choose to go. With comfortable accommodation, timely transfers, experienced tour guides and wholesome meals when you’re away from home, Thomas Cook India strives to ensure that every vacation leaves you feeling renewed. After all, isn’t that the sole reason to travel?

Thomas Cook India’s Asia tour packages are available from 15 Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and even Pune, Varanasi, Kolkata and Tiruchirapalli. Want to extend an already fun vacation? Thomas Cook India also has Asia holiday packages starting from countries like Bali, Phuket, Male, Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok.

Most Popular Asia Tour Packages

Asia Tour Packages No. of Nigts / Days Price*
Simply Thailand - Flights Inclusive 6 Nights/ 7 Days  Rs. 54 105
Crazy Deal Singapore With Sentosa Island 4 Nights/ 5 Days  Rs. 63 856
Crazy Deal Bali With Water Sports 6 Nights/ 7 Days  Rs. 65 478
Vietnam Extravaganza 5 Nights/ 6 Days  Rs. 89 055
Japan - Cherry Blossom 7 Nights/ 8 Days  Rs. 2 72 570

Best Time to Visit

Summer is the best time to visit Asia. Summer usually stretches from May to August and is the peak travel season. This season also coincides with the monsoon in parts of Asia such as India, Sri Lanka, southern China, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. This is when you will find almost every holiday destination in the continent packed with a throng of tourists. The pleasant weather combined with a host of activities to do mean that as Asian summer is one you will not easily forget.

Given its diverse geography, Asia is not only home to summery, tropical playgrounds and hot, dry arid deserts but also frosty, white winter wonderlands. Winter from October to March is the best time to visit the higher altitudes and mountainous regions spread across Asia such as Sapporo, Japan, Yunnan Province, China, Yongpyong, South Korea, Sapa, Vietnam, Taichung, Taiwan, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Putao, Myanmar and the Himalayas spread across India and Nepal. This is when you will also find fewer tourists, as most flock to the warmer plains and humid beaches as winter begins to set in.

Asia also has a prolonged monsoon season, which sees the parched summer landscape come alive with verdant green and the smell of damp earth. This season from June to October is when Asian countries, especially those in southeast Asia come into their own. Rivers swell, vegetation blooms and the temperature is balmy, yet tolerable. Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka are great Asian monsoon destinations where you can see the rain roll in and hear the symphony of thunder.

How to get there

The best way to reach the rest of Asia is by flight, especially if you’re travelling from India. There are direct flights from several major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad to popular destinations in Asia such as Bangkok, Malaysia, Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai to name a few. Since summer is the peak season in Asia, it’s a good idea to book your flight tickets well in advance.

Once you’re in Asia, you can choose to fly to different countries on local carriers like Air Asia Air or but these offer the basic minimum which might not be the best when it comes to travelling in comfort or with luggage. Another excellent option is to travel around by car, and you can visit multiple countries even in a rental car. However, you must have a license to drive in Asia. Please check the regulations for every country you intend to visit and drive in.

Places to see in Asia

With forty-eight countries in Asia, each having something fantastic to offer visitors, it can get quite difficult to choose where you want to go. Nevertheless, here are some of the places to see in Asia, countries that you must visit if you want to have the full Asian experience.


In a subcontinent amassing over a billion residents, treasures lie far and wide. From the Himalayas in the North to the Backwaters in the South, an array of experiences await you.

In the north of the north gleams Ladakh, its perennially snow-capped peaks contrast the summer’s lush, green landscape. To visit Ladakh is to surrender oneself to Mother nature’s pleasant surprises.Himachal Pradesh in the north calls out to the trekkers, while Rishikesh, the yoga lovers.Saturated in Portuguese influences, Goa is THE holiday destination if your vision of a perfect holiday includes a delicious local meal at a beach shack or an indulgent spa experience at a luxurious resort. Kerala is Goa’s sister destination, only more rustic, lacking the tourism-driven commercialization of Goa’s nooks and crannies. Kerala's famed backwaters, its traditional curries and dosas, and its down to earth serenity attracts Indians and foreigners from far and wide.

Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka, as though a chunk of Southern India were merely chipped of the subcontinent, emerges beautifully from the Indian Ocean waters. It’s hard to imagine how such a small mass of land has so much to offer! Boasting a diverse wildlife, Sri Lanka’s Uda Walawe and Bundala National Parks almost replicate the experience of an African safari. Numerous Land and water bound species are protected within the borders of Lanka. The boutiques, malls, and restaurants of Colombo perfectly complement the surf culture at Arugam Bay, both displaying healthy competition at its finest!


Nepal, home of the Himalayas, calls upon many trekkers and adventure enthusiasts for the Everest Base camp trek, the Annapurna Circuit trek, or the Langtang Valley trek. Although these endeavours require a fair bit of experience, altitude training, and physical vigour, the effort rewards in more ways than one. Activities like white water rafting and kayaking are among Nepal’s highlights


Bhutan relays an array of Himalayan treks facilitated by expert, local guides; the country’s Snowman trek and Jhomolhari trek are among the few globally eminent walks! Ascending the peaks offer as much delight as descending into the valleys. Bhutan’s Haa Valley, fairly close to Paro, is yet another trekking hub prioritizing intentional travel through homestays and personalized hostels. Meanwhile, the Thimphu valley’s museums, markets, restaurants, nightlife, and boutiques render it a tourist’s paradise.


The land of coconut curries and thrift shops, Thailand has a variety of experiences to offer its visitors. You can begin with an indulgent spree in the urban Bangkok, drawing shopaholics from far and wide. Street food vendors, late-night food, exquisite rooftop bars, and underground clubs are much of the city’s charm. Skyscrapers coexist with ancient temples, lending to a wholesome capital.


The Gili Islands, only a boat ride away from Bali, Indonesia, welcome all to their glistening, turquoise waters. Jump in for a swim, scuba dive, snorkel, and explore the diverse marine life of this region. And then for some more enjoyment, experience fresh, local seafood amidst the pleasant vibes at Gili Trawangan. While Jakarta is where the party is – always – at, the Baliem Valley and Kerinci Valley boast challenge and adventure. Carefully hike through the jungle trails of Baliem Valley or explore the flora and fauna of the Kerinci. No matter where your Indonesian adventures take you, its Sate, its Nasi goreng, and peanut sauces will be sure to keep up!


It has the monsoons and the aridity, the spring blossoms and the autumn discolouration, the summer humidity and the winterly chills, Vietnam is a heaven on Earth. Hoi An is the urban metropolis of Vietnam, flowering in restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping, while its sister city, Ho chi Mihn provides the same vibrancy amidst its fervent motorcyclists and street vendors! Hike through Bac Ha or wander through evergreen forests and their inhabitants at Ba Be National Park. One does not depart Vietnam without a cup – or more – of the local Vietnamese coffee! Whether hot or iced, the flawless combination of espresso, condensed milk, and sugar will embed Vietnam in your memories for years to come!


Singapore, a land of pride and pleasure, is the blueprint of an urban sanctuary in today’s times. What does it not have? A seamless, public transportation system, functional healthcare system, astounding cuisines, blend of rich cultures, environmental sustainability, endless shopping and only more! The Garden’s by the Bay surrounding the popular Marina Bay Sands hotel, and the Singapore Botanical Gardens are the literal lungs of the country. Singapore is perhaps the only place in the world where food stalls reside high in the Michelin records. Take full advantage of your time at the Changi International Airport, the world’s number one airport. A little city of its own, the amenities, delicacies, and accessibility within three extensive terminals easily enable prolonged, restful layovers!

What to Eat in Asia
Asian food is a riot of flavours that is nutritious and wholesome as well. Thanks to its primarily agrarian economy, vegetables, nuts and cereals are prominent, with rice being a staple across the continent. Meat and fish are add-ons, used to highlight a dish rather than serve as the mainstay. The Asian culinary repertoire is vast and delightful, but here are a few dishes you must eat while in Asia.

Thali, India
The thali gets its name from the large platter it is served in. It is a melange of vegetables in various forms such as curries, stir-fries and crisp fried vegetables served with rice, rotis, pickles, crisp popadums and dessert. Guests are encouraged to vary their selection with each bite in this choose-your-own-adventure style meal where no two bites taste the same. Traditionally all vegetarian, meat based alternatives to the thali also exist and are just as delightful.

