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Places to visit in South Korea

South Korea has on offer numerous national parks enclosing beautiful mountain ranges, gorgeous ski slopes, remote islands and serve villages where you can visit rice paddy fields and sleep in traditional wooden houses as guests of the local in the area. And just when you thought that South Korea couldn't get possibly offer you anything else, you learn that the country has a packed social calendar filled with numerous festivals and events and realize that the locals are always celebrating something or the other. There are numerous things to do in South Korea, and there is always something for everyone. The three main cities of South Korea are Seoul (the capital city of South Korea), Busan and Incheon.

Each one of them has many famous and historically significant monuments, temples and landmarks. Each city has a different food culture; for instance, you can travel to Incheon to have Chinese food, even though it's a Korean city. Busan has some truly international restaurant serving fancy French and Hawaiian cuisine among other popular cuisines. You can take ferry rides from Incheon to nearly remote islands and even to China. You can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Seoul; the city is living breathing organism 27*7.

There are numerous places to visit in South Korea, many delicious dishes to eat, go on insane shopping sprees and of course soaking in the countries rich and vast cultural history. Although there is a lot of variation in the countries weather throughout the year, South Korea is a year-round destination, and there isn't any best time to visit the country. However, each season has its distinct character and travelers should decide based on what weather they prefer and what activates they want to do and places they want to visit. 

In addition to these South Korea celebrated numerous festivals each year and you can travel choose your travel based on festivals you may want to attend. Lastly, some season like spring and autumn are busy tourist season, hence its more expensive to travel then, than say as supposed to summers or winters. Each season has on offer different activities although all famous attractions can be visited round the year.

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Incheon Grand Park

Incheon park covers a staggering area equivalent to 727 acres making it the largest park in the city. On either side of the park are two iconic monuments, Sangassan Mountain and Gwanmosan Mountain. You can visit these monuments and go hiking and hill sledding. A fun activity for kids. In addition to these great monuments, there are many other attractions such as playing grounds, children's zoo, botanical gardens and beautiful lakes in the park for tourists to enjo

Namwon Chunhyang Festival

This festival is a celebration of a beloved Korean folk character Chunhyang from the popular story Chunhyangjeon. The story tells the tale of how Chunhyang was devoted to her beloved despite the many troubles, and the festival is celebrated to honor her struggle and devotion. The festivals feature many activities such as love booths, lantern parades, wrestling and fan dancing.



United Nations Memorial Cemetery

This is a burial country for the soldiers in United Nations who were martyrs of the Korean War. It's the only remain burial grounds dedicated to UN soldiers with over 2300 graves. The cemetery is spread over several acres and consists of many monuments such as British Commonwealth monument, Australian monument, Greek monument and the Turkish monument.


Location: 93 UN py


Incheon is South Koreas thirds largest city and is an ever-expanding metropolis. The city mainly serves as an industrial port and is only 36km away from the capital city of Seoul. It is an Incheon that Korea first welcomed foreigners in the year 1883, before which the country was living in absolute isolation. The city played a significant part in the Korean War of 1950 and fragments of the ill dated war can still be seen there, specifically in the port areas and c

Gwanghwamun Station

You must be wondering what's so iconic about a subway station, well if you want to visit three of Seoul's most popular tourists' spots, i.e., King Sejong statue, The Cheonggyecheon stream, Gyeongbokgung Palace, you must first make your way here. Everything else is a stone throw away from the station. In addition to many popular tourist attraction, you can enjoy open views of the cities and spot mountain ranges in the far distance. There are many places to eat, sho

Mountain Trout Ice Festival

The festival is celebrated in January in Hwacheon located in the Gangwon province. During the festival, you can enjoy the breath-taking views, crystal clear ice and white snow. There are also some activities you can enjoy such as making ice sculptures, snow sledding, ice fishing and other.


Why you should attend this: You can enjoy the beautiful winter views and activiti


After you make your way through the extensive list of attractions in Incheon, you are bound to be tires and exhaust. So, what better way to relax than spending a couple of hours taking a relaxing bath. If that sounds like fun, then you must make your way to Spaces, the largest sauna and spa center in Incheon. The place has on offer many swimming pools, cave rooms, fitness room, movie theatre, restaurants, billiards and children's room.


Location: Spaces, 5

Seoul Lantern Festival

This festival is celebrated on the first Friday of November each year when the streets of Seoul light up with hundreds of grand illuminated lanterns. The festival attracts tourist from all over the world and lasts for a whole two weeks. Each year the festival has a new theme that ranges from traditional and modern aspects of the South Korean society.


Why you should attend this:<


Seoul is the capital city of South Korea with a total population of 9.9 million people. Seoul is a busy metropolitan with a constant hustle and bustle. The capital city of South Korea is Seoul and is located on the Han River and is currently the largest city in the world. The city is operational 24*7, and at every corner, you will find a taxi or subway station, cafes and restaurants and information booths. As a tourist its very unlikely that you will feel lost her

Gamcheon Culture Visit

This village is a testimony to the creative and artistic side of South Korea with an abundance of graffiti, artworks, and paintings that decorate every nook and corner of this beautiful village. The village sits atop a tall mountain, but once you make your way to the top, the scenic views are truly breathtaking. Make sure you grab a map on your way as the streets of the village can be hard to navigate.


