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london FAQs

1. What is the time difference between India and London?
London is 4 hours 30 minutes behind India.

2. Where is London located?
London is located in England, United Kingdom. It is the capital of the country and is located in the southeast part of the country.

3.What is the best way to travel to London?
The best way to travel from India to London is by flight. The journey takes anywhere between 8 to 10 hours on flights such as British Airways or Virgin Atlantic Airways.

4. Is it a safe destination?
London is a safe city, but you also need to use your common sense no matter where you are. Some parts of the city are considered a little dangerous but apart from petty crime, there’s not much to worry for tourists here. 

5. What are the popular places to see here?
Since London is best known for royalty, don’t miss the Tower of London Castle, Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and Westminster Abbey. London also has some wonderful newer additions such as the London Eye, the Shard, Greenwich Park, Tate Modern and Sky Pod which all offer some magnificent views of the city. The city also has some famous parks such as Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park and Kew Gardens and squares such as the iconic Trafalgar Square and Trinity Square Gardens. 

6. What are the drinking laws?
The legal age for drinking alcohol in London is 18. 

7. What is the currency used in London?
London uses pound sterling as its currency. Almost all restaurants, bars and cafés will accept credit cards. However, a good idea would be to get a Thomas Cook Travel Prepaid Card as it is a secure way of carrying money and Thomas Cook is one of the most trusted foreign exchange partners in the world.

8. Will I get WiFi connectivity? Can I buy a local sim card there?
London is one of the best places for connectivity. Hotels and B&Bs offer free WiFi to patrons but on the road, some of the best options would be to sign up with 02 WiFi, Cloud WiFi and a few other such providers which will allow you to connect to the internet at certain places such as restaurants, cafés and shopping centres. 
You can buy short-term prepaid local sim cards in London from carriers such as VOXI, O2, GiffGaff and Tesco. The process to buying such sim cards is relatively hassle-free. 

9. What kind of food will we get there? What about Indian food or even vegetarian options?
London is considered to be a global dining destination. All sorts of cuisines are available here, and the specialities are modern British food such as smoked fish, shellfish and black pudding, along with Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Caribbean and Turkish to name a few. 
There are several dedicated vegetarian restaurants here which provide delicious meals. Indian restaurants such as Masala Zone, Kutir, Tamarind and Lucknow 49 to name a few. There are also several vegan restaurants in London, such as Pied a Terre, 222 Veggie Vegan and Café Van Gogh. 

10. What are the local travel options here? Can we use Uber there?
London’s transport system is counted among the best in the world. It is fast and efficient and offers connectivity to various parts of the city easily. Visitors are advised to buy an Oyster Card as that will help in travelling via buses and the Underground. There are buses, trains, taxis, trams, the Underground (also known as the Tube) and bicycles to help you get from one place to another easily. 

11. What are some of the things to do here?
London is one of the cities with the most well-developed infrastructure and there are plenty of places to see here and things to do. Whether it’s visiting acclaimed places like the Tower of London, riding the double decker buses, going on cruises on the Thames or even the Harry Potter locations mentioned in the book, London is full of places to visit and enjoy. There are also plenty of museums here, as well as iconic spots such as Tower Bridge which is illuminated in the evenings. 

12. Are we expected to tip here?
While eating out in London, people are expected to leave a tip. It’s usually around 10 to 15% of the bill. Cab drivers also expect to be tipped around 10 to 15%.

13. What is it like to travel to London with infants, children and elderly?
There are plenty of fantastic things to do in London for children, such as music, theatre and dance performances, as well as plenty of playgrounds, parks and museums. The elderly, too, have plenty of options to enjoy the city - be it the London City Tour, visiting the London Shard, the London Zoo, or St. Paul’s Cathedral. London is a vibrant city that has much to offer people of all ages.

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