Ramen, Japan
A far cry from the instant ramen that is popular the world over, ramen in Japan is an art, science and religion one large bowl. Served piping hot with a variety of toppings, ramen is the perfect example of Japanese attention to detail. The hot broth is the perfect balance savoury and comforting, the noodles are slippery, chewy and slightly springy and the chashu pork that sits atop the bowl is tender enough to melt in your mouth. Almost every region in Japan has its own take on ramen from the light shoyu broth to the heavy, gelatinous tonkotsu.

Halo, Philippines
Halo is a Philipine frozen dessert which is best described as larger than life. Imagine a bowl piled high with shaved ice, topped with evaporated milk, sweetened coconut, stewed fruit, nuts, candy and all sorts of sweet treats. Streaked with sweetened flavoured syrups in a technicolour, neon palette that will leave your own palate asking for more, Halo is a dish you shouldn’t miss in the Philippines

Xiaolongbao, China
If you’re ever in China and can’t decide between ordering the dumplings or the soup, try the xiaolongbao instead. These steamed buns hold a savory surprise in the form of soup. The come with a straw that you use to pierce the dumpling in order to slurp the soup before devouring the rest of the bao. These are a wholesome filling meal in themselves that will leave you wanting more.

Hainanese Chicken and Rice, Singapore
The simplicity and flavour of this dish is astounding. Poached chicken, with glistening velvety skin is served with aromatic sticky rice, pickled cucumber and dipping sauces to create an iconic Singaporean comfort food. Usually served at street side hawker centers, this dish has now entered the world-famous Michelin Guide with a list of 8 hawker stalls serving what could be the cheapest Michelin starred meal you can buy.

Things to Do in Asia

Roar at the Lion’s Rock in Sri Lanka
The ancient royal compound of Sigiriya, or Lion’s Rock is the star attraction in Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle. It is best visited in the morning, before the day heats up and takes roughly 45 minutes to reach the summit, but you’ll be treated to frescoes, rock gardens, and other splendid sights with every step.

Feel like royalty in India
India stereotypically conjures up images of palaces and elephants. Jaipur's old city plays to this stereotype. The City Palace, built by the last surviving maharaja, is a complex of mini-palaces arranged in a series of unfolding boxes—so the deeper the realm, the more private and less accessible it becomes. Despite the fact that the princess and her family still live in the palace, it serves very much as a public living room—you’ll see locals chatting in its squares and relaxing in its open-air pavilions—and isn’t at all forbidding.

Enter the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan
Taktsang Palphug, commonly known as Tiger’s Nest, is a 17th-century structure built into a sheer rock-face 10,200 feet above Paro Valley. It is called the ‘Tiger’s Nest’ because, legend has it, in the eight century Guru Rinpoche flew to this spot on the back of a tiger. Construction began in the 1400s, with expansions being carried out until the late 1600’s. In 1998, a fire swept through the buildings, but the temples were restored to their original shape. There are 15 beautiful temples in Tiger’s Nest complex whose wall paintings have been painstakingly restored by UNESCO.

Fly to Singapore
The wonder of Singapore seizes you as soon as you deplane at Singapore's Changi International Airport. Constantly voted, the best-run airport in the world, Changi International is not only clean and efficient, it's packed with perks you wouldn't expect to find in an airport.  It has a butterfly garden, a swimming pool, a gym, a spa, a movie theater, an arcade, a playground, and free tours of the city for those with a layover of five or more hours. Tired of taking an escalator? Changi International Airport has slides travellers can zip down to save time and have tons of fun. This airport is constantly changing with fun new elements being added every year.

Step into the Emperors shoes in China
To best experience the Forbidden City skip the museum within the complex's grounds and head to the North Gate, going backward toward the main entrance at Tiananmen. This is where every emperor and his family lved from 1i420, when the 7.8-million-square-foot, 980-building compound was finished, until 1912, when the Qing dynasty finally came to an end.

Conduct some fishy business at Tsukiji, Japan
Nearly 3,000 tons of seafood moves through Tokyo’s Tsikiji market everyday to retailers and restaurants in Japan and abroad. Have a textbook on marine biology open as you wander the maze of stalls selling everything that could be pulled from the sea. Make way and watch your step in this busy market as things get hectic in the mornings. By afternoon, the market is all but empty as the vendors set up for the next day, this is when you can grab some superbly fresh sushi and sashimi, made from fish from the market or even grab a bowl of ramen, rubbing shoulders with fisherman and traders.

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