Chadar Trek In Ladakh

Otherwise referred to as the ‘Frozen River Trek,’ the surreal Chadar Trek gives you an experience like no other. There are several frozen sheets of ice over which you can walk to reach the mountains that are hugged by snow from all the sides. As you keep walking, the snow from the mountains would be melting on one side and forming a stream, which is a surreal sight to withhold. Like this view is not fascinating enough, if you keep walking and look around you there is an excellent view of the surreal Himalayan beauty until as far as your eyes can witness. The beauty of the Himalayas and the mountains would seem to be never-ending, and you would never feel like returning home after watching this incredible beauty!



This trek generally happens on the frozen river of Zanskar, and hence it is named as the Chadar Trek.

Address: Zanskar River, Ladakh

Hours: The trek happens mostly during the daytime when there is sunlight. 



The Chadar Trek would take around nine days to complete, including your return from the place to Leh. This trek usually happens during the first week of January to mid-February when the Zanskar Lake is frozen, to be able to walk over it.



The highlights of Chadar Trek are the snow-capped mountains, frozen waterfalls, frozen lake over which you can walk, and miles and miles of mountains until your eyes can see. It is a different kind of surreal beauty that you can never get enough of. Chadar Trek brings out a different side of your personality that you didn’t know existed. The Chadar Trek is not just an experience, but it is about facing the toughest of challenges that you never came across. It holds the beautiful secrets of the Himalayas, allowing a person to enjoy the blissful beauty of those snow-clad mountains. It is a must-do thing for all the people who love snow and taking up adventurous challenges.



  • The cost of the trek would include the following:
  • Accommodation
  • Camping services of the trek
  • Meals during the trek
  • Other trek requirements like a mattress, kitchen tent, toilet tent, sleeping bag, and some utensils
  • Permits and entry fees
  • First aid kits, medical kits, oxygen cylinders, and stretchers
  • One leader to guide you, a cook, and some supporting staff
  • Transport from Leh to the trek starting point and return.



It would cost you INR 17,000-55,000 approximately per person, depending on the time at which you make your bookings or your accommodation preferences. If it is the last minute booking, it might cost you more than INR 55,000.


Recommended for

This trek is strictly recommended for fit people, without any health complications, as you need to walk through extreme temperatures. If you are not fit enough and you still want to go on the trek, you might contact your trusted physician and take tips before you take any further steps.


How to get to Chadar Trek

There is only one possible way to reach Leh and Ladakh, which is by air. You can comfortably take a flight to reach the base camp of the Chadar Trek and then from there; you can meet your trek authorities. The trek authorities will handle the rest of your trip later on, which is a plus point, as you don’t have to take care of every little thing regarding this travel. There is no way that any of these roads would be accessible by any kind of vehicles, so it is suggested that you go by walking. 

By Air: You can reach New Delhi to take a flight to Leh. Delhi has some direct flights to Leh on a regular basis so that you can plan a trip and immediately book tickets to reach the beautiful Leh. Once you are over the place, you can see hundreds of snow-capped mountains, which will give you clarity as to why you cannot reach Leh by road during the winter season. Nevertheless, you are sure to enjoy the flight ride, as you can get a fantastic look at all the untouched areas and some of the mountain ranges, the aerial views of which are beyond fascinating.


About Chadar Trek

The trek starts from the gorgeous Leh where you can reach by a flight. Flights are the most comfortable and pleasant way to reach Leh, as it is surrounded by snow on all the sides, giving a completely white look. As the flight descends towards Leh, you can get an amazing view of the mountains from a distance of 11400 feet above the sea level. The Zanskar River is at its best state during the month of February, which makes it easy to cross the water body. This Frozen River Trek begins in a small village called Chilling, from where the scintillating Zanskar River starts to freeze. 

The first step towards your trek begins at Leh, moving towards TsomoPaldar. On your way, you would be crossing Chilling and Tilad where you can witness the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, the magnificent Magnetic Hill. After that, you move towards Tibb Caves passing through a waterfall that never freezes. From Tibb Cave, you move towards Nerak which is the first village of the Zanskar region. From Nerak, you come back to the Tibb Cave and move towards Gyalpo. From Gyalpo you return to Tilad do, and then you return back to Leh.


Interesting facts about Chadar Trek

  • The temperatures during the nighttime can go as low as -25 to -35 degrees when the weather becomes quite harsh. 
  • The entire trek distance is 105 km approximately, most of which is covered by walking. 
  • During the daytime, you need to walk over the chilly ice sheets of the frozen Zanskar river, whereas in the night time you have to sleep in caves which are situated near the frozen river.
  • You can comfortably take the Himalayan water to quench your thirst, as this water is considered to be completely safe and pure to be taken directly.
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