Location: Gamcheon-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, South Korea<

Korea Furniture Museum

The museum is an iconic attraction in Seoul. The museum has on display 10 Hanok aka traditional Korean houses and 2,000 plus traditional Korean furniture pieces. The museum itself is a beautiful and significant architectural wonder in Seoul. It an ideal tourist attraction for the whole family and you can take home some inspiration for your home interiors.


Location: 330-


In the recent years, Insadong has made its transition from a traditional Seoul district to a modern, artsy hot spot. There are many art galleries, tea shops, artsy spots, souvenir shops to visit. You can get portraits made here, but cool paintings and traditional handicrafts as well as enjoy tasty teas and scrumptious food.


Location: Insadong, Jongro-gu

Known for: There are many art galleries, tea shops, artsy spots, souvenir shops

Andong International Maskdance Festival

This festival happens every year in the historically significant Hahoe Folk Village in Andong. The festival glorifies the rich and vast Korean traditions, and each year the festival has on display many different form and styles to mask dances from some countries in Asian and around the world. Although the most spectacular display is, of course, the Korean dances.


Why you should

Jeondeungsa Temple

This is a religious temple located within the Samrangseong Fortressbuilt nearly a thousand years ago. In the olden days, the temple was used as a shrine for the family ancestors. The temple is very grand with several grand structures and great buildings such as Yaksajeon, Yangheonsu Victory Monument, Beomjong Bell and Daeungbojeon. In addition to all this, the temple is surrounded by colorful trees and flowers.



Busan is the second largest city in South Korea with a population of 3.5 million people. The city has many sun-kissed beached, magnificent mountains. Busan is a lively port town that has much to offer to tourists and locals alike. Busan has a wide range of chic cafes, tent bars and fish markets that sell every imaginable species of seafood. There is something to match everyone's taste here. The urban landscape of the city is defined by rocky mountain ranges and on

Haedong Yonggung Temple

The temple is located along the coastline, was built by Naong a great Buddhist teacher. The temple was built under the reign of the Goryeo Dynasty and is a testimony to Koreas rich historical past.


Location: 416-3, Sirang-ri, Gijangeup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea

Known for: The temple is a testimony to Koreas rich

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon is without a doubt an iconic historical district in Seoul. Visitors here can stroll at leisure in tiny streets lined with brick walls and traditional Korean houses that vary in shape and sizes. Unlike the Korea furniture museum, the village has a livelier feel, and there are even an outdoor museum and several tea houses that you can visit.


Location: Bukchon Cult

Ski Paradise for Beginners

This tour allow tourists to spend a whole day amidst beautiful snow-covered mountains. Tourists can also enjoy cable car rides and skiing here. There are skiing packages available that include basic training, and all skiing gear. All tours include round-trip hotel transfers, ski clothing, 60-minute ski lessons, ski equipment and even a meal of banana milk and toast. Since their tours are usually for the whole day, you must organize your meals. If you decide to go

Eden Valley Ski Resort and Gamcheon Culture Village Tour

The tour starts from your hotel and continues to Eden Valley Ski Resort located 1.5 hours from Busan. The resort is located on top of the Sinbulsan Mountain. On your way to the resort, the tour makes a stop at the Gamcheon Culture Village, that is popular for its colorful houses and photogenic surroundings. You can enjoy skiing at the resort as well as snowboarding and sledding. At the village, you can spend time soaking up South Korean history and culture as well

Incheon City Tour

If you are visiting Incheon, then you must go on a half day city tour, because it covers all the popular and important tourist hot spots and is the best way to see this portside city. The tour lasts for about 2.5 hours and cover locations such as Incheon Station in Chinatown, Harbour park hotel, Incheon Inner Port, G-Tower, Canal Walk, Art Centre, Incheon Deagyo Bridge Observatory Ocean scope, Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall, Songdo Central Park, SongdoCon

Half Day City Tour of the Demilitarization Zone in South Korea

IImi Hwapyeondong Naengmyeon

This restaurant is famous for serving Korean inspired cold noodles but with a twist. They serve chewy noodles with a light yet sweet broth and people line up outside to try this delicacy. They are different from other noodle joints because they use watermelon instead of pear to add a cool, crunchy taste to the dish.


Must Eat: Chewy noodles in sweet broth. 

Punjab India Restaurant

By now you must be craving some Indian food, so what better places that the Punjab Indian Restaurant. It's a high rated Indian restaurant and frequents by many tourists from all over the world. Additionally, if you are a vegetarian, this place will be food heaven for you.


Must Eat: Samosas, Naan and chicken tikka masala.  


