Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a 11th century medieval castle built in 1068 by William the Conqueror. Situated in Warwickshire, England, the original wooden motte-and-bailey castle was rebuilt in stone in the 12th century and the facade opposite the town was refortified, resulting in one of the most recognisable examples of 14th-century military architecture. In the early 17th century, it was granted by James I to Sir Fulke Greville who became Earl of Warwick in 1759. He converted the castle to a country house until 1978 when it was bought by the Tussauds Group, who transformed it to a historical theme park and opened it to the general public for a spectacular tour.



  • The resplendent and opulent Warwick Castle with a brilliant architecture, landscaped gardens and view from the towers and rampart is a breath-taking and riveting sight to behold.
  • The Great Hall is the centre of attraction and on display are several stunning artefacts from various centuries.
  • Witness the jousting tournament (summer only), archery, the magnificent Birds of Prey, or the world’s largest trebuchet launching a fireball.
  • Discover the gruesome history of the castle through the tours and live shows. 
  • Climb the towers for a spellbinding and brilliant views across 5 counties.
  • Witness the castle dungeons and torture chambers.


Recommended For

  • Children and Adults



  • General admission 



Immerse in the history of the imposing and magnificent castle as it unravels the spellbinding tales, myths and mysteries. The attractions include:

Horrible Histories Maze – The Horrible Histories Maze is a walk-through experience of discovering the history by combining special effects, obstacles and minor motion movements and invading the vicious Vikings, surviving the trenches and uncovering the evil plots to escape the maze.

Time Tower – Time Tower is an immersive audio visual multimedia experience capturing the essence of Warwick Castle’s rich and vibrant history. Join characters from the Castle's past as they travel through time on an adventure quest through Warwick Castle’s dark history of bloodshed, death, treachery and destruction and discover the true story of 1,100 years of Warwick Castle through the Ages.

The Castle Dungeon – The Castle Dungeon is a scintillating live show performances narrating the history replete with amazing cast of historic characters, immersive 360 degree sets and state of the art special-effects.

The Princess Tower – Join the princess to help solve the riddle which will reunite Guy and Felice to live happily ever after.

Kingmaker – Join the medieval army of Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick as he prepares his army for a battle. Take a journey through his preparations for war and experience the sights, sounds and smells of medieval England.

Towers and Ramparts – Amble and wander among the splendid towers and ramparts that were built as a defence against attacks and provided excellent vantage point to the army. Today, it offers mesmerising view of the vast grounds and beautiful garden. Tour the marvellous Defensive Towers, The Gatehouse and Barbican, The Curtain Walls, The Mound, Caesar’s Tower, Guy’s Tower, Bear and Clarence Tower and The Gaol.

Weapons – Witness the trebuchet, which was the largest and most formidable of the siege machines and was, in essence, a huge catapult and the ballista, which was a giant stationary crossbow that fired long heavy bolts or arrows and was one of the most effective Mediaeval weapons.

Warwick’s Royal Weekend Party – Wish to be a part of the lavish and royal party of the Medieval era? Throughout 12 exquisitely designed rooms that were in fact former private apartments, wax figures of the principal attendees stand alongside authentic furniture and furnishings to help bring to life the excitement and scandal that swept through this weekend party. From seeing the Countess of Warwick, Daisy trying on her newly commissioned gown to a young Winston Churchill reading a book in the library, Victorian Britain is accurately recreated here.

The Interiors – The interiors of the Warwick Castle speak of grandness and opulence. Marvel at the magnificence as you explore the elegant Great Hall, State Rooms and the Earl’s Private Chapel. The Great Hall is the largest room in the Castle and includes some of the exciting artifacts such as the splendid Kenilworth buffet, huge cauldron known as ‘Guy’s Porridge Pot’, various suits of armour, two pristine pieces of equestrian armour and a miniature suit of armour believed to have been made for the four year old son of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester.

The Warwick Castle also has daily shows for visitors to experience such as:

The Castle Dungeon -  Be prepared to witness some of the darkest, bloodiest and most frightening times in the Castle’s history as live actors and special effects bring to life the gruesome tales.

History Team Tours - Discover the secrets, mysteries and remarkable stories from Warwick Castle's 1100 years of history on the historical tour of the castle.

Winter Birds of Prey Show – The Falconry display showcases some of the beautiful and powerful creatures - including vultures and owls flying from the castle ramparts.

The Castle has varied restaurants to choose from and numerous stores for gifts, merchandises and souvenirs to commemorate the day and take away cherished memories of the park.

The Warwick Castle is a must visit to admire the beauty of a castle built 1100 years ago and explore the history and the astounding stories of its inhabitants.



  • Warwick CV34 4QU, UK



  • 10:00 am – 16:00 pm, Daily


Price (In INR approximately)

Ticket Type Price
  Online Booking Admission Desk
Castle Ticket  INR 1,290 INR 2,578
Castle + Dungeon Ticket INR 1,565 INR 3,131
Short Breaks INR 3,407 -
VIP: Exclusive Tour Package    
Adult INR 13,814
Couple (2xAdults) INR 20,722
Child INR 4,605
Additional Adult INR 6,907
Family (2 x Adults + 2 x Children) INR 27,629


Interesting Facts about Warwick Castle

  • Over its 950 years long history, the Warwick Castle has been owned by 36 different individuals, plus four periods as Crown property under seven different monarchs.
  • The Great Hall is the largest room in the Castle and continues to be the most explored and interesting space. In the early middle ages, straw and dirt covered the floor of the Great Hall. The Great Hall as it stands today was first constructed in the 14th century. It was rebuilt in the 17th century and then restored in 1871 after it had been badly damaged by a fire which swept through part of the Castle.
  • The gatehouse features murder holes, two drawbridges, a gate, and portcullises. Murder holes is the appropriate name for the holes on the battlements, where boiling tar and human waste was poured out to kill invaders. 
  • King Edward IV was also locked up in the Warwick Castle during the War of the Roses. Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick, captured him and then attempted to reign. After he removed two kings from power, Neville justifiably earned the name of The Kingmaker. But he was not welcomed by the nobility, so he released the King after a few months. The Castle Dungeons are now open and visitors can witness precisely where the tortuous imprisonments took place.
  • Many royalties have also paid visit to the Warwick Castle. When Queen Elizabeth I visited the castle in the 16th century, it was in such a bad state that they had to construct a separate timber building exclusively for her. In 1868, Queen Victoria visited the castle, Elizabeth II, paid a visit in 1997, while Diana, Princess of Wales, visited on July 8, 1986.
  • The advent of tourism began towards the end of the 17th century when individuals started visiting the castle.
  • Through the 20th century, successive earls expanded its tourism potential until in 1978, after 374 years in the Greville family, it was sold to the Tussauds Group, a media and entertainment company for £1.3 million, who opened it as a tourist attraction.
  • In 2001, Warwick Castle was named one of Britain’s “Top 10 historic houses and monuments” by the British Tourist Authority.
  • On 21 August 2006, the trebuchet claimed the record as the most powerful siege engine of its type. The trebuchet was an old medieval launching weapon, and the most powerful one in the world. It is roughly the height of three houses and it has launched a 13 kg missile to a distance of 249 meters at a speed of 260 km per hour, beating the previous record held by the trebuchet at Middelaldercentret in Denmark.


How to get to Warwick Castle

By Rail

Warwick Station is approximately one mile from the Castle. A direct service into London Marylebone (1 hour 45 minutes) or Birmingham Snow Hill is available.



  • Warwick CV34 4QU, UK


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