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Place's to visit in Morocco

When you travel to Morocco, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Morocco, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Morocco to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Morocco things to do can include exploring Morocco attractions and visiting the places of interest.

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Attractions in morocco


Meknes is the imperial city of Morocco and has a history that dates back to as early as 11th century. This is one of the most significant landmarks in the entire country has numerous monuments and places of great tourist attraction.  Some of the major landmark monuments in Meknes are Bab Al-Mansour gate, Hedim Square, The Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, prison of Qara, The Museum Dar AlJamai etc. The old medina, Hamria the new city and Volubilis are also located in and around the city of Meknes.


The fortified city of AïtBenhaddouis located on now unused caravan route between Marrakech and Sahara. This ancient city is surrounded by high mud wall and inside there are still 6 kashbas and also a few homes. The city has been shown in a number of globally popular movies.


Numerous religious places and pilgrimage destinations for the indigenous Berbers, Roman Jews and Muslims are scattered through the mountains, deserts and beaches of Morocco. Koutoubia mosque, Ben Youssef Medersa, Kasbah Mosque, Ali Ben Youssef Mosque and Kouba el Badiyin are religious destinations visited by pilgrims all around the year. Kutubiya masque of Marrakech and Kairouine masque in Fez attract large number of tourists. Other sacred destinations in Morocco include - Kaf l-ihudi cave on Mt. Jbel Binna, near Sefrou, Jbel l-Hdar Holy Mountain, Hilltop shrine of LallaTamjlujt, Atlas Mountains, awia of MulayBus'aib, Azemmur and Shines of Seven saints of Marrakesh.


Moroccans are worldwide recognized as masters in the art of gardening and in the natural parks and refined gardens of the country you will discover tamed yet unspoiled nature and enjoy the rich and almost intoxicating fragrances from the forest. The Andalusian gardens of Rabat,Skoura palm grove near Ouarzazate and Mendoubia gardens in Tangier are some of the best gardens and parks in Morocco those are not only wonderful specimens of tamed natural beauty but will also provide serenity and comfort to the soul by means of encouraging the mind.


Spectacular natural beauty and natural attractions are scattered all over Morocco. From the snow covered peaks of the mountains to sunny Mediterranean beaches, lush highland valleys and desert stretching till the horizon – this country is a treasure trove for nature tourists. From the sand dunes of the Sahara to mountains bounties of nature are visible everywhere that can certainly keep you overwhelmed all throughout your entire vacation.


There are numerous landmarks in Morocco but the large and mysterious city of Marrakech, built by the Berbers is perhaps the most famous landmark in the entire country. The ancient Roman province of Volubilis, Casablanca city and Kairouine masque in Fez are other landmarks that you can also visit.


For centuries the country has been a meeting point for cultures from different parts of the world and that is also very much evident in the literature of the country.  Morocco is also known all over the world for its carpets and visual arts do also have a long history here. Moroccans are quite engrossed in music and art, which is evident through its many art galleries and music theatres.

Activities in morocco

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A family vacation to Morocco has something to please everyone. Travelling on camel back across the rolling dunes of the Sahara, mule riding in the ancient Berber villages, visiting the imperial cities or surfing on the Mediterranean waves – there are numerous options that your kids can enjoy in Morocco. Visiting the Jemma el-Fnaa Square can be another excellent idea as there is numerous attractions here that will keep your kids occupied any time of day and night. Taking pictures with snakes around their necks, watching monkey tricks or enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice from any of the stalls in the market is sure to give them some wonderful time.

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If you are looking for a holiday of adventures and thrills there will be no dearth of adventure activity options in Morocco. Enjoy surfing, kite-boarding, swimming and biking while enjoying the coast lines or trek and hike the Atlas Mountains with a Berber guide – it is always going to be a fascinating experience for you.

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With its serene natural beauty the mountains, valleys, beaches and even the desert are perfect for leisurely and relaxing holidays. The gardens and parks of the country are also enchantingly beautiful and allow you to unwind and relax amidst fragrant natural surroundings.

Food in morocco


There are many high standard restaurants in almost all cities of Morocco that serve food from all over the world. Restaurants serving only traditional Moroccan style dishes are also there. Whether you are looking for typical Moroccan food or taste delicacies from other culinary traditions, great dining options are available almost everywhere in the country.Gastro MK, The Amal Moroccan Restaurant and Women's Training Center and La Table Al Badia at Riad Al Badia are among the popular restaurants.


Moroccan cuisine has been heavily influenced by different culinary traditions for centuries and now is a mixture of Berber, Mediterranean and Andalusian cuisine. Different types of meats serve as the base for most Moroccan style dishes and flavorings and spices are also extensively used in the cooking process. Baghrir, Harsha, Harira, Couscous and Tagine are a must try.

Night Life in morocco


Music is at the heart of Moroccan culture and Marrakech is the best place for enjoying live performances of fusion Moroccan music. In the cafes and streets of Medina, live performance of traditional music by locals can be easily found.


Being an Islamic country Morocco has a laid-back type attitude towards consumption but bars and pubs stays open let for the tourists and there are some excellent bars in Marrakech and other cities too.

Shopping in morocco


When it comes to flea markets in Morocco, Jemma el Fnaa in Marrakech is considered as one of the top five flea markets in the entire world. This is a UNESCO protected heritage site and will overwhelm your senses with its riot of colors and intoxicating chaos. You will find everything that you can imagine is available here and without visiting this Flea market no visit to Morocco can be considered as complete.


Visiting the street markets of Morocco can be a mesmerizing cultural experience. The electric energy of the Moroccan street markets with all their sights colors and sounds makes them must visit places and you will find street markets in almost every single city of the country.

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