This is a fine dining two Michelin star restaurant. They some delicious local cuisine, in addition to other south-east Asian delicacies and many vegetarian dishes. They are known for their extensive menu, swift service, and consistency. If you happen to visit them make sure you try their five-course set menu. It's an absolute delight and very popular amongst locals and tourists alike.




This is a 4-storey high restaurant located in Incheon's famous Chinatown. This is among one the most famous jjajangmyeon, i.e., noodle serving restaurant in Incheon. The most famous dish is the chewy noodles served with black bean sauce and its believed this dish was created in Incheon due to a high presence if Chinese immigrants here. In addition to Chinese inspired noodle dishes, the restaurant also severs a variety of buns, dumplings, and set meals.

Buam Galbi

The restaurant has been around since 1978 and is famous for serving Korean Barbeque. The restaurant is frequented by locals, tourists, and even celebrities. They offer a unique dinningexperience where you can grill your pork belly on a grill present at your table.


Must Eat: Hanwoo (Native Cattle), Pork Belly and grilled meat with cabbage 

The Party Haeundae

The restaurant has an extensive menu and offers a variety of Korean, Asian, Vegetarian and International dishes. They are particularly famous for the buffet that has many dishes and there is something for everyone here.


Must Eat: Buffet and Korean style BBQ.  

Approximate Cost for two: Dinner for two costs approx

Mugyodong Bugeokukjib

This is a no muss no fuss kind of place; they have a simple menu with one main dish, i.e., their world-famous fish soup that they serve with rice and some additional side dishes like kimchi. Their menu may not be extensive, but the quality of their food is superb, and the service is fast.


Must Eat: Fish soup with rice and some side dishes. 


The bar is popular among tourist and expats. There are pool tables in the bar and occasionally live bands play here. The cover charges for the are approx. INR 900 per person.


Opening hours: 7 pm to 2 am

Location: Haeundae district.

The Jet Lagged Lizard

This western style bar located at the Incheon International Airport. It has on offer a great selection of beer, wines, and cocktails including some great grub food. It's a great place to duck in if you are waiting for a flight or have a long layover. Its quieter than the usual South Korean nightclubs but a great place if you want to have a quite informal night.


Opening hours:


The club has been recently renovated and is located in the ambassador hotel. The club was formerly named Murphy's. They have a big dance floor and DJ performances. Sometimes they even have live performances by famous artists. You can also hire private rooms here if you want a nice quiet evening.


Opening hours: 6 pm to 2 am


Octagon in Gangnam District

Octagon is the most popular club in Gangnam and is the 5th best club in the world. It beat out clubs such as Berghain in Berlin and many popular spots in Ibiza and Las Vegas to gain the top spot in the world ranking. Although clubbing here is not cheap, you can expect to pay approx. INR 1700/- per person as cover charges here.


Opening hours: Open from 6 am onwards. &nbs

Vy Bar and Karaoke

If you are after a local nightlife experience then you must visit Vy Bar and Karaoke. The club is located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel so that you can experience a high standard of quality, food, and drinks. They have a state of the art Karaoke system, and you can hire separate karaoke rooms if you are shy or afraid of embarrassing yourself I front of huge crowds.


Opening hours:

Fuzzy Navel

This is a tourist friendly late-night dancing club. It has a big dance floor, several private rooms and pool table for the patrons. Its located behind the Seacloud Hotel on the 4th floor.


Opening hours: 7 pm to 2 am

Location:  Behind the Seacloud Hotel on the 4th floor.

Monkey Museum in Cheongnam dong

This is a new club located in a posh neighborhood. Go here if you want to have a high-end clubbing experience. The club has stylish and classy interiors and is a great place to meet new people and locals alike. This is primarily a hip-hop club and served some truly fantastic drinks. The standard of music here is truly exceptional and famous DJ's like Al Rocco, Kingmck, Unity, and Shaun have performed here.


Ewha Womans University Shopping Street

This is a local shopping hot spot with a mix of many streets and branded stores. The market is famous for students and youngsters, so everything here is very trendy and youthful. South Korea is famous for its funky fashion clothing and accessories, so this is the places to go and get your hands on some of their trendy hipster style clothes. Among branded stores, you will Korean brands such as Skin food and Tony Moly here.


Gulke Market

This is among on the largest market in South Korea. You can buy anything and everything here including food items, clothing, appliances, electronics, seafood, etc. The alleyways of the market connect to Kkangtong Market and Bupyeong Market on either side. Therefore, you can explore three markets in one place. The market is famous for locals and tourist alike, and you can bargain here as well. This is a very old market as it was set up post the Korean War. The mark

NC Cube Canal Walk

This market has some Korean brands and a few stores selling popular international brands. It's a great place to but men's clothing. It also has a number of places to eat and you must try the fried pork served with cheese fondue.  Among the many stores, you must TERO. This is not a street market, it a high-end place with many boutique stores. There are no supermarkets here just stores, cafes, and restaurants